Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 710 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (28)

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Chapter 710: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (28)

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“Captain, there are too many people and they have a lot of ammunition. It is not a good idea to continue this stalemate.”

“Captain, the longer we drag on, the worse it will be for us. If they move the evidence away…”


They were all kinds of noises at the scene. The boss sat in the command car. Voices kept coming from his walkie-talkie and the gunshots outside were not stopping.

Everyone performed their tasks and tried their best to take down this gang of people.

“Zizi… Captain, they have a sniper. Our colleague is injured!”

“F**k!” The boss stared at the images on the command car. “Take down the sniper. Hurry up and break through from the side. Don’t let them run away!!”

The position of the sniper was not easy to find. The boss and his team immediately went on the losing end.

They didn’t expect such a huge resistance in this nest.

What would happen after this?

Everyone’s hearts were very heavy.


The world suddenly became quiet.

“No. 2, what happened?” the boss shouted at the walkie-talkie.

“… I don’t know. They suddenly stopped firing,” the police at the frontline said.

The boss suddenly thought of something. He opened the door of the command car and strode toward a car at the back. He pulled the door open but no one was inside.

“Where is she?” the boss shouted to the person beside him.

“She was still here just… just now.” The policeman outside the car was stunned by the shout. He glanced into the car. “She still asked me if I had any water…”

When did she disappear?

He was standing here all this time and he didn’t see anyone leaving so… when did she disappear?

The boss kicked the tire. He gritted his teeth and said to the walkie-talkie, “All units take note, there might be our own people inside. Do not injure them!”

There was no movement from inside.

Even if they wanted to injure them, they couldn’t.

“Did they run away?” someone guessed.

“No, all the exits are blocked. Could they run away from under the ground?” The boss was certain.

No one spoke.

That might be possible…

“Someone is coming out!” somebody shouted in a low voice.

The boss looked over and saw a man raising a white flag, shivering as he walked out. After that, more and more people started to come out.

No one knew what they experienced inside. They all looked really pale and when they saw the police, it was as if they saw their fathers. They couldn’t wait to run over and hug them.

The police: “…”

What happened?

The people that came out hurriedly ran over to the police and placed their hands on their heads to show that they really wanted to surrender.

“What are you all doing!” The police were in a daze.

Is there something going on behind this?

Human bomb?

“We surrender. We really surrender. Hurry up and take that lunatic away,” one of the criminals cried.


Where did the lunatic come from?

“Hey, boss.” Someone called the boss from above. The police immediately aimed their guns at the person.

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The girl lay on the high platform and waved at them. There was a person behind her. From his attire, he was from the same cohort as the culprits.

The bomb disposal expert looked at the girl who was eating snacks at the scene. In such a serious situation, she could still eat her snacks as though no one was here…

“Little girl, can you tell me how you did this?” He didn’t know where to start at all. He had never seen this kind of time bomb before. There were so many wires inside and they were all of the same color! Same color!! What crazy person did this!!

“I forgot,” Ming Shu said. “Sigh, I am not full. My memory is not good.”

What does not being full have to do with your memory?

“Why don’t you all ask him some things while he is still in one piece?” Ming Shu suggested.

After all, when he exploded, you wouldn’t be able to piece him back together.

There was still half an hour left on the bomb. There was ample time.

“Isn’t this bomb yours?” the boss asked the person. “You don’t know, either?”

“Bulls.h.i.t, this is not mine. She changed it!!” the person shouted. “Can’t you all do it, are you all stupid?”

“…” The stupid people wanted to walk away.

“My ancestor, hurry up and dismantle this thing.” The boss squatted in front of Ming Shu. “Your actions have violated…”

Ming Shu interrupted the boss. “Excuse me, he acted first. I was just defending myself. I really don’t know how to dismantle it. If I knew, why would I call the expert over?”

“You know how to put it on, but you don’t know how to dismantle it?”

“If you know how to eat, must you know how to cook?”


The expert was drenched with sweat. He looked on as time pa.s.sed. The person was already in a state of prostration.

“If I must say something, why don’t you just say everything that you know? When you die, the police might still find a place to bury you. If you don’t say anything now, when you explode in a while, you will just be thrown away haphazardly. Wandering souls cannot reincarnate.”

The boss blocked the people that wanted to stop Ming Shu. He let Ming Shu continue her conversation with the criminal.

“You risked your life for them, will they burn some paper money for you during Qingming Festival? No. When you die, those that have some conscience will sigh that a good dog is dead. Then, they will find another dog to replace you. Those that have no conscience will just scold you and say that you are a useless dog. Tell me, what are you looking for?

“Do you all have families? If you do… if you have a pretty wife and you die, will someone take a fancy on her? If someone else hugs the woman you love, can you bear with it? Any man will not be able to bear with it, right?

“Let me tell you, you will die anyway. Don’t think that you will be lucky. You all are just the first batch. The first group of people are always the lucky ones, right?”

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