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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 724 - Master Of Photography (1)

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Chapter 724: Master Of Photography (1)

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#Photography Headlines: Jiang Qiao Parts Ways Whenever She is Unhappy#

“Who was the girl that got the award? Why have I not seen her before?”

“You don’t know her? She is Wei Xu, the new star of the photography industry.”

“I’ve been really busy lately. What happened? Hurry up and tell me. Why did a new star suddenly appear? I never heard of her before.”

“Sigh, I don’t know where she appeared from, either. She seemed like a young girl with a nice aura. Her photos are quite nice too. Didn’t you see how satisfied the judges were?”

Conversations drifted over. Ming Shu realized that she was sitting on a chair. There was a mirror and makeup in front of her.

She rubbed her head and made to look for something to eat instinctively.

The conversation sounded again.

“Shouldn’t the new star of the photography industry be Jiang Qiao? I didn’t see her today. Is she not partic.i.p.ating this time?”

“Jiang Qiao? I saw her in the audience. Didn’t you see her? If she partic.i.p.ates in this kind of compet.i.tion, what will the other people do? They can just announce the winner at the start.”

“That’s true… hey, they’re calling for us. Let’s go over.”

Hurried footsteps sounded. They ran off and voices came from afar.

Ming Shu carefully took in her surroundings. She realized that she was in a dressing room. She was wearing a red dress and this body was really beautiful too. It was really tall and the red dress made her skin seem even whiter. She looked like a model.

Ming Shu searched around the dressing room and didn’t find any food. She had no choice but to find a place to download the storyline.

Without the story and the memories, she couldn’t get any money to buy food anyway.

So tiring.

The fake female protagonist was called Wei Xu, reborn.

Her father was a renowned director. Influenced by her father, Wei Xu didn’t choose the director course in university, but she still chose the photography course.

However, Wei Xu’s talent was just normal. However, she was pretty so she was a famous character in school too.

Similar to Wei Xu, the male protagonist was a famous character. He was famous for his skills so Wei Xu took a fancy to him. The whole school thought that Wei Xu would get together with the male protagonist.

But the male protagonist chose another girl in the end. The girl was the female protagonist.

The arrogant Wei Xu felt that she was better than the female protagonist but the male protagonist was blind and didn’t choose her. Hence, she started digging her own grave.

Then, she died in her own grave.

After she was reborn, Wei Xu got gold fingers. Her camera could automatically take beautiful photos, but the things that appeared in her photos might not be what she was taking.

For example, when she was taking the scenery, a portrait of a person might appear.

When she was taking pictures of people, a photo of the sunset might come out.

However, there was a limit to this. It would only happen three times a day and the photos were not all beautiful.

Although Wei Xu felt that it was strange, these photos were praised by everyone. Also, she researched before. No one took these photos before. Hence, she started using her gold fingers with ease.

Wei Xu swore that she would make the male protagonist see her.

She would make him see how outstanding she was and make him regret not choosing her. Of course, she wanted to show off in front of the male protagonist too.

With these gold fingers, Wei Xu quickly gained fame in the industry.

She thought that she would have a chance to get together with the male protagonist. But, unexpectedly, the male protagonist still didn’t like her.

She partic.i.p.ated in a photography compet.i.tion with the male protagonist. Since the male protagonist didn’t like her, she wanted to take the first place and win over the male protagonist.

In the preliminary round, Wei Xu used her gold fingers and took a photo of a person. The photo got full points and she pa.s.sed the round.

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Wei Xu realized that she remembered the photo. In the future, this photo would win a prize.

However, she didn’t have enough evidence. That friend of hers was already dead and she was the only one who saw this photo before… She couldn’t prove that this was her friend’s work.

Jiang Qiao watched Wei Xu as she took her award. She didn’t make a fuss.

However, after that event, Jiang Qiao realized that Wei Xu’s photos had many different styles; she could see the styles of many famous new people in the photography industry from her photos.

A person’s style couldn’t just change like this. There was something wrong with Wei Xu. Jiang Qiao started investigating Wei Xu.

Wei Xu might have realized this point too, so she started to move toward a certain style. It was her style.

But she never saw these works before…

However, she could see her little techniques hidden in these photos.

Yet, besides this point, Jiang Qiao didn’t find any useful and solid pieces of evidence.

In a major compet.i.tion after this, Jiang Qiao met Wei Xu and realized that Wei Xu was using her work.

Just like her friend, she had taken this photo a long time ago but never released it.

She used this photo in the compet.i.tion. When they saw two photos that were the same, the organizers were shocked.

Wei Xu always thought that the photos she took were from the future. She didn’t expect to take photos that were not released.

Luckily, she had gold fingers. She could take even better photos to prove that that was her work.

Wei Xu did something behind her back and caused Jiang Qiao to gain a reputation for stealing other people’s work.

Maybe it was because she knew about Jiang Qiao’s achievements in the future, Wei Xu started targeting Jiang Qiao. First, she suppressed Jiang Qiao and made her reputation really bad. Everyone in the industry knew that she was a thief.

Jiang Qiao tried her best to prove herself, but Wei Xu always took her photos a step ahead of her…

Jiang Qiao had no choice left. She was forced to walk on the path to become the ultimate boss.

Her ending was really sad too. In order to make sure she could still take more photos in the future, Wei Xu locked her up in a certain place.

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