Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 709 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (27)

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Chapter 709: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (27)

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Just as this matter was brewing, the official account of Qingyun released news announcing the engagement of Ming Shu and Bei Tang. They asked everyone to not think too much and spread rumors around. This issue would end here.

The news that Ming Shu was Bei Tang’s fiance spread like wildfire.

It was rumored that Bei Tang came to Qingyun because of Ming Shu.

If it wasn’t for Ming Shu, Bei Tang would never have appeared at Qingyun. So, it was totally reasonable and normal for the two of them to be together. There was no such thing as someone seducing someone. They were already a couple.

Sixteen was still too young an age to a normal family, but in the upper circle, many people were engaged by this age.

The furious fangirls’ anger stuck in their throats. It couldn’t go up or down…

How could their male idol teacher be… be that shameless woman’s fiancé?!

But this news came from the school’s official account…

It must have been hacked.

In their hearts, no one was compatible with Bei Tang. He should be alone and superior and be looked up to by everyone.

Bei Tang expressed: He didn’t want to do it at all.

This little bunch of b.i.t.c.hes kept wanting to destroy his loving relationship with his wife. Insidious!

They were all villains!

Throw them all on the blacklist!

The fangirls were still suspecting that the official account got hacked and didn’t want to believe this news no matter what. They didn’t know that they were already blacklisted by their idol.

This issue was solved quickly and simply. The wave just started and got suppressed before it could slam into the sh.o.r.e.

The fangirls were not convinced. Didn’t she say that they would battle it out at the sports field?

The fangirls all went to the sports field. They must get their idol back!

However, Ming Shu just said it casually at that time and didn’t take it to heart at all. She never thought of going to the sports field to battle it out with them.

At this moment, she was standing in front of the Demon Immortal Supermarket and suspecting her life.

“Boss, where are you? Are you not doing business anymore? You can’t be lazy!”

The boss seemed to be somewhere really noisy. He shouted, “What business, I must destroy these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ nest this time.”

If Mo Yuan was questioned by someone like the boss, he would not get any useful information.

He didn’t know how Bei Tang questioned Mo Yuan, but he said everything that he could say. If they don’t act now, are they going to wait for them to retire?

“…” Ming Shu kept quiet for a moment. “What will I eat in the future then?”

“…” The boss kept quiet for a while too. However, he choked from the conversation that seemed really out of place in this situation. “I will send someone to give you the keys. You can take the food yourself and help to tend to the supermarket while you can. The delivery bills are in the first drawer at the counter.”

The boss hung up after he finished talking.

Ming Shu continued to suspect her life.

Have I completed my mission?

[Guest, please help the police.] The Harmony System gave her an obvious hint.

“… Why?” Isn’t my mission just to find the biggest secret of this school? Stop giving me more work to do secretly!

[Guest, Hatred Points.] The Harmony System explained, [If you don’t help the police to destroy them totally, how can you gain more Hatred Points? You not only have to help the police, but you also need to let them know that you were the one who did it.]

Ming Shu Do you think that I am not dying fast enough?

[Guest, it is better to die.] You can’t die anyway. What are you afraid of? Guest, be bold and make your move!

Harmony System, you have changed!

Last time, you would urge me to kill others. Now, you are persuading me to kill myself!

You are no longer the Harmony System that loves me.

[…] Have you forgotten to take your medicine today?

Forget it, let me just keep quiet.

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“Master, are you all right?” Yi Xiaoxiao popped out from somewhere. She looked really worried. “I searched for almost half a day for you. Did anyone find you for trouble? Let me help you to take revenge!”

“Captain, time to go!” someone shouted at the boss.

“Coming,” the boss replied. “Go back yourself. I am very busy. I don’t have the time to send you back.”

After he finished speaking, the boss walked toward the door.

Ming Shu finished her last stick of pocky and clapped her hands as she got up. She took the snacks on the table and followed the boss.

The boss was the one that let Ming Shu in. Hence, when Ming Shu followed them out, no one stopped her. She made her way to the boss’s car.

“What?” The boss stared at her.

“I want to see how you all catch criminals.” Ming Shu smiled.

The boss was so angry he almost choked on his breath. He slammed the door of the car and widened his eyes at her. He said fiercely, “This is not a joke. This is a life and death matter. When we walk out of here today, we won’t know if we can make it back alive.”


The boss: “…” What are you oh-ing for?

Ming Shu reached out and pulled open the door.

The boss slapped her hand. “Nan Zhi, don’t mess around.”

Ming Shu smiled obediently. “I will not get off the car. I will just take a look.”

The boss: “…” For some reason, he felt that there was something wrong with this sentence.

Everyone was prepared and was waiting for orders. Only Ming Shu and him were left outside.

“If you don’t let me in the car, I will follow you all later. Don’t try to suspect me. I will definitely be able to follow you.”


This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was his natural enemy.

Time waits for no man. The boss shouted, “Get in the car! Listen to orders and don’t mess around.”

Ming Shu placed two fingers on her temple and thrust them forward. Her actions looked handsome and cool. There were smiles in her shining eyes. They were like pools of water in spring.

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