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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 693 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (11)

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Chapter 693: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (11)

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Pei Jin scanned his surroundings coldly. Many students were already looking at them.

Pei Jin was afraid that Ming Shu would say it out so he didn’t dare to argue with her. He warned her, “Nan Zhi, be careful.”

“Sigh, don’t prevent me from eating my food. Once my mood is good, I will not say it.” Ming Shu shrugged. “So now, can you all please leave?”

I need to eat to have the energy to gain Hatred Points!

An Keke gritted her teeth. There was hatred in her eyes. She still remembered clearly what happened last time. Because of her, she…

Pei Jin sneered and walked to the other side with An Keke. An Keke seemed a little unwilling.

An Keke looked nothing like a guy. She was totally acting like a…

“Master, are they gay?” Yi Xiaoxiao said something surprising. After that, she looked enlightened. “No wonder that An Ke kept targeting me!”

She was childhood friends with Pei Jin. Before An Ke appeared, her relationship with Pei Jin was not bad. After, ever since she came, their relationship got worse.

“What gay?” Ming Shu sat down. “An Keke is female.”

Yi Xiaoxiao: “…”

What joke is this?

A girl?

… But An Ke does look like a girl.

But, she is living in the male dormitory!

“Master, are you joking with me?”

“Do I look so free? Are you going to get food?”

“Oh! I will go now!” Yi Xiaoxiao ran off and went to grab food. She rushed around twice and then sat opposite Ming Shu. “Master, you said that An Ke is a girl? That is not right. She is staying at the male dormitory.”

An Ke was the name that was written on the student ident.i.ty card. She took a ke away from her name.


“Male dormitory!” Yi Xiaoxiao emphasized.

“Yes.” Eat food, eat food.

Yi Xiaoxiao was confused.

How can it be? How can a girl stay in a male dormitory? Are the teachers blind… Okay, if her master didn’t tell her, she would just think that An Ke was a little cute and looked like a girl. She would never think that she was truly a girl.

“Master, they…” Yi Xiaoxiao signaled with her fingers and winked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked at her. She must have no feelings toward the male protagonist. If not, she would not be so interested in the gossip now.

Ming Shu ate her drumsticks. She didn’t have the time to care about Yi Xiaoxiao.

Yi Xiaoxiao pondered for a long time. Even when Ming Shu finished her food, she still didn’t move.


Ming Shu took out her phone and looked at it.

It was the people that she looked for last time. They had sent her some information.

Nan Zhi, born in City A. Her parents died when she was young and she was abandoned at an orphanage. One year later, she was adopted.

The people who adopted her had the surname Xu. They were from the City A too. Because the wife of the family couldn’t give birth, they adopted Nan Zhi. Nan Zhi was less than two years old then.

Half a year after she was adopted, the Xu family went overseas and settled down there.

The information said that Nan Zhi had serious depression. From the medical records, she tried to kill herself twice. The last time was a year ago.

Ming Shu scrolled to the end of the information.

There were pictures attached at the end. Most of them was normal pictures of Nan Zhi. Every one of them was clear as if someone took them on purpose.

Ming Shu scrolled through the screen. The photos recorded her growth from a little girl to a young lady.

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However, besides these pictures, there was nothing else.

The picture for this post was the young face of a little girl smiling faintly at the camera. Time seemed to stop at that moment.

After that post, the pictures got more depressing and the smile on the young girl’s face got rarer and rarer. In the end, there was only numbness left…

Nan Zhi and Bei Tang’s relationship was obvious.

I wonder what that crazy person would do with such a character profile…

Ming Shu prepared to turn off her phone when she accidentally scrolled. The page refreshed itself and a new post came out.

I will give you time. I will not force you. If you want to know anything, you can come and ask me directly. You do not have to put in so much effort to investigate it.

Ming Shu was not surprised at all. This social media app was not one that was commonly used overseas. Besides the pictures, there was nothing else on it. How could it be found so easily?

Unless… the owner allowed it.

Ming Shu looked at the new post in deep thought.

“Master, what are you looking at?”

Yi Xiaoxiao waved her hand in front of Ming Shu for a few times. So engrossed. Is she looking at handsome guys? She peeked at Ming Shu’s phone but before she could see anything, the screen went black.

Ming Shu put away her phone. “Have you finished eating?”

Yi Xiaoxiao nodded. She went to return the plates and then left the canteen with Ming Shu. Yi Xiaoxiao was prepared to skip and Ming Shu was going to do the same thing. Hence, they decided to skip together.

“I know a very fun place. I will bring you there in a while…”

Yi Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped. “Hey, isn’t that Teacher Bei Tang? The really handsome teacher in charge of your cla.s.s. Master, look, is that him?

Ming Shu followed Yi Xiaoxiao’s gaze and looked over.

Most of the students were either eating or resting during the afternoon. The area around them was empty so the two figures seemed exceptionally striking. Bei Tang sat under the shade of a tree with a lady.

Bei Tang was the striking one.

His handsome face exceeded the normal standard of a person.

The lady looked at Bei Tang shyly. Her mouth opened and closed as though she was saying something, but Bei Tang just stood there and gave no reaction. From start to finish, he didn’t change his expression at all.

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