Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 691 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (9)

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Chapter 691: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (9)

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“F**k! What is so good about Second High School? You just wait!” A girl wearing a Qingyun uniform shouted as she ran. There were four people following behind her.

Further away, a bunch of students in a different uniform showed their middle fingers in contempt when they heard what the girl said.

“We will wait for you, rich ladies of Qingyun. None of you can fight and you all still dare to be arrogant in front of us.”

“Hahahaha, look at them, they looked so funny.”

The other party was really arrogant.

The girl was so angry her face turned green. However, she was smart enough and didn’t turn back.

As long as she was alive, there would still be hope. She would bear with it!

“Aiyo…” The girl suddenly b.u.mped into someone and fell back a few steps. Her sidekicks behind her quickly held onto her.

“Who is so blind…” The girl shouted. However, her expression suddenly changed and the next moment, she went over obediently and said in a loud voice, “Boss, the people from Second High School are looking down on us. They say that no one can fight in Qingyun. Boss, you must take revenge for us and show them how powerful Qingyun is.”

Ming Shu first checked to see if her snacks were fine before rubbing her shoulder that was hurting from the impact. Just as she was about to speak, the girl shouted again, “Boss, Qingyun’s pride is in your hands! I will treat you to seafood! A huge serving of it!”

The girl spoke the last part of the sentence softly so only Ming Shu could hear it.

Seafood? Huge serving?

The girl sensed Ming Shu’s hesitation and nodded her head seriously. Really, I will treat you!

Ming Shu placed the snacks in the girl’s hand and rolled up her sleeves. “Who do I hit?”

The girl’s eyes lit up. She pointed at the bunch of people on the other side. “Them!”

Ming Shu walked toward the students from Second High School. The other party sneered and shouted at the girl, “Yo, Yi Xiaoxiao, are you finding helpers now? Is your brain filled with tofu? Look at her small limbs… aiyoh…”

Ming Shu quickly rushed toward the people and twisted the wrist of the person that was speaking. A smile lit her face. “What about small limbs?”

The person cursed silently and kicked Ming Shu.

Ming Shu grabbed her and flipped her over her shoulder.

Dust flew in the air. The students beside her finally reacted and rushed toward Ming Shu.

The girl smiled. In that instant, the snow seemed to melt and flowers started blooming.

The girl flipped all the people over her shoulder with a handsome posture.

“Jiayou jiayou jiayou!”

“Hit him! Long live Qingyun!”

After a few minutes, Ming Shu slowly pulled down her sleeves and walked back to the excited girl. She took the snacks in her hands back.

She raised her eyebrows slightly. There was arrogance in her eyes. “You are Yi Xiaoxiao?”

“Yes, G.o.ddess, we met before.” Yi Xiaoxiao immediately changed her greeting. She looked at her in admiration. “G.o.ddess, you are so powerful.”

Yi Xiaoxiao, the female protagonist.

She didn’t expect that the female protagonist in this world…

It was not a normal Cinderella. It was a rich and cowardly little gangster.

“Do you know how to cook?” This question was more important.

Yi Xiaoxiao blinked. “Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Guangzhou Cuisine… French, American, Italian, Danish… j.a.panese cuisine, Korean cuisine, European cuisine, are all possible too. My chef could do it. I will make whatever you want until you are satisfied if you take me in as your disciple!”

Yi Xiaoxiao placed her hands together and seemed really sincere.

The four sidekicks were so shocked their jaws almost dropped. Boss, where is your dignity?

Ming Shu picked the main point in Yi Xiaoxiao’s speech: she didn’t know how to cook.Read more chapter on

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What is the use of a female protagonist who doesn’t know how to cook? I don’t want her.

“G.o.ddess, sorry for last time.” Yi Xiaoxiao scratched her head. “You were so arrogant before that it made people feel unhappy. So… ah, G.o.ddess, I am not saying that you are proud or anything, I am just saying that you look down… no, I mean that you are really superior, yes, superior! Hahaha, you will not take it to heart, right? Since we are all people in the martial arts world, we will smile and forget everything!”

Ming Shu: “…”

This is a campus story!

Where did the martial arts world come from?

Ming Shu finished her seafood amidst Yi Xiaoxiao’s chatting.

“Master, are you full? If you’re full, I will go and get the bill.”

“Pu—” Ming Shu almost spit out her drink. She quickly swallowed it and took a deep breath. “What did you call me?”

“Master. You ate my seafood so you are my master now!” Yi Xiaoxiao pointed to the empty plates on the table and slapped her head. “Oh right, I haven’t formally acknowledged you as my master.”

Ming Shu: “…” You didn’t tell me about this before I ate! This is a scam!

Yi Xiaoxiao cupped her hands together and bowed to Ming Shu three times. Under Ming Shu’s weird gaze, she offered a cup of tea to her. “Please have some tea, Master.”

Master Ming Shu was stunned: “…”

I will not take anyone that doesn’t know how to cook!

I am a person with principles.

Ming Shu smiled and under Yi Xiaoxiao’s antic.i.p.atory gaze, rubbed her head. “I will take you as my disciple when you learn how to cook.”

After that, Ming Shu quickly left the private room.

Yi Xiaoxiao was confused.


“Sigh, Master, you haven’t drunk the tea. Wait for me…”

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