Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 729 - Master Of Photography (6)

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Chapter 729: Master Of Photography (6)

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Su Nanfeng really just wanted to ask Ming Shu some things with regards to photography. For the sake of the food, Ming Shu answered everything that she could. If she didn’t know the answer, she would talk some nonsense.

It was not her business whether Su Nanfeng believed her or not.

They exchanged numbers and then he sent her to her apartment out of politeness.

Ming Shu returned to her apartment. There seemed to be someone in her roommate’s room. She could hear different voices.

The living room was still a mess. It seemed even dirtier than before.

Ming Shu didn’t care. She went directly to her own room.

However, when she came back, she was shocked. The snacks that she bought were lesser. By half.


Someone dared to steal my snacks!!

She locked the door when she went out and when she entered just now, the lock was working just fine. This meant that the person didn’t break the lock to steal her snacks.

Also, no thief would leave the cameras and steal cheap things like snacks.


Ming Shu glanced out. She pulled up her sleeves and walked outside.

I have not seen someone so bold in a long time.

Whoever touches my food shall be killed!

The door of her roommate’s room was locked from the inside so Ming Shu could only knock on the door.

Once the door opened, music floated out from within.

There was only the short-haired girl in the room. The person talking to her just now must be someone she was video calling.

The short-haired girl opened the door halfway. She looked at her in a hostile manner and asked stiffly, “What?”

“Did you take my snacks?” Ming Shu scanned her room. There was a pile of snacks on the table. It was the snacks that she bought.

“I took your snacks?” The short-hair girl exploded. Her voice was shrill. “Your room is locked up so tightly. How can I take your snacks Jiang Qiao, don’t make a fuss out of nothing.”

“If you didn’t take my snacks, why are my snacks in your room? Have they become demons and run over here?” F**k, you dare to take my snacks?

The short-haired girl seemed slightly guilty but she soon looked up again. “I bought all this. There are so many snacks. You are not the only one who can buy them.”

Ming Shu’s voice was still soft and gentle. “Since you bought them, where is your receipt?”

“I… threw it out,” the short-haired girl said boldly. “Why are you looking for me when you lost your snacks? Maybe you misplaced them. Don’t create trouble out of nothing.”

The short-haired girl made to close the door.

Ming Shu leaned against the door. The short-haired girl was not prepared for it and Ming Shu managed to push the door open.

“What are you doing? This is my room!” the short-haired girl shouted angrily. “Get out.”

There was a pile of snacks on the table in the room. Some of them were imported goods. Based on how the short-haired girl acted last time, she would never buy such expensive snacks.

Ming Shu squeezed her hand and flipped the short-haired girl over her shoulder.

The short-haired girl was stunned from the attack. She felt a little dizzy.

“Why will I not recognize the things I bought?”

“Are you crazy!” The short-haired girl waved her hand and tried to scratch Ming Shu’s face. “Let me go, Jiang Qiao, let me…”

Ming Shu grabbed the short-haired girl’s hand and pressed it on the floor. “Are you still sure that these snacks are yours?”

The short-haired girl’s face turned white slowly.

Her face turned hideous due to the pain. She cried, “I just took some of your snacks. How much money can it cost you?”

“Can my snacks be taken just like this?” Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Do you know what you just took?”

The short-hair girl was in so much pain she sucked in her breath. The hands that were pinning her arms down were really cold. It was as though something was stabbing into her body.

She heard that voice saying, “You are taking my life.”

“Just some snacks… what do you mean, your life? Are you crazy… let me go… so painful… help…”

The short-haired girl was speaking incoherently already.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die.” Ming Shu’s tone was soft and gentle. “You will not have any wounds on you too. However, you touched my snacks. I need to get some interest back.”

The short-haired girl shrunk at the corner of her bed and looked at the girl standing beside the table in fear. It was the beautiful girl in her memory.

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However, it was also not…

Wen Xiaqing heard that she was looking for a house and asked his manager to search around. However, the houses that the manager found were all too expensive. Her savings could only buy her snacks for now.

Ming Shu looked at the shelf of “money” and sighed.

How many snacks could she buy with them?

Once she got the money from Xinyu Magazine, the rent shouldn’t be a problem.

Thus, Ming Shu had no choice but to look at her photos.

The short-haired girl went out early and came back late every day. She tried to hide from Ming Shu and even cleaned up the living room.

Ming Shu stayed in her room most of the time. The two of them had no interaction and there were no more conflicts.

Editing the photos was not as easy as she thought. Ming Shu wanted to go on a strike as she was editing them.

Why didn’t the Host have an a.s.sistant?

Oh, right, she was poor.

This is serious… f**k my life.

Do geniuses all live like this?

Please let me be an idle and useless rich second-generation kid!!!

It was impossible to be a rich second-generation so Ming Shu could only edit the photos while eating her snacks.

Director Shang called her three times to chase her before Ming Shu sent the photos over.

“Director Shang, do you want more?”

Director Shang was looking at the photos on the other end. Each photo was perfect. Even he was shocked.

After he heard Ming Shu’s voice, he regained his senses and looked at the numbers. He rejected her. “This is enough. There is no need for more.”

Every piece cost money. Even if he was the director, he couldn’t simply buy them.

“Sigh…” Ming Shu hung up in disappointment. Will other people buy if I sell to them?

Director Shang confirmed that the pictures were fine and asked the financial department to give Ming Shu her money.

This was the perk of being a freelance photographer. You get your money once you hand over the goods.

Once she got the money, she immediately contacted Wen Xiaqing to move house.

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