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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 708 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (26)

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Chapter 708: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (26)

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Ming Shu really didn’t know where Mo Yuan went. However, she asked Ah Sen and he said that Mo Yuan still had some use. He was just taken away.

Bei Tang wanted to take Ming Shu to the hospital for a checkup.

Ming Shu was stunned.

She was fine. Why did she need to go for a checkup?

Ming Shu refused to go to the hospital. Bei Tang had no choice but to invite the doctor to the estate and even got a set of medical equipment.

Being rich… you could really do anything if you were rich.

Ming Shu was forced to do a checkup. The results showed that she was normal.

Bei Tang finally felt at ease after getting the results.

Ming Shu was tortured for half a day so she decided to just idle the rest of her day away at the estate. She only went to school the next day.

The moment she entered the school, students started pointing at her.

Ming Shu bit her bun and walked to her cla.s.sroom. She was puzzled.

When she pa.s.sed by the notice-board, she saw a group of students surrounding it.

“She’s here…”

“She still dares to come?”

“Shameless. How dare she seduces Teacher Bei Tang.”

Ming Shu didn’t plan to go over at first, but when she heard these voices, she stopped and changed her direction. The students surrounding the notice-board opened a path for her instinctively.

There were many pictures on the notice-board. They were all pictures of her with Bei Tang and they seemed really intimate.

“These photos are not that good.”

Under the student’s disgusted, angry, agitated, hateful, and jealous gazes, she said, “I can take better photos.”


She is still smiling. She still has the face to smile!

“Nan Zhi, why are you so shameless. How dare you seduce Teacher Bei Tang!”

Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at the furious girl. “How do you know that he was not the one who seduced me?”

“Pu… would Teacher Bei Tang take a fancy on you? Take a look at yourself, why would Teacher Bei Tang like you?”

“Yeah, shameless. You seduce the teacher and yet, you want to frame him now. Her conduct was disgusting to begin with. It just got even worse.”

“Why am I in the same school as this person…”

Ming Shu stood on the platform below the notice-board and waved her hands in a domineering manner. “Be quiet. How can I talk if you all are so noisy?”

The students really, for some reason, quieted down.

The girl at the platform said in a gentle and happy voice, “I feel that I am prettier than you.”

Everyone: “…”

They had never met someone so shameless and narcissistic.

“Nan Zhi, do you still want your face?”

Ming Shu tilted her head. “Huh? If I don’t want it, are you going to peel it off for me?”

“…” WTF! WTF!

They had never heard such replies from the time they were born.

The girls found their voices after a long time. They defended their idol. “You, you… you seduced Teacher Bei Tang, how can you do such a thing. You must be the one who forced him. Tell me, what did you do to Teacher Bei Tang!”

It was that idiot who kept pestering me. Why am I the one seducing him now?

You all can’t lose your principles and sense of justice just because he is handsome!

I have a temper too!

Ming Shu raised her chin. She said in a cool and arrogant manner, “I did what you wanted but didn’t dare to do.”

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“You, you, you…”

Ming Shu blatantly sat beside Bei Tang. Her unfinished breakfast was still in her hand.

Ming Shu looked up and asked the obediently, “, why are you looking for me?”

“…” Don’t you know why I looked for you? Of course, he didn’t dare to say this. He wiped off his cold sweat. “It is hard to find the person who pasted the photos on the notice-board. There is no camera over there…”

Bei Tang took the breakfast from Ming Shu’s hand. He took out the contents and pa.s.sed them to her. Then, he said in a cold voice, “Check the fingerprints then. Check all the students.”

“Mister Bei… isn’t this making a mountain out of a molehill?”

There were so many people in the school. If they really had to check fingerprints, how big would this investigation be? Also, it was hard for normal people like them to check for fingerprints… Most importantly, if the person didn’t leave any fingerprints or if some students touched the photos before, what would happen?

Bei Tang looked over and the immediately felt a huge weight on his shoulders. He started shivering. “I will definitely investigate it. Please do not worry, Mister Bei. I will definitely find the person that pasted the photos.”

The made his promise and instantly felt the air around him becoming lighter. It was as though he saved his own life.

“Mister… Bei, how do you think we should settle this issue?”

“Just say that she is my fiance.” Bei Tang looked sideways at Ming Shu. “Do you have an opinion?”

Ming Shu blinked and sprung up immediately. She looked down at Bei Tang. “You didn’t even propose to me and suddenly, I am your fiance? Why don’t you go to heaven?”

Bei Tang didn’t expect Ming Shu to react so violently. He immediately coaxed her, “It’s just to solve the issue. Don’t worry, I will definitely propose to you. I don’t want you to be judged by the students. If you’re not willing to do it, I can think of other ways.”

The way Bei Tang treated the and the way Bei Tang treated Ming Shu were totally different…

The “…” Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Bei Tang had his motives but as he said, if Ming Shu was not willing, he would not do it.

“Are you going to treat me to a meal tonight?”

Bei Tang was stunned silent for a moment before nodding. “Yes, whatever you want to eat.” Let’s see if I can make you bloat!


“Let me think about it then.”

Bei Tang: “…” F**k, you still want to consider? I have already humiliated the country and forfeited its sovereignty!

The “…” So many people want to become Mister Bei’s fiance. This girl doesn’t know how lucky she is.

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