Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 718 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (36)

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Chapter 718: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (36)

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“Sure enough, I hate working with smart people. You’ll be cuter being stupid.” King sighed.

Ming Shu moved without any trace, making sure that she would be in a favorable position no matter how the fight started.

She lifted her chin and spoke with a crisp voice. “Can I ask you a question?”

King put a finger to his lips. “If the question is too hard, I won’t answer it. But I’ll be happy to answer your little questions.”

“What is your name?”

King blinked in confusion.

That was the question she wanted to ask?

Shouldn’t she ask who sent him? Why he wanted to kill her?

King averted his eyes. “Miss Nan Zhi, I’ll give you one more chance and you can ask another question.”

“I just want to know your name.”

With such a good opportunity to ask questions, she actually only wanted to know his name, was there any trap in it…

“Okay.” King spread his hands and acted like he was helpless. “Since you want to know, Miss Nan Zhi, I’ll tell you… My name is Luo Yan.”

Luo Yan?

What is this funny name?

Ming Shu measured him with eyes. “Do you have a sister that is called Chen Yu?”

Luo Yan’s eyes widened exaggeratedly and howled disbelievingly, “How do you know that?”

“Hoh hoh.” Can you be more pretentious? I’d be a fool to believe you.

Luo Yan continued in explanation. “It’s the Luo from Luo Shen, Yan from Qing Yan.”

Luo Yan did not seem to want to kill Ming Shu immediately. He never showed any intention of killing her, just chatting with her like an old friend.

“In exchange, would you tell me your name?”

“Why should I tell you?” Ming Shu looked down at him and sounded arrogant and domineering. “Who do you think you are, that you are worthy to know my name?”

Luo Yan revealed a neurotic smile. “Isn’t that basic etiquette? See, I’ve told you my name, so how could you not tell me yours? It’s impolite.”

Does a psychopath know about etiquette?

I’m afraid you don’t even know how to spell the word etiquette!

Ming Shu’s expression remained unchanged. “I don’t think you need to be polite to someone who wants to kill you.”

“Do you know why I want to kill you?” Luo Yan suddenly became a little serious.

“Because you’re crazy. You want to kill someone as cute as me, just imagine how crazy you are.”


One narcissist like Qi Yu is already enough, why is there another one?

She didn’t answer my questions according to the routine, so how can I enter the next conversation?

Luo Yan was a little lost about what to do now.

He really hated dealing with smart ones.

Look at this!

Dealing with smart ones would only lead to the current situation.

Every sentence had to be calculated before it could be said.

Luo Yan walked back and forth on the roof as if pondering something. Suddenly, he turned his head. “Have you heard of a certain story?”

“No, I don’t want to listen.” Let me just grab a weapon first and then beat him up, so that even his sister wouldn’t recognize him.


Luo Yan didn’t give up. “Do you know about the virtual world and the real world?”

“No.” That steel tube seems okay, I’ll just take it!

Luo Yan raised his tone and seemed very happy. “Let me tell you.”

“No.” I don’t want to listen to his boring yammering.

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This stupid guy wants to cheat me, no way!

Ming Shu nodded. “It sounds like a great plan. I’m so powerful that you need two people to eliminate me.”

She sounded quite proud as she finished the last sentence.

Luo Yan paid attention to the expression on Ming Shu’s face. But from beginning to end, except her happy smiling and pride, there didn’t seem to be any special changes.

As if he did just crack a joke with her…

Luo Yan thought of something new and smiled. “I know your name, I know your history, and I know all your experiences. If you don’t believe me, I can tell you all about them. Do you think a stranger knows everything about you? Of course, I’m not talking about this world.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.” Ming Shu became even more interested.

“…Your name is Ming Shu, born on the Xuanzi Continent. You were born with a unique natural vision, showing auspicious signs that have never appeared in a thousand years. As you were born, it seemed all the good luck came along with you, and the royal family took you as the G.o.ddess reborn…”

Ming Shu’s smile faded gradually, and the ripples in her eyes also quieted down.

Luo Yan smiled wider. “Pitifully, the good times didn’t last. Your good days were gone with the fall of the dynasty, and you were reduced to the lowest slave from the highest G.o.ddess. You were stepped on and tortured…”

Ming Shu looked up slightly at Luo Yan and interrupted him. “Do you know why the dynasty fell?”

“Because the monarch was fatuous and incompetent, and the treacherous ministers were in power. Am I right?”

Ming Shu didn’t answer.

Luo Yan continued, “Even if you have human thoughts and feelings, you are not a human; you’re just a virtual person created by humans, and your background is all set. See, I know everything about you.”

See, I know everything about you…

See, I know everything…

See, I know…


Ming Shu lowered her eyes, with her long eyelashes concealing the emotion under them.

Luo Yan wanted to let Ming Shu digest it by herself. After all, not everyone could easily accept that they were a virtual person.

But she…

She was.

If she was not a virtual character, and they didn’t meet under such conditions, he would probably have become her friend.

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