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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 722 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (40)

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Chapter 722: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (40)

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[An Keke’s Hatred Points at full capacity.]

Ming Shu was having cla.s.s when she heard the Harmony System’s notification. The things in her hand crashed to the ground, making loud noises.

The other students looked over at her.

Bei Tang’s voice didn’t stop and continued talking, but he moved toward Ming Shu.

The students didn’t dare look around and just looked straight ahead, pretending they were listening carefully.

Bei Tang bent over to pick up the things on the floor and put them beside her. He touched her head, then walked back to the front and continued the lesson.

While Bei Tang turned around to write on the blackboard, the students below howled in the chat group one after another.

Cla.s.smate Han Meimei: s.h.i.t, he touched her head. Sooo gentle.

Wind blowing the little red: Yingyingying, he’s our homeroom teacher, I want that too.

Big fat Zhao is not fat: What do you say the bully Nan was thinking just now? All her snacks were pushed. Who dares to touch her snacks? She will definitely kill that person.

Cla.s.smate Han Meimei: She pushed them down by herself, idiot, that’s different from another person pushing them down.

A young flower: I think she must be thinking of the teacher, and she just wanted to attract his attention! A scheming girl! Even if she is engaged to the teacher, I’m not convinced!

Liu Haha: Forget it, all of you. Nan Zhi never noticed the teacher in cla.s.s, okay? It’s always the teacher who wanted to attract her attention.

The bully: Bei Tang is watching you and doesn’t seem in a good mood. Good luck to you all.

The group fell into silence.

Everyone looked up to see Bei Tang standing on the podium. He was looking at them with gloomy eyes.

“Hand it over.”

The students spat out blood, yet they didn’t dare refute. They handed the phones over reluctantly.

“Nan Zhi, yours.”

Ming Shu lifted her hand and showed the phone, but she didn’t mean to walk up and give it to him.

One of the students took Ming Shu’s phone at his convenience and handed it over together with his.

They knew now that they were not meant to be at peace even if they were engaged. The two sometimes quarrelled directly in cla.s.s… More often, Bei Tang would be angered to spit out blood by Nan Zhi.

Bei Tang saw the phone she handed out—it was his phone. He twitched his mouth corners. When did she take his phone?

After cla.s.s, Bei Tang threw the teaching plan before Ming Shu. “When will you agree?”

Ming Shu packed up her things slowly, especially the snacks. She treated them very carefully.

“Teacher, I’m still underaged.” After putting away all the stuff, she raised her face and smiled.

“Let’s go abroad and register our marriage,” Bei Tang said. “You’re old enough.”

“No no no, I just want to be a cute underaged girl.” Ming Shu took her schoolbag. “Goodbye, teacher.”

“Nan Zhi!”

Ming Shu ran faster. “Catch me and lock me up if you dare!”

Bei Tang: “…”

The students who hadn’t left the cla.s.sroom: “…”

It turned out Teacher Bei Tang and Nan Zhi played with each other like this?

Bei Tang had proposed to Ming Shu, and she agreed. But she didn’t agree to get married now.

Each time he mentioned the wedding date, she would use her age as an excuse.

F**k. What’s the big deal with being underaged!

She could get married at this age abroad!

Bei Tang was angered to have a stomachache and tried hard to maintain his character profile before the students.

As a school bully, Ming Shu was disliked by many people in the school, but they weren’t her match. So in the end, they had to stay away from her with hatred and respect.

The only one who dared approach her was Yin Xiaoxiao, who just couldn’t stop calling her master.

Yin Xiaoxiao was in the same grade as Ming Shu. The college entrance examination was coming in a month, but Yin Xiaoxiao still skipped all day long.

It was even said that her parents couldn’t discipline her. She was too willful.

Such a willful female protagonist… didn’t know how to cook. Very useless.

On the eve of the college entrance examination, Yin Xiaoxiao asked Ming Shu where she was going.

Since the task had been completed, Ming Shu never thought about the college entrance examination. She wouldn’t live long, so she had to make good use of the time left for her.

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“I’ll go travel around the world…”

“City A.”

“Then we’ll go to City S after we go to City A!”

Listening to the discussion between the two behind him, Bei Tang cursed himself fiercely in his heart. He dropped his n.o.ble ident.i.ty as the big brother and came here to be a driver, was he crazy?

He peered in the rearview mirror at the girl behind him and calmed down a little.

“Little Zhi.”


“Come here.”

Yin Xiaoxiao smiled meaningfully. She got up and went to the back. “Take your time. I’ll go take a nap and then replace you, Teacher Bei Tang.”

Ming Shu sat beside Bei Tang. “Didn’t you bring your bodyguards? Make them drive.”

Bei Tang raised his eyebrows. “Are you caring for me?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Hoh hoh, I’m just worrying that you might lose control and get me killed in a car accident.”

Bei Tang twitched the corners of his mouth. He was really thinking like this before.

Bei Tang slowed down and turned his head to kiss her cheek. “Go get some rest.”

“Psychopath.” He called me over just to give a kiss?

Bei Tang: “…”

Bei Tang drove in silence for a while. He stopped at the service station and went to the bathroom. When he came back, Ming Shu had taken the driver’s seat.

“You don’t have a driver’s license.” Bei Tang frowned.

“Oh, I’ll be fined then.” Ming Shu closed the door and started the engine. “You’re rich.”

Bei Tang: “…”

In the middle of the night, unless they were very unlucky, they wouldn’t encounter inspection. Even if they really met that, they were driving a motor home and it was easy to replace the driver. So Ming Shu wasn’t worried at all.

Bei Tang didn’t rest, either. He just sat beside her and accompanied her.

Sometimes they wouldn’t talk, but as long as he stayed with her, Bei Tang would feel at ease.

The car moved forward smoothly while Bei Tang fell asleep lying beside her.

Ming Shu threw two biscuits into her mouth anxiously. She stopped the car in the emergency lane and pulled a blanket over Bei Tang, then continued driving.

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