Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 726 - Master Of Photography (3)

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Chapter 726: Master Of Photography (3)

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“Why are you sleeping at 9pm? The nightlife hasn’t even started!” the guy shouted. “Pretty lady, come over and have fun with us.”

The short-haired girl was not happy about the guy’s att.i.tude. “She likes to sleep and wake up early. How can we compare to her? We will be quieter. You can go in and sleep first.”

The guy still wanted to say something, but the girl pinched his thigh.

Ming Shu glanced at them and went back into her room. They did become quieter but after a while, they got noisy again.

Ming Shu didn’t go out. She called the property management directly.

Very soon, it turned totally quiet.

Ming Shu went to open the door lazily. The short-haired girl was green in the face. “Jiang Qiao, what is the meaning of this? We live in the same house. Do you have to go so far?”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “Me? Go so far? Are you guys not too much for disturbing people at night? The living room is a public area, I have the right to stop you from doing such things in the living room.”

“If you think that we’re noisy, we can be quieter. Why must you call the property management?” the short-haired girl questioned her angrily.

Ming Shu said with a smile, “I warned you all already.”


“Sigh, forget it. We can go out and play.” The guy ran over from the living room and pulled at the short-haired girl. “It’s not right for us to disturb her when she’s resting. Come on, come on. I will be treating.”

The girl got pulled away unwillingly. The living room was left a mess.

The place finally became quiet.

The next morning, Ming Shu went out. When she came back, the living room was still a mess.

The short-haired girl came out of the room when she heard the sound of the door opening. She puffed up her cheeks. “Jiang Qiao, why didn’t you clean up the living room?”

“What does it have to do with me?” Ming Shu changed shoes and entered the house. “I didn’t create the mess.”

How dare you order me to do things? This roommate must be crazy.

“You were the one who cleaned up all the time. If you don’t clean it up, how can we stay here?” The short-haired girl walked over and spoke in a righteous tone.

In the past, the Host could not stand the messy living room and cleaned it up. However, a few days later, it would become messy again.

In the end, this roommate felt that the Host should clean up after her.

The Host is stupid, but will I be stupid too?

No such thing.

I am not stupid.

Ming Shu narrowed her eyes at her. There was a gentle smile in her eyes. “You can take it that you are living in a landfill then. I think that you won’t mind.”


Ming Shu smiled and walked past her to go to her room.

“What are you acting for? You’re just pretty. I wonder how many people played with you before…” The short-haired girl scolded her angrily and glanced at the living room. She returned to her room again and slammed the door loudly.

Ming Shu went out in the evening and the living room was still in the same state. Seemed like her roommate was not planning to tidy it up.

She went out for dinner and then got attracted by the snacks outside. By the time she came back, it was already quite late. She met the short-haired girl at the door. When the short-haired girl saw Ming Shu carrying all sorts of snacks, she sneered and walked away angrily.

The living room was still the same. Ming Shu clicked her tongue twice. I better move soon.

At Xinyu Magazine…

Ming Shu came in from the main door. The receptionist recognized her and asked her to go to the studio on level 16.

“h.e.l.lo… applying for a job. Please go up to level 18.” The sweet voice of the receptionist lady came from behind her.

Ming Shu pressed 16 on the elevator. Just as it was about to close, a hand forced its way in and the elevator door opened. She saw the person standing outside.

The man was dressed casually and he was looking down slightly. He walked hurriedly into the elevator and pressed the 18th floor.

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As the elevator was about to close, someone blocked the door again.

“… Thanks, you too.” Wei Xu was focused on talking to the man. “Will you go to the Caifeng event?”

The elevator stopped at the 8th floor. Su Nanfeng and Wei Xu’s conversation got interrupted.

The door opened. Director Shang and a man in and a mask walked in. A bunch of people followed behind them. They should be a.s.sistants.

“Little Qiao.” Director Shang saw the person in the back instantly. He smiled and said, “You’re here. Just as well, let’s go up together.”

Ming Shu nodded slightly. Her smile was polite. Her gaze landed on the man who covered himself up fully.

Wei Xu and Su Nanfeng looked back at the same time. A tinge of surprise flashed past Su Nanfeng’s eyes.


Wei Xu’s expression was a little weird. Many people came in so Su Nanfeng and her got squeezed to the side. No one noticed them.

Wei Xu kept glancing at Ming Shu. She was around the same age as her, but she had already gained the recognition of a company.

Even Su Nanfeng admired her…

“Really, thanks for today.” Director Shang’s voice sounded in the elevator. “I looked for a lot of photographers but they all don’t have the time. Only you were willing to help.”

“As long as you give me money.”

“Pu…” Director Shang didn’t manage to stop himself. “You didn’t care about money last time.”

“Forced by the circ.u.mstances of life.” It is doomsday for me if I don’t have money to buy snacks.

Director Shang laughed twice and they reached the 16th floor.

From start to finish, the man never said anything. Director Shang seemed really cautious around him.

After the group of people went down, there was only Su Nanfeng and Wei Xu left in the lift.

Wei Xu looked at Su Nanfeng and tried to find a topic. “Su Nanfeng, that was Jiang Qiao, right?”


Wei Xu: “…”

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