Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 702 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (20)

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Chapter 702: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (20)

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Six years ago, the police received a report and caught some drug addicts. They thought that they were just normal drug addicts but after some investigation, they uncovered a gang.

This gang made and sold drugs.

The police quickly got hold of some evidence, but when they went to arrest them, the other party had already disappeared. They planned for so long but they couldn’t even catch a small gangster from the gang.

After this happened, the gang vanished as if they never existed until a few months later. A new case was linked to this gang again.

They managed to catch a person this time, but this person was just someone from the outer ring. He only knew that the boss had a huge background and was really extravagant. The gang had a rigid stratification.

This case became an important case for the police.

The police investigated it fervently and finally managed to find traces of them. During that action, three policemen sacrificed themselves.

Every time they met, the other party would always gain the upper hand.

In order to eradicate this gang, the police decided to send a spy in to collect evidence secretly.

However, after the spy was gone for a while, they lost contact with him. They didn’t know if he was dead or alive.

The police didn’t want to send people in again, but in order to stop this gang from continuing to harm the civilians, someone volunteered to be the spy.

The person who went this time sent back some useful information, but he was quickly found out by the gang. In order to vent their anger, the spy was chopped into eight pieces and thrown into the dustbin opposite the police station.

These provocative actions angered the authorities and they ordered them to resolve the case and catch the culprit.

Three years ago, they got hold of an important figure in the gang. Just as they were about to catch both the people and the loot, the daughter of a high official was kidnapped.

The police were a mess and let those people get away again.

After that, the gang became low-key. The investigation got really difficult and there was no progress at all.

“What are you doing in Qingyun then?” Ming Shu asked. “Qingyun can’t be the grounds of a criminal gang, right?”

The boss pressed the cigarette bud and turned around to take a doc.u.ment bag from the bottom of the counter. Ming Shu saw a gun in the bag as well as some paper doc.u.ments.

The boss stuffed the other things back and took out a deck of photos.

The photos were really messy. There were photos of the crowd at the crime scene, photos of a busy street, and photos of the nightclubs.

Ming Shu looked at them one by one. She didn’t notice anything special the first time. When she finished looking at them the second time, she picked out a few of the photos.

The boss looked at her with some surprise.

Ming Shu pointed to a person in the photos. “This person appeared in the photos many times. Is he from Qingyun?”

The boss didn’t reply to her. “Do you know how long it took for us to realize this?”

“One month? Half a year?”

The boss hesitated. “Two years.”

Ming Shu: “…”

“These photos are a very good reference. I only needed to find similarities. What is so difficult about it?” Ming Shu said, “You all took a long time because the timings for the events were different and these timings made your memories become faint. It is normal that you all didn’t realize this.”

The boss: “…” What is so difficult?

If you give these photos to people who were specially trained in the police force, they might not be able to see the similarities within such a short period of time.

Comparisons are odious!

The boss took out a doc.u.ment, depressed.

“Mo Yuan, male, 32 years old. Single. Qingyun’s specially appointed teacher. He graduated from a famous university overseas and was quite popular among his friends. He is really polite and his lifestyle is very regular. Besides going to cla.s.s, he will go to the gym every odd day of the week. On the even days of the week, he will go to the library to read books…”

The boss said everything that was on the doc.u.ment. It was just a regular teacher profile and some hobbies of his.

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“That’s it?”

Although there would be a risk… he wanted to take it.

Time waits for no man. After such a long time had pa.s.sed, they were not sure how the gang had developed.


No one told him that the risk would be so high!


“h.e.l.lo? Yes… in the supermarket. Now? I am not going, not free… where are we eating? Let me think about it… okay, see you at the gate.” Ming Shu hung up and took her snacks. “I will leave first.”

“Don’t do anything! Remember to keep all this a secret!” the boss shouted behind her.

Ming Shu waved her hand.

Ming Shu walked to the school gate. Bei Tang’s car was already waiting there for her. She talked her way past the guard uncle and walked out blatantly.

Just as she sat, Bei Tang leaned over and kissed her on her lips. “Why do you like to go to the supermarket all the time?”

Why are you not looking at someone so handsome like me? What is so nice about a supermarket? Why do you go there all the time!

“Yes.” Ming Shu smiled.

There are so many snacks in the supermarket, of course I will like it.

Bei Tang’s eyes turned dark. He kissed her for a long time as though he was punishing her.

Bei Tang only let go of her when they were both out of breath. He buckled Ming Shu’s seatbelt and started the engine. He closed his lips and kept a straight face. The atmosphere in the car was a little tense.

Bei Tang was thinking of how to close down the supermarket.

Who asked it to steal his wife!

I can’t see her all the time!

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