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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 71 - Gorgeous Doctor (18)

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Chapter 71: Gorgeous Doctor (18)

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Bai Yanran’s father and the people from the Xiao family had waited for two days. But the inn was guarded both before and after, and none of them saw Ming Shu.

Father Bai was so anxious that he paced back and forth in front of the inn while people from the Xiao family stood on the sidelines. They just minded their own business and didn’t violate the boundary between them.

When the two sides unintentionally had some eye contact with each other, they would move away quickly as if seeing something they disliked.

The two families had been rivals for many years. Now that they gathered here together, it was really a bit awkward.

“Lord, Lord, the Miss is showing crazy symptoms again!”

The servant of the Bai family arrived in a rush. He couldn’t even breathe and his face was still a little restless. It seemed the Miss he was talking about was really making a huge mess.

Father Bai’s face turned black. He looked at the inn and waved as he gritted his teeth. “Go, let’s go upstairs to invite her.”

He didn’t believe he would ever be able to meet that person from Death Valley. The Bai family was not a small force or school, either, but now he was left outside and didn’t even see anyone from the Valley. It was beginning to annoy him.

“Lord…” Others of the Bai family stopped him. “If we offend the people from Death Valley, the Miss might not have the chance to be treated by them.”

At this time, Father Bai felt a mixture of anger and anxiety within. He went straight upstairs despite the persuasion.

Seeing this, the Xiao family’s people also followed him up. The inn was originally a s.p.a.cious place, but with these people standing inside, it suddenly became crowded.

Liu Feng was guarding the door. Seeing so many people coming forward aggressively, he immediately revealed a weapon. There was no expression on his cold face, but his meaning was obvious. If they dared to step closer, he would not be polite to them.

Father Bai endured his anger and shouted with his fist slamming into his other hand, “The lord of the Bai family is here to pay a visit.”

The Xiao family was standing behind him and they didn’t take further action. With Father Bai as the provoker, they couldn’t be more willing to watch.

Liu Feng didn’t move. He peered at the people before him like a statue.

Father Bai was just feigning politeness and didn’t even bend his body, his eyes fixed on the tightly closed door.

Time seemed to have a voice, ticking and walking.

Every sound pierced his heart.


They didn’t know how long it was before the door was slowly pushed open. The servant girl they had met several times before came out from inside, her hands folded in front of her body. She walked to Liu Feng with small and unhurried steps. Liu Feng then put away his weapon and stepped back slightly.

Hui Xue slightly bowed. “Lord Bai, I’m sorry but the Miss is not here, you won’t see her today.”

“How’s that possible! My people didn’t see her come out,” Lord Bai blurted out in a loud voice. “Is it that the Miss inside is unwilling to meet me? What requirements does she have? She need only open her mouth, as long as she can cure my little daughter, I won’t let her down.”

As long as a person could be bribed, they would not be difficult to deal with.

But, obviously, this time Father Bai hit a nail house.

“Lord Bai, you might know the rules of Death Valley.” Hui Xue smiled slightly and answered in a warm and polite tone, “We only choose our patients following our heart.”

“…” Screw that following your heart nonsense.

The rules of Death Valley had always been the strangest ones among the various major forces on the continent.

Following their heart basically meant it was up to their mood. It meant that a disciple of Death Valley could see a patient if they liked, and they could also refuse to treat a patient if they wanted.

Commonly known as—

It depends on the mood.

Weren’t they just too willful?

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Yes, they were!

Ming Shu lifted her foot to walk along the pa.s.sage, and the fiery red robe floated with her voice. “If I’m not, are you?”

“You know my daughter, right?” Father Bai was suddenly excited. He indeed had seen this woman beside Bai Yanran, Yanran should know the person from Death Valley, great! Father Bai held back his eagerness and continued, “Since you are Yanran’s friend, I will just tell you straightly: My daughter has been out of sorts, perhaps you could go to see her and make a diagnosis?”

Hearing this, the Xiao family all changed their faces a little and tried to speak up.

But Ming Shu didn’t give them any chance to speak. Wearing a gentle and harmless smile, she walked through the human pa.s.sage and stood five meters away from Father Bai. “I find something interesting.”

Father Bai was filled with question marks. “What?”

“Is there a specific function for your Bai family?”

Father Bai was more confused. What did she mean?

Ming Shu continued to come forward and smiled back toward the crowd when she arrived at Hui Xue’s side. “You are all so self-righteous.”


“And I don’t eat human…” Meat .

Ming Shu coughed. Under the strange gaze of Father Bai, she retained the same smile. “Do I know your little daughter? Are we close? Or does she look like a G.o.ddess that needs me to worship her and have a look at her?” The greater Bai Yanran’s hatred was for her, the better. She must be mad with hunger before she would go to see Bai Yanran.

[Host, you can go to see Bai Yanran, and then do something to her… It might be easier for her to hate you. You’re only one step away from completing the task. ] The Harmony System incited Ming Shu with bad ideas, blah blah blah…

Ming Shu thought to herself, What a suffocating operation, it’s too much.

Uncle Harmony, could you spend ten minutes facing the wall and think about your name’s meaning before you try to stir things up?

Am I the kind of person who will comply with others’ casual suggestions?

[Our mission is to collect Hatred Points, through what means is not important. Moreover, Bai Yanran is not a good person. Just think, if it wasn’t for her, would the Host have come to such a miserable end? Of course, I’m just offering you an easier way to get Hatred Points. What you decide is not my business and I have no right to interfere.] The Harmony System was only interested in Hatred Points. Other things were not within its scope of consideration.

#I have a terrible system, how should I handle this? Waiting online. Emergency.#

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