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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 699 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (17)

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Chapter 699: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (17)

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Having experienced the matter of three hundred copies, plus his relationship with Ming Shu having eased, Bei Tang now wouldn’t bluff in cla.s.s.


Ming Shu looked at the man who was standing beside her and lecturing, lifted her foot, and kicked him.

Bei Tang’s expression remained unchanged. “Suppose point P’s coordinates are (x1,y1), then x1 will be less than or equal to 1…”

Bei Tang stood at the back of the cla.s.sroom. The students didn’t dare to look back and just listened to him carefully.

Ming Shu was irritated.

She turned to the other side and began to sleep.

Bei Tang twitched the corners of his mouth. He threw a note to her and then walked back to the podium.

Ming Shu unfolded the note. It read that he wanted to have lunch with her.

Have your… Okay!

Why not!

After school, Bei Tang waited for her at the school gate. He drove a very eye-catching car, but not his usual one, and the driver was also not him, so the students didn’t know who owned the car.

But seeing Ming Shu get into car, they were boiled up.

“s.h.i.t! Nan Zhi got into that car!”

“She won’t be kept by someone, will she?”

“I’ve heard my brother talk about that car, it is a limited edition, very rare in the domestic market, I don’t know who… How does Nan Zhi know such a rich person?”

An Keke watched the car go and her expression changed uncertainly. Then Pei Jin called her several times, and she walked over.

An Keke had changed into women’s clothes, and the students isolated her. If it weren’t for Pei Jin and Yu Yuan, An Keke would have probably been driven out from Qingyun.

“Pei Jin, didn’t you say you’re going to take me out to dinner?” An Keke held Pei Jin’s arm. So what if these girls were jealous of her? Pei Jin was still hers.

Even Yu Yuan was obsessed with her.

But He Ye…

An Keke was a little disturbed in her heart. Among these three people, she still liked He Ye the most. But He Ye hadn’t come back since he went abroad last time.

She texted him, yet always received his reply only after a long time. Pei Jin said it was because the He family was in trouble.

“Let’s go.”

Pei Jin took An Keke to have dinner. In the box, they had s.e.x. After that, they finished the dinner very intimately and then walked out of the restaurant only to meet Ming Shu again.

She stood in the corridor, accompanied by a strange man, and looked like she was waiting for someone.

Soon someone came out from the next room. It was an outstanding man, one of his hands in his pocket and the other carrying a delicate box. His side profile was already enough to make girls scream, and he just stood there like an emperor, whose mighty momentum could terrify anyone who saw him.

“You’re slow.”

The man in the suit gave a look to her first, then looked at the person following him out, and said in an indifferent tone, “We’ll discuss it next time.”

“Okay, Mister Bei, I’ll visit you again when you’re free the next time.” The person behind him was very humble.

Bei Tang pa.s.sed the box in his hands to the person next to him, then held Ming Shu’s hand and walked out.

They turned around only to run into An Keke and Pei Jin.

An Keke’s face was still flushed and looked charming and cute. But right now she was totally shocked.

Nan Zhi and Bei Tang?!

“Teacher Bei Tang, you…” An Keke rested her eyes on Ming Shu and Bei Tang’s intertwined hands, as if discovering something incredible.

Pei Jin and Yu Yuan were very handsome, but compared to Bei Tang, they were quite sentimental. They didn’t have Bei Tang’s strong momentum.

If she could choose, An Keke would of course choose Bei Tang.

But he had been at the school for so long and no one dared approach him. An Keke would just fantasize sometimes.

“What a small world.” Ming Shu greeted them with a smile. “Cla.s.smate An Keke, I miss you so.”

An Keke’s face paleed in a rush and hatred gathered in her eyes. She plucked up suddenly. “Nan Zhi, did you tell that thing to others?”

“What thing?” Ming Shu tilted her head and sounded brisk.

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“I…” An Keke gritted her teeth. “You know what I’m talking about, why bother asking while knowing the answer? You spread it, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The person apologized quickly.

“Ai, fine.” Yin Xiaoxiao waved her hand. “Master, where did I go just now?”

But Ming Shu stared at the boy who hit Yin Xiaoxiao. It was the boy she kidnapped before and he looked a little gaunt. He saw Ming Shu beside Yin Xiaoxiao while making the apology and his face turned even paler.


“What are you doing here?” Ming Shu asked him while raising her eyebrows.

“I…” The boy almost cried. “Gao Tong won’t meet me, and she didn’t answer my call and text messages.”

“Who’s Gao Tong? Ming Shu, do you know him?” Yin Xiaoxiao moved her eyes back and forth between Ming Shu and the boy, meaningfully.

“No.” Ming Shu didn’t ask further and walked around the boy, then left.

The boy sighed in relief for no reason and then also left spiritlessly.

Two days later…

“Master, Master, something terrible happened!”

As soon as Ming Shu got off the car at the school’s gate, Yin Xiaoxiao ran over like an uncontrollable cannonball.

Ming Shu hurriedly protected her breakfast and moved aside, reaching out one hand to press on Yin Xiaoxiao’s head. “Be careful, don’t hit my breakfast.”

Yin Xiaoxiao stood still. “Ah, something terrible happened!”

Ming Shu took out a steamed creamy custard bun and took one bite. She asked vaguely, “Is someone dead?”

“Yes!” Yin Xiaoxiao nodded heavily.

Ming Shu: “…”

I just said it casually. Someone really died?

The dead one was called Gao Tong, from the same cla.s.s as An Keke.

Ming Shu remembered… That boy said his girlfriend was called Gao Tong.

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