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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 698 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (16)

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Chapter 698: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (16)

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It was darker in the woods than it was normally. The boy walked on until he came to a slightly open s.p.a.ce, then he looked around.

“Here I am, I’ve brought the thing.”

A sudden voice sounded in the woods.

Ming Shu and Bei Tang stood behind the trees and listened carefully to the noise over there. But no one answered except for the boy.

“Are you there?” It seemed the boy wasn’t sure if the one he was looking for was there, either.

The boy walked up and down, stepping over the ground and making slight noises.

About five minutes later, the boy’s cell phone rang. The boy wandered around for a moment, then hurried away from the woods.

The woods became quiet again.

As if nothing had happened.

Instead of waiting for someone to show up in the woods, Ming Shu followed the boy. The boy was not a resident student and Ming Shu watched him leave the school over the wall.

In a small room, yellow light shone on the floor, mottled with traces like blood; the air was filled with frostiness.

The boy looked around in panic. He tried to struggle, but the rope tied around him tightened as he struggled.


The only door of the room was pushed open.

A beautiful girl came in from outside. The boy felt the girl was glowing, warm and beautiful.

The boy looked a little stunned.

Until he felt a sense of pressure and suddenly came to himself to see a man standing in the doorway. He was tall and slender, with a good-looking face.

But the face was now filled with gloominess. His dark eyes stared at him as if he could freeze his blood.

The boy had a kind of feeling that he fell into h.e.l.l suddenly from heaven.

He knew this man: Bei Tang.

No one in Qingyun didn’t know him.

Bei Tang didn’t come in and just stood in the doorway watching. The bodyguard in black behind him carried a chair into the room and put it behind the girl. Then the bodyguard put his hands behind his back, standing straight behind the girl.

The girl formed a slight smile and sounded tender. “Take it easy. I’ll just ask you something.”

Naturally the boy also knew Ming Shu.

They were all celebrities in the school.

But these two… with their weird temperaments, how would they appear together? They even kidnapped him here together?

“You… What do you want to know?” The boy swallowed and was a little nervous.

Ming Shu crossed her legs and tapped her knee with her fingertips. “What were you doing in the woods?”

The boys’ eyes shrank. “No… nothing.”

“You sleepwalked to the school in the middle of the night?” Ming Shu was curious. “That’s a far distance, the doctor might have to dissect you.”

The girl with a bright smile obviously seemed to be chatting with her friend, but the boy only had cold sweat on his forehead.

“I…” The boy looked depressed as if it was very hard to open his mouth. After a long time, he answered, “My crush was discovered. My family wouldn’t let me see my girlfriend, so we made an appointment to meet.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “She didn’t show up?”

The boy shook his head with reddened eyes. “She texted me saying she was not coming, and… we broke up.”

It seemed the boy was afraid that Ming Shu wouldn’t believe him. “That message is on my cell phone, just check if you don’t believe me,” he added.

Ming Shu gave a look to the bodyguard behind her. The bodyguard understood and went up to search the boy’s phone, unlocked it, and handed it over to Ming Shu.

There was indeed a text message, which was sent at the same time the boy was in the woods.

“You said you brought the thing, what thing?”

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The boy was shocked. “You… You were in the woods?”

Ming Shu went to the supermarket specially the next day. The boss held a pure white kitten, looking very bitters.

“You found it?” Ming Shu took an expensive imported candy at her convenience and began to peel it open.

“It took me almost the whole night.” The boss revealed an impatient expression. “It mewed all night. Look at my dark circles.”

“Let me hold it.” Ming Shu reached out her hands.

The boss immediately threw the hot potato to Ming Shu. “Take it, take it, I can’t look after this little ancestor well.”

It was a ragdoll. A purebred ragdoll was really worth a lot of money, and they were also cute.

Ming Shu saw the entire cat tools set behind the counter, laid out haphazardly, showing signs of use.

Ming Shu played with the cat for a while. After two, she slowly stepped on the bell and went back to the cla.s.sroom.

The students in the cla.s.sroom were used to Ming Shu’s behavior of skipping from time to time, and they dared not talk about it. She was fierce and terrible when she got angry. Who dared to trouble her at school now?

Those who dared provoke her were all punished miserably.

The careful students found something was not right, though.

“Do you notice that Nan Zhi seems to appear in Teacher Bei Tang’s cla.s.s only.”

“Teacher Bei Tang is so handsome, isn’t it normal for Nan Zhi to attend his cla.s.s?” They also wanted to have Teacher Bei Tang’s cla.s.s only.

“Chut, someone like her? She should take a fancy on Teacher Bei Tang? Who does she think she is.”


“Huh?” The girl was stunned and looked back. Ming Shu was standing behind them and smiling at them.

“I am 45 kilograms.”

Ming Shu walked toward her own seat as she finished this sentence.

Everyone: “…”

Who the h.e.l.l asked how much you weigh!

What’s the pride of being 45 kilograms!

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