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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 719 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (37)

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Chapter 719: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (37)

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In a restaurant that was open 24 hours a day…

The waitress was cleaning the table when the bell at the door rang. The waitress looked back automatically. “Welcome to…”

The remaining words were swallowed.

A girl came in.

But …

There was blood all over the girl’s clothes.

But the girl wasn’t a mess. She didn’t seem to be harried or victim on the run…

But more like a murderer who had just killed someone.

The waitress was frightened and began to back away.

“Give me the menu.” The girl took the nearest chair and sat down. She called the waitress as the latter was stunned to the spot and didn’t go to her.

The waitress glanced in the direction of the kitchen. But the kitchen door was shut and nothing could be seen.

The waitress looked at the bleeding girl with a beating heart.

Am I seeing a murderer?

Should I call the police…

I should not provoke her. What if she’s a lunatic and kills me?

The waitress took a deep breath and slowly moved over, legs shaking.

“What you are afraid of?” Ming Shu looked at the trembling waitress in bewilderment. Can’t I just order a meal? Does she think I’ll eat her?

I don’t eat people!

Ming Shu noticed the red on her clothes and twitched the corners of her mouth. “This is paint, not blood.”

Pain… paint?

The waitress stood closer, and sure enough she smelled something pungent, but not blood.

The waitress grabbed the table next to her and gasped for breath. “You scared me, little sister. Where did you get this paint in the middle of the night?” What’s wrong with her!

“Is there anything wrong with the shop next to yours? They painted this late.” Ming Shu was also speechless. “They poured the paint on me.”

The next door?

But we’re the last shop along the street…

The waitress began to imagine again. “Little sister, we’re the last shop here, you you you… Shouldn’t you have come across something strange?”

“Oh, it’s the next street.” Ming Shu patted the table. “Give me the menu.”

The next street… The waitress now knew which shop Ming Shu was talking about. She pa.s.sed the menu over hurriedly. “It’s said that shop is busy with opening the business, so they work day and night.”

Ming Shu was so hungry that she had no strength, and she was too lazy to figure out why they painted the shop at night. If it weren’t for the fact that she was weak and just covered her face, she wouldn’t have been drenched by the paint.

Earlier she killed herself on the rooftop and beat up that liar, so she was very hungry.

That liar dared cheat her. He was totally crazy, and the world was also going mad.

Do I look that easy to cheat?


Ming Shu stuffed herself full and then returned to the hospital after changing clothes.

Ah Sen’s eyes were a little odd as he looked at her. Why did she change clothes?

Ming Shu pushed the door open and went into the patient room. A half of her body had come in, and she suddenly turned her head with a smile. “Go bring a liar here.”


Bring what liar in the middle of the night?

Did the miss meet a liar just now?

But Ming Shu didn’t explain more. She went in and closed the door immediately.

Ah Sen went to tie up the person according to the address given by Ming Shu. But after seeing who the liar was, Ah Sen felt a little dizzy.

This… liar?

Luo Yan: “…” She dared say I’m a liar! So who is the one that doesn’t want to face the facts!

But Luo Yan learned something from this.

He seemed to understand why Qi Yu, the “No. 1 in the universe,” one of a kind, and the one with the sparkling daydream, would choose to conquer her instead of using violence.

Pitifully, he didn’t seem to succeed.

Chut, there’s going to be a good show when we go back.

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“Tie him up and take him, what are you waiting for?”

Bei Tang didn’t wake up that night, so Ming Shu had to pack things up and prepare to go abroad. But the next morning, as Ah Sen had everything ready and they were about to send him on the plane, Bei Tang suddenly woke up.

The doctor went around to check on Bei Tang, and Ming Shu and Ah Sen were both left outside.

Bei Tang was very impatient, and he stared at the doctor gloomily. The doctor was under great pressure, so he made a quick examination and then left in a hurry.

Scary man.

As soon as the doctor left, the room was empty. Ming Shu walked in and closed the door at her convenience.

Ah Sen, following behind her, was almost hit on the nose.

He touched his nose in embarra.s.sment while looking at the people behind him. He revealed his poker face. “What are you looking at? Go cancel the schedule.”

Bei Tang still couldn’t move. But the gloominess in his eyes could freeze your blood just at a glance.

Ming Shu went over right away and gave him a hug.

The darkness in Bei Tang’s eyes scattered gradually. “Little Zhi.”

“You’re lucky.” Ming Shu released him and smiled. “But will it affect your body to lie in bed for such a long time?”

Bei Tang was dissed as soon as he woke up. His mood had originally became better as he saw her, but now he was depressed again.

“Affected or not, I’ll let you experience it yourself, Little Zhi.”


Ming Shu stayed for a while and then went out. Ah Sen went in.

Ah Sen told Bei Tang about the recent situation first, including that they had caught King.

As for how they caught him, of course it was also reported in detail.

However, Bei Tang just woke up not long ago, and worrying that he may need more rest, Ah Sen didn’t dare say anything else.

During the time of Bei Tang’s recovery, Ah Sen found Ming Shu didn’t do everything in person. Most of the time she just watched them take care of him.

Sometimes she provoked their mister on purpose.

“Did you look after me before?” Bei Tang could sit up now.

Ming Shu took a bite of an apple. “You wish. How many snacks will you give me?”

Ah Sen’s words were stuck in his throat.

Miss, why don’t you tell him the truth?

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