Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 716 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (34)

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Chapter 716: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (34)

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The boss walked up the stairs lightly, but when he saw no difference in the room, his steps were not light anymore.

She didn’t detonate the bomb?


What the f**k!

“What happened? That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d left without doing anything?” the boss asked the person beside him.

The people outside didn’t really understand what happened so they told the boss about it.

Not long after he left, Ming Shu finished her food. She stood up and asked them for a pen. She wrote some numbers on the floor and said something to the experts. Then, she left.

They didn’t hear what she said but those experts looked enlightened. They were having a heated discussion and seemed to have found a solution.

Ming Shu told them the pattern of the time bombs.

First, find the real bombs within these 12 bombs.

Then, give a number to each real bomb, such as 1234.

Before this, the experts never thought that there would be any fake bombs among these 12 bombs. There were trying to find the pattern within these 12 bombs. However, since there were fake bombs mixed within, they couldn’t find anything at all.

Ming Shu sat there and ate for half an hour. Besides eating, she didn’t even change her sitting position.

At that moment, she was so quiet she seemed non-existent.

The experts felt that they were too fickle. They couldn’t even calm down and were observed by a little girl.

The boss heard this and consoled himself that his salary didn’t go to waste.

After the experts finished discussing, they wore thick bomb disposal clothing and the boss asked everyone else to leave. They started disarming the bombs.

Just as the boss was waiting anxiously…



A series of violent explosions sounded. Dust and fire shot into the air. Screams and the sound of car sirens resounded through the air.

The cigarette that the boss was chewing fell to the ground. His body was covered with the dust that fell from the old residential building.

Why was there an explosion!?

Isn’t the bomb here?

The boss reacted and ran toward the venue of the explosion. He shouted as he ran, “Leave a team here! The rest of you, follow me.”

The location of the explosion was one street away from them. The entire street was destroyed by the bomb. The air was filled with heatwaves and dust. It was suffocating.

Everyone was running toward a safe area. Only the people in police uniforms went against the crowd.

“Cough cough…”

Ming Shu’s throat was irritated and she coughed twice. The scene in front of her was blurry.

The car was deformed from the pressure. There were reinforcing bars and concrete outside the car. They had all fallen on the car.

In the dust, her vision was impaired. She could only reach out and feel the person next to her.

“Bei Tang?”

No one responded.

The explosion happened so suddenly. Bei Tang was angry at her before they came into the car so he sat on the other side. She didn’t have the time to…

Ming Shu’s hand shook. She felt her way to the other side.

The windows of the car were broken and there were gla.s.s shards all over the interior of the car. A few seconds later, she felt a warm body.

“Bei Tang?”

Little Beastie jumped out of Ming Shu’s pocket. It shook itself and a gentle glow came from its body. Ming Shu slowly started to see the situation around her.

Little Beastie jumped to a higher spot. Its black-stone eyes were cold as it looked at Ming Shu closing in on Bei Tang.

Ming Shu didn’t dare to move Bei Tang. His back was pierced by rebar. From his position, she guessed that he had been trying to move over to protect her.

Calm down.

It’s just a little injury, right?

She had suffered even more serious injuries than this. What was this to her…

Ming Shu’s hands opened and closed and opened and closed again. She didn’t know where to start.

… He was not her.

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Trash-picker, are you all right?

The rest of his words disappeared in Bei Tang’s throat.

Bei Tang was only awake for a little while. He became unconscious again.

After a while, something sounded in the quiet car.

“… Yes.”

It was misty and unreal like an illusion.

Little Beastie came back quickly. The information was sent out, but no one knew when rescue would come.

Ming Shu helped Bei Tang stop his bleeding, but she didn’t dare to touch him. He needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Little Beastie squatted beside Ming Shu. Its furry paws rested on Ming Shu’s hand.

Time pa.s.sed. Bei Tang’s body started getting cold. Ming Shu grabbed the blanket at the back and used it to cover him.

Trash-picker, the rescuers above met with some obstacles. They say that there are gas pipes below so if they disturbed this area carelessly, another explosion might happen.

Little Beastie pa.s.sed down the information it got from above.

Ming Shu sat in silence after she heard this news. After a long time, she took out the snacks from beside and finished them in an instant.

Little Beastie only looked at her. It didn’t s.n.a.t.c.h the snacks from her.

“Doctor, doctor…”

A girl covered in dirt rushed into the hospital. She was hugging a man covered in blood in her arms.

This combination was so weird, all the patients looked toward her.

The nurse ran forward and took a look. “Gurney, send him to the emergency room. Call for Doctor Zhou.”

Someone pushed a gurney over very quickly and the nurse helped her to place the man on it. She pushed the gurney and ran in the direction of the emergency room.

Ming Shu stood in the same spot. Her face was pale. She was a little dizzy, but she could not faint now.

She limped toward the front desk and s.n.a.t.c.hed the phone that the nurse was taking.

“Hey, you…”

Ming Shu forced a smile. “Let me make a call.”

The nurse: “…”

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