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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 692 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (10)

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Chapter 692: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (10)

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Yi Xiaoxiao was like a puppy, once she decided to stick to you, you would not be able to get her off.

Yi Xiaoxiao’s reputation in school was not too bad but it was not good, either. She always escaped from cla.s.s and fought with people, but her results were good and her family was rich. Hence, the teachers just turned a blind eye.

However, once Yi Xiaoxiao started to stick to Ming Shu, the students felt that there was something wrong happening.

Didn’t Yi Xiaoxiao look for a fight with Nan Zhi?

Why are they not fighting now? They even became good friends.

Yi Xiaoxiao rushed into Ming Shu’s cla.s.sroom and placed a box in front of Ming Shu. “Master, breakfast.”

Ming Shu bit her custard bun and looked at Yi Xiaoxiao in a daze. Her face was red from running.

Yi Xiaoxiao smiled obediently. “Master, let’s have lunch together. My treat! Cla.s.s is starting soon. I will leave first.”

“You go to cla.s.s?” Ming Shu asked instinctively.

“The teacher is coming. I need to rush off soon. If I get caught, I’m dead.” Yi Xiaoxiao suddenly turned around. “Master, you don’t come to lessons often, either. Are you not skipping this cla.s.s?”

“I think that I should focus on studying.” This lesson was taught by Bei Tang.

“Oh…” Yi Xiaoxiao scratched her head. “All the best then, see you in the afternoon.”

Just as Yi Xiaoxiao walked out, the school bell rang. Bei Tang came in a little late and started the lesson without saying anything.

He seemed a little sick and paused a few times during the lesson.

Ming Shu glanced at him a few times, but the latter didn’t have any reaction.

Bei Tang suddenly put down his teaching plans. “I have talked about this question in cla.s.s before, but a lot of you still did it incorrectly during the quiz. Liao Zishan, Zhao Chao, Nan Zhi, come up and do this question.”

Ming Shu just stuffed the custard bun into her mouth when she was called suddenly. She puffed up her cheeks and blinked her shining eyes a few times.

“What are you eating?” Bei Tang’s expression turned dark.

Ming Shu swallowed her custard bun quickly and denied it. “I am not eating anything.”

Bei Tang placed his hand on the table. “Do you think that I am blind?”

“Yes.” Ming Shu nodded her head and even provoked him irritatingly. “You don’t have any evidence.”

Everyone: “…” Amazing, she even dared to talk back to Teacher Bei Tang.

Bei Tang looked at a corner in the cla.s.sroom. “There is a camera in the cla.s.sroom. Do you want me to take a look at the images?”

Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Please do so.”

Bei Tang seemed to be really angry and actually got someone to get the images. However, after getting the images, they realized that the camera in this cla.s.sroom has defected.

Ming Shu smiled innocently. “Teacher, it is not good to accuse someone innocent.”

Bei Tang twitched his mouth corners. “The camera is broken but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t eat anything.”

“You don’t have evidence.” I will not admit it. Let’s see if I can anger you to death.

Bei Tang: “…”

F**k, I can’t control it anymore!

I want to beat her to death today!

Was it easy for him to maintain this character profile? This crazy person wanted to destroy his character profile whenever she was unhappy…


The character setting was not allowed to be violated.

F**k, this evil person.

Bei Tang took two deep breaths and calmed his exploding heart. “Since you didn’t eat anything, fine, come up and solve the question.”

Ming Shu glanced at the blackboard and looked at the question. It gave her a headache. She shook her head. “I don’t know how to.”

“I explained it in cla.s.s before.”

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“I wasn’t listening.”

“Hey!” Yi Xiaoxiao shouted at An Keke. “There is someone sitting here.”

An Keke looked back and acted as though she just saw them. She explained, “Ah… I didn’t see you all. I thought that there was no one sitting here.”

Yi Xiaoxiao asked An Keke to get up very impolitely. “You know now. Please get up.”

“Yi Xiaoxiao, don’t look for trouble.” Pei Jin narrowed his eyes at Yi Xiaoxiao and spoke in a casual tone.

“Me? Looking for trouble?” Yi Xiaoxiao exploded. “Pei Jin, I was polite to your dormmate because we grew up together, but after so many times, do you all think that I am easy to bully?”

If her master wasn’t here today, she could just let them have the seats. However, her master was here now. She would not let go!

What is wrong with this An Keke? Why is she targeting me?

Pei Jin frowned and sounded impatient. “It is just a seat. Since An Ke wants to sit here, you can just change places, right?”

Ming Shu: “…” Is this a fake male protagonist?

After having a secret relationship with the fake female protagonist, he dares to talk to the female protagonist like this?

This is not good!

Yi Xiaoxiao must have been really angry. “I came here first. Why must I be the one that changes seats?”

Pei Jin sounded disappointed and irritated. “Yi Xiaoxiao, why have you become so unreasonable? Look at yourself. Do you look like a lady at all? You even mix with Nan Zhi. Are you not worried that you will be led astray by her?”

Ming Shu was targeted at without even doing anything: “…” What does this have to do with me! I just want to eat now!

“Is this any of your business!” Yi Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and shouted what Ming Shu was currently thinking, “Even my parents don’t care about me. When is it ever your turn? Hurry up and ask him to leave, if not, I will take action.”

An Keke stood up and pulled Pei Jin’s sleeve. “Forget about it, Pei Jin, so many people are watching.”

Ming Shu nodded her head and agreed. “Yes, your little sweetie wants you to leave. Hurry up and leave.”

Don’t keep me from eating my food!

Little sweetie?

Yi Xiaoxiao looked at her master strangely. What kind of nickname is this?

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