Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 7 - Gossip Queen (7)

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Chapter 7: Gossip Queen (7)

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When Ming Shu stepped away from Ning Keqing, people could see Ning Keqing’s hand drawing back from between them.

Scattered at Ming Shu’s feet were several beads nearly the same color as the carpet. Earlier, some reporters had taken photos of Ning Keqing wearing a bracelet decorated with light red beads.

Ning Keqing was surprised at Ming Shu’s reaction and remained stunned for a moment, then swiftly adjusted her facial expression and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Sister Jiang Nian. I didn’t notice it was broken.”

Ming Shu’s smile widened. “Okay, Miss Ning, next time you shouldn’t buy this kind of bracelet. It’s of such poor quality; those loose beads nearly tripped me. If next time someone really trips, you’ll be sorry all over again.”

The reporters surrounding them suddenly burst into discussion. The truth was already clear.

Stars like them would never buy fake or cheap products, and since genuine articles were always high-quality, then the bracelet must have been purposely broken by its wearer.

Now the subject of various doubtful gazes, Ning Keqing secretly and resentfully rolled her eyes at Ming Shu. She hated Ming Shu’s smile. It appeared warm and gracious, but to her, it was nothing but mocking.

Ning Keqing controlled her emotions and said with a pitiful voice, “I’m really sorry, Sister Jiang Nian. I have no idea why it broke.”

“That’s enough!” Li Shaonan’s cold voice rang out all of a sudden. He held onto Ning Keqing’s slender waist, looking at Ming Shu. “Miss Jiang, you disrespect Ning Keqing over and over again; don’t you know the consequences of that?”

Even if Li Shaonan was aware that Ning Keqing did it on purpose, he would only choose to support her.

Ming Shu combed a hand through her hair, rolling her eyes. “What consequences? Tell me about them.” I’ve experienced worse winds and waves. How is it possible I could fear you, a tyrannical boss?

Do you expect to inherit my snacks after scaring me to death?

Their opposer’s powerful presence cooled Aileen’s whole body; even an experienced agent such as herself was feeling the pressure.

A deathly expression had appeared on her face. Aileen would have covered her artiste’s mouth instantly if there hadn’t been so many journalists present. Wasn’t it enough to cause trouble on set? And now she wanted to cause more in front of these reporters? Did Jiang Nian really want to be expelled from s...o...b..z?

Aileen pinched Ming Shu hard to try to stop her. Yet Ming Shu seemed to feel no pain at all; not even the curve of her mouth relaxed.

Had her artiste been possessed by demons or developed some mental illness?

Li Shaonan hummed a short “Hoh” after he and Ming Shu stared at each other for a few seconds.

But Ming Shu cut in before he could speak and said, “Mr. Li, are you going to say something like, ‘Woman, you’ve attracted my attention’?”

That kind of tyrannical boss style—I refuse.

“…” It was the first time Li Shaonan had encountered a woman could infuriate him to this extent.

He was even more angry now than before, when Ning Keqing defied him!

“Miss Jiang is really brave. I wonder how much longer you’ll be able to smile like this.” This woman had completely p.i.s.sed him off. If it hadn’t been for Ning Keqing’s pleading last time, he would have already taken measures to punish her.

“At the very least, longer than you will.” Ming Shu’s beaming smile was a stark contrast to Aileen’s shadowed face.

The only thing Aileen wanted to do now was find a pleasant place to wait for death. Because nothing could redeem this situation, and the impending consequences were probably worse than death.

“Hmm!” Li Shaonan’s icy hum sounded again. He decided to abandon this dispute with the woman—he would face her real strength later—and continued moving toward the hotel with his arm around Ning Keqing.

As Li Shaonan pa.s.sed by, Ming Shu unexpectedly stuck her foot out, smiling happily.


Li Shaonan was caught off guard and tripped over, his whole body striking the carpet. Ning Keqing was also inevitably dragged down with him. The two of them both fell in a graceless heap.

An awkward silence befell the entire crowd. It felt like someone had paused time; everything seemed to move in slow motion.

Just a few seconds dragged on long enough to last a century. When everyone realized what had happened, first came their quiet and profound exclamations, followed by countless shuttering sounds.

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Kacha, kacha, kacha…

The reporters had been taken care of, but Li Shaonan couldn’t stop everyone.

Some onlookers fearlessly leaked out the events that transpired outside the hotel. After that, the various news outlets joined in.

#Bullying a newbie wasn’t enough, Jiang Nian further offends the Money Boss behind her, how will she stay in the industry?#

#The reveal of Ning Keqing’s Money Boss who quarreled with Jiang Nian at event#

#Jiang Nian and Ning Keqing#

#Jiang Nian offending the tyc.o.o.n#

#Jiang Nian bullying newbie#

#Ning Keqing and Li Shaonan#

These hot topics were pushed to the top immediately. It seemed like someone had paid for this.

But no matter in the news or in the hot topic column, no one had mentioned Li Shaonan falling over outside the hotel. Whenever some pa.s.sersby sent out the story, it would shortly disappear, with no audience paying it any attention.

Below the hot topics, netizens of great imagination fancifully imagined an outdated love triangle, with many following the story and adding more funny jokes to it. A very joyful scene.

Meanwhile, the person they were talking about was fighting Tian Yuan for the last bag of chips. Her small face flushed, Tian Yuan was desperately pulling the bag. “Sister Jiang Nian, you’ve made Sister Aileen angry enough to explode. If she sees you eating snacks again, she’ll kill me!”

“But she hasn’t come back.” Immediately after, Aileen opened the door and came in.

With a cough, Ming Shu released her grip and said smilingly, “Little Yuanzi, don’t eat too much at night, you’ll get fat.”

Tian Yuan was left holding the bag, dumbfounded. What had she done to deserve this?

Glancing at Tian Yuan, Aileen directly shoved her cell phone toward Ming Shu, several days’ worth of acc.u.mulated anger finally bursting out. “What’s wrong with you recently? Bullying Ning Keqing, provoking Li Shaonan, and even causing trouble in public today—tomorrow, are you going to kill someone?!”

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