Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 712 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (30)

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Chapter 712: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (30)

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An Keke and Pei Jin’s s.e.x video got uploaded to the school’s forum.

The video only lasted a few seconds. It was taken secretly.

It started a few seconds after Yu Yuan opened the door.

The images were a bit blurry but they could still make out the faces. Luckily, it was taken outside the door so any intimate parts were not shown.

The video was uploaded onto the school’s forum and was immediately sent around. The whole school was in an uproar.

Before, An Keke stay at the male dormitory. Although some people couldn’t accept it, nothing was found out.

This time, a video was uploaded and it was such a disgusting video.

Very quickly, An Keke became the public enemy of the girls in the school.

These girls didn’t believe that Bei Tang and Ming Shu was engaged and scolded Ming Shu for seducing Bei Tang shamelessly.

Now, they attacked An Keke verbally too, with the same method. They felt that An Keke seduced Pei Jin.

Ming Shu sat at the Demon Immortal Supermarket and ate her sweets. She listened to the girls gossiping. All she wanted to say was: Why are girls attacking other girls?

If you really like the guy, go and sleep with him.

You don’t dare go up to him yourself. If someone dares to go up and get the guy, she is shameless?

Ming Shu didn’t even want to refute these weird sentiments at all.


“I am not selling it!” Ming Shu pounced and grabbed the box in front of her. Her eyes were watchful. There were only a few left. It wasn’t even enough for her.

Also, she paid for it!


The student turned to the other side speechlessly and grabbed some other things.

“Meow!” The ragdoll ran out from behind her. Its fur was standing on end.

It ran really quickly. In the blink of an eye, it sprung onto Ming Shu’s legs and growled at the ground as though it was warning someone.

A colorful riceball rolled out from the corner. It rolled to Ming Shu’s legs and reached out with its paws to hug her leg.

The ragdoll growled at Little Beastie. It seemed frightened of it.

Little Beastie patted Ming Shu with its paws. Let it down so that it can play with me.

“Go and play in the corner.” Ming Shu kicked Little Beastie away and put the ragdoll down.

The ragdoll acted like it was going to get hara.s.sed and disappeared under the counter. Little Beastie shrunk itself into a ball and chased the ragdoll around.


Intense voices started sounding outside the Demon Immortal Supermarket. Someone was shouting “fight, fight” among the crowd.

Ming Shu peeked outside and prepared to finish her sweets first. She saw a familiar figure from the corners of her eyes so she got up and walked out.


“Pay it yourself.” Ming Shu waved her hand.

“…” Although the boss last time was stubborn too, he had a student helping him. Are you not going to even find a student now? Are you not afraid that someone will not pay the bill?!

Boss, if you don’t come back soon, your Demon Immortal Supermarket will go bankrupt.

Outside the supermarket, the students had already formed a circle. The two people in the middle fought each other seriously, oblivious to their surroundings.

Ming Shu went over. The students gave way for this famous figure and allowed her to watch the battle safely from the best spot.

It was understandable why Pei Jin would find Yu Yuan for trouble. In that situation, the only one that could film that video was Yu Yuan.

“Stop fighting.” An Keke rushed out from the crowd and tried to separate the two of them. “Stop fighting!”

The moment An Keke appeared, the students started whispering to each other, ignoring the seriousness of this issue.

“What the h.e.l.l, she still dares to appear now?”

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“Is she shameless or what…”

Two of the main leads were gone. Only An Keke was left. They had nothing to do here so the rest of them just dispersed and went to hide from the rain.

An Keke sat on the ground in a stupor. The blood on her knees was washed off by the rain and flowed onto the ground.

“Hoh hoh…” An Keke raised her head slowly. She looked at the person nearby. “Nan Zhi, are you satisfied now? Are you satisfied now since you saw my plight? You did this, right?!”

She climbed up from the ground and rushed at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was holding the umbrella with one hand. The other hand was in her school jacket’s pocket. She smiled as she watched the person running toward her. When the person had almost reached her, she took out her hand and blocked her.

An Keke screamed shrilly with a hideous face, “It must be you. You want to destroy me, right? Nan Zhi, I will not let you go!”

“How are you not going to let me go?”

The sound of the rain fragmented Ming Shu’s voice. However, it didn’t affect her vibe at all. She was elegant and composed.

There was an indifferent smile on her face.

She seemed able to decide the life and death of the earth with just a wave of her hand.

An Keke glared at her with hatred. She wanted her to pay the price. She must make her pay the price.

“If I did it, what can you do to me?” the girl continued to say. She exerted some force on her wrist and pushed An Keke back.

Sigh, anyway, I take the blame all the time.

“I knew that it was you!” An Keke squeezed out the words between her teeth. “Why did you do this? Why!!”

“I just want you… to hate me.”

The raindrops fell on the red umbrella. They splattered like they were filmed in slow motion.

The girl under the umbrella looked at her with sincerity. There was antic.i.p.ation shining in her eyes.

I have said my wish blatantly. Are you going to fulfil it?

An Keke seemed to be shocked by Ming Shu’s request. She didn’t give a response for a long time.

She… is she crazy?

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