Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 715 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (33)

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Chapter 715: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (33)

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When Ming Shu entered the room, she knew why they were helpless.

There was no furniture in this small room. On the ground, time bombs were placed in a circle. The red and green wires linked the bombs and they all converged in the middle.

There was a number jumping on the time bombs. Every time it jumped, a di sound would ring out. The sound echoed in the room and seemed extra grating on the ear.

The numbers would jump from one bomb to another, and then to the next… and the bombs were all separated.

That meant that after the first one jumped, the next one might be the sixth bomb. There was no pattern at all.

Every second, a number appeared.




This was the countdown. There were still less than six hours left. When she came, the bomb had been monitored for more than five hours. This meant the countdown was set at 12 hours.

The time given was ample.

The person who set up this bomb was not super confident in himself, or he was not worried about the police detonating the bomb… there was another possibility too. That no matter how you dismantle the bomb, it would still explode in the end.

That seemed a bit exciting.

The bomb disposal experts looked at the random timer on the bombs and examined it for half a day. They rejected all their hypotheses.

They could not find the pattern in the movements so they didn’t know how to detonate the bomb at all. They had never seen a time bomb like this.

Ming Shu walked one round around the time bombs. There were 11 bombs in total. If you considered the super big-sized one in the middle, there were 12 bombs in this room.

Every time it jumped, a green light would show up on top of a bomb and the di sound would ring at the same time.

The rest of the people retreated to the side. They seemed to be creating a quiet environment for her.

“That…” Ming Shu spoke. The experts looked at her simultaneously and hoped that she would say something useful. “Bring me some food.”


Ming Shu not only asked for food, she even asked for a chair.

Everyone couldn’t bear to look at her.

Was she here for a holiday or was she here to dismantle the bomb?

Is she not nervous in a room filled with bombs? Does she not feel stress? Even experts like them who worked in this field for so many years didn’t dare to do such a thing.

“She looks underage. Can she really do it? Even we can’t find a solution. Can she do it?

“She is the one that I told you about last time.”

“Her? Seriously…”

The experts discussed in soft voices for a while and then started doing their own things. They couldn’t place all their hopes on a little girl.

Also, they were not sure if the girl was really an expert.

If the boss didn’t call for her and this expert didn’t support her, they would have barred her from entering this place.

Ming Shu ate her cookies with her milk. She stared at the time bombs in the room.

Half an hour pa.s.sed as she looked at it all.

“Captain, someone is looking… for Nan Zhi.” A policeman reported to the boss.

“Who?” The boss was on his guard.

“Mister Bei.”

“…” He really came.

The boss looked at Ming Shu. She was not doing anything. He turned and walked down the stairs.

Outside the cordon, Bei Tang and his bodyguards were stopped by the policemen. He looked really unhappy.

The boss didn’t like this person, but he was not under their control. Also, Bei Tang never did anything illegal so he could only suppress his dislike for him.

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“Mister Bei, this area is cordoned off.” The boss lifted the cordon and walked out. “Please leave this place and don’t hinder us.”

Also, no matter how dangerous it was inside, there were experts present. If it reached the point of no return, he would definitely ask her to come out. He would not let anything happen to her.

The boss was a policeman. His duty was to be responsible for saving lives. There was nothing wrong with the decision he made.

But Bei Tang wasn’t.

There was only coldness in his eyes. However, his voice was gentle. “She is my whole situation.”

The boss was shocked. He felt startled and weird. He probably couldn’t understand why someone like Bei Tang would say such things.

Bei Tang reached out and lifted the cordon. The bodyguards behind him prepared to act too.

The boss reacted and hurriedly blocked Bei Tang.

Just as both parties were growing tense, a sound came from the stairs. The girl was sent down by the police.

Bei Tang reached out his hand and pushed against the boss’s shoulder. The boss gathered his strength instinctively, but he was still pushed back easily. A tall figure walked past him.

The boss: “…” F**k!

What did this person eat when he was growing up!

The boss couldn’t care about anything else. He caught up with Bei Tang. Bei Tang was already checking on Ming Shu.

“Little…” The boss swallowed back his “little b.a.s.t.a.r.d” and said, “Ancestor, how is it?”

He didn’t know what his man was worried about. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was very powerful!

“Ten meals.” Ming Shu signaled with her hands. Her eyes were smiling. “I want to eat at Emperor Grand Hotel.”


The boss almost vomited blood. A meal at the Emperor Grand Hotel would cost him one month’s salary. Ten times… it would cost him a whole year’s worth of salary. With this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s appet.i.te, his bonus would be included too.

This is too b.l.o.o.d.y expensive.

“Let’s go.” Bei Tang embraced Ming Shu and left with a blackened face.

When he left, he still glared at the boss for a moment.

The boss: “…” The one that’s hurt is my wallet, okay!?

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