Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 717 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (35)

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Chapter 717: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (35)

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When Ah Sen arrived, Bei Tang was still in the emergency room. Ming Shu sat outside the emergency room. She looked at the floor and her face was really pale.

“Mister?” Ah Sen rushed over. “Mister, how is he?”

Ming Shu shook her head. She grabbed Ah Sen lightly. Her voice was really soft too. “Ah Sen, buy some food for me.”

“Miss, what happened to you?” Ah Sen only realized now that there was something wrong with Ming Shu. He shouted down the corridor, “Doctor, where is the doctor?”

“There is no need to call the doctor. Just buy some food for me.”

“How can I do that? You look terrible.” Ah Sen grabbed hold of a doctor. “Hurry up and examine our Miss.”

The doctor that was grabbed got a shock. He said after a while, “She is just hungry. We checked her just now. The nurse is grabbing some food for her. Why is her face still so pale? Are you her family? Why are you torturing this girl? She is still so small…”

Hun… hungry?

Ah Sen let go of the naggy doctor and hurriedly ordered his men to buy some food.

Little Beastie ran back from somewhere and while Ah Sen was making a call, she placed a few cold items in Ming Shu’s palm.

Trash-picker, it is not easy to find things that have reiki in this world. Eat these first, you should feel better.

Ming Shu placed them in her mouth.

Once Ming Shu’s face became better, Little Beastie started nagging.

It scolded her really furiously.

Ming Shu pressed it down and stuffed it into her pocket.

However, her outerwear was really dirty now so Little Beastie didn’t like it. It continued jumping and scolding in her pocket.

Ming Shu appeared to sigh but she didn’t show anything on her face. She looked at the ground silently. Once the food that Ah Sen asked for came, Ming Shu ate it and her pale face started to look better.

Ah Sen seemed amazed. She really… got better after eating?

She looked as though she was going to die just now.

Bei Tang’s operation was a success. He was out of danger and got transferred to a ward.

Ah Sen sent his men to guard the ward. Ming Shu sat beside the bed.

The doctor and nurse came over to check on Bei Tang. Ah Sen asked them nervously when Bei Tang would wake up.

“To tell you the truth, I can’t guarantee this. It depends on the patient,” the doctor replied conservatively. “However, this person’s physical quality is really good so he should wake up soon.”

Ah Sen nodded his head worriedly.

The doctor checked the equipment. “If anything happens, call me.”

Ah Sen sent the doctor out. The nurse that came in with the doctor slowed down. When Ah Sen and the doctor turned, she quickly stuffed a piece of paper in Ming Shu’s hand and ran out of the ward.

The piece of paper dropped at the side of her hand that was holding onto Bei Tang. She turned back and looked at the nurse who was running. After a while, she took the piece of paper with her other hand…

“Miss, do you want to rest for a while first? I will watch over him.” Ah Sen came back after sending the doctor off.

Ming Shu put away the piece of paper calmly. “No need, I will accompany him.”

Ah Sen moved his lips but didn’t make any sound. He turned to leave the room and closed the door behind him.

Ming Shu looked at Bei Tang’s pale face. She sat there till midnight.

The clock struck midnight. She got up silently and left the ward.

“Miss, where are you going?” Ah Sen was guarding the ward for the night. When he saw her coming out, he questioned her.

“I am going out for a while.” Ming Shu smiled. “I will come back soon.”

“Shall I send someone to follow you?” Ah Sen was worried. “Things happened so suddenly today. If anything happens to you, I will not know how to tell Mister.”

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“I won’t go far. I’ll come back soon.” Ming Shu rejected Ah Sen’s kind intentions.

King spun around on the rooftop. His clothes moved along with him and made a sound in the wind. He was like a lunatic.

He steadied himself and smiled brightly. “Miss Nan Zhi, people who are too smart will live a painful life. Also, no one likes them and it is not cute at all.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Thanks for your compliment.”

King: “…”

“You didn’t call me here so that you could compliment me for being cute, right?” Ming Shu tilted her head as though she was an innocent and curious little girl who hadn’t understood the world yet.

“Of course not. Why would I be so lame?” The King still stood at the edge of the rooftop. He raised his hand and pointed to the bright night scene behind him. “I chose such a place for you as your last stage. Miss Nan Zhi, am I nice to you?”

Ming Shu walked over and stood by his side. She looked as if she wanted to see this last stage together with him.

King didn’t guard against her. He even looked at her provokingly.

Ming Shu turned and gave a bright smile. The shining neon lights reflected in her eyes and formed a galaxy. It was pretty and dreamy.

King blinked. He replied to this crazy Ming Shu with a smile too.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled with the lovely night scene as their background. They were like old friends who hadn’t met for a long time.

However, at this moment, Ming Shu suddenly raised her hand and attacked King’s calf.

King didn’t expect this at all and his body started to drop down.

King: “…” Can she do such a thing? Didn’t she want to admire the bright stage with me?!

King stabilized himself very quickly. He rose up quickly and went back to the rooftop. Ming Shu only saw the thin string on his hand now.

“Miss Nan Zhi, how can you just make a move like this? There are no manners at all. You are not cute at all now,” King complained with a serious face.

“I think that I am quite cute.” Ming Shu shrugged. “You didn’t die, right? If you die so easily, you will not be sent to kill me.”

King laughed twice. His laughter sounded really crazy.

Under the night sky, he was like a seriously ill mental patient who got released from the asylum.

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