Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 69 - Gorgeous Doctor (16)

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Chapter 69: Gorgeous Doctor (16)

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The colorful egg breathed a sigh of relief as it heard that Ming Shu wouldn’t eat something that could speak. It carefully began to absorb the Qi around it, replacing the force absorbed by that odious human being.

If it hadn’t played dead so timely, it may have truly died.

Humans are so terrible.

Or rather… this world is terrible. I want to go home, wuwuwu!

Absorb Qi and then go home.

Absorb Qi and then go home.

Ming Shu held her chin and looked at the increasing Qi around the egg. With so much Qi being absorbed, wouldn’t it be stuffed to death? Ming Shu couldn’t help reaching out to poke it, but the egg seemed to predict her intention and swiftly rolled out of reach. Following after it were multiple streams of floating Qi, constantly entering through the eggsh.e.l.l.

As the egg was absorbing Qi happily, the ongoing battle between Xiao Rufeng and the dragon was finally coming to an end. Undoubtedly, the winner must be Xiao Rufeng.

The huge skeleton disappeared all of a sudden, and Xiao Rufeng also fell down upon the ground due to loss of strength. The whole mountain range was now covered in vast silence.

Ming Shu stood up in a rush.

The colorful egg was startled by Ming Shu, forgetting to absorb the Qi. Carrying some fearful worries, it looked up to Ming Shu at a 45-degree angle.

What are you doing!

You scared me.

Ming Shu rolled her sleeves up as she walked toward the battlefield, breathing into her belly—it was time to work.

The egg paused, then it absorbed Qi as it rolled after Ming Shu.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Ming Shu dragging away the woman on the ground, the egg became more confused.

“Picking up the corpse,” Ming Shu answered. Waiting for such a long time, just for this moment, ha, effortless. Ming Shu kicked it and continued, “Stay out of my way, you’re going to make me sprain my ankle, do you know the consequences?”

The egg rolled aside worriedly. But after hesitating for a while, it rolled back to Ming Shu’s side again. “This woman is surrounded by plenty of Qi, so comfortable.”

Ming Shu took a look at it. The egg was scared into rolling away again. “Okay, okay, I won’t absorb her Qi, it’s all yours.”

“Zhi Po…” Xiao Rufeng still had some consciousness. She was being dragged by the legs along the ground, trying to lift her head to look at the person ahead. “What… What do you intend to do?”

Ming Shu turned to her and smiled. “I’ll take you home. Uh, don’t thank me. I’ll be proud of myself.”

That smile was very weird and Xiao Rufeng had a bit of a bad feeling. “Stop, put me down.”

“Sorry, Miss, but I have a task to finish.”

“Task? What task?” What is this woman talking about?

The task—of gaining Hatred Points!

Ming Shu released Xiao Rufeng’s legs and turned around. She raised a hand, then slammed it down. Xiao Rufeng was smacked into a coma.

The egg rolled a few meters away fast. This woman was so cruel!

Ming Shu continued her work. After a while, the egg slowly rolled to her feet again. “Well, could I just absorb a little of her Qi? I really want it…”

The Qi of this woman was so comfortable, bathing in it was like being in a mother’s embrace.

So eager to have that, I want that.

“Just a little.” The egg rolled around Ming Shu. “Just give me one breath, please, the rest is all for you.”

Ming Shu lifted her foot and kicked the egg unhesitatingly. The egg was launched out all the way to the distant jungle.

Recently, the most widely spread news on the continent was the birth of a divine beast egg. It was unknown where the news originated from. Besides this, the continent was always flooded with many different rumors. No one ever knew whether they were true or not, but it didn’t prevent some people from believing them.

Before long, someone was said to have heard the dragon howling in the forest of the Windy Mountain Range of Demons. Then it was rumored that a divine dragon was born.

“A divine dragon! If I can have a divine dragon, it won’t be a dream to dominate the continent.”

“You really are dreaming. You don’t even know if the news is true or false. Dragons have long disappeared from the Xuanyuan continent. How is it possible there is a dragon now?” His companion poured cold water on him.

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“Well, what if it is true?”

“Master.” A man came over in a hurry and bowed. “We’ve found her. She’s right in this restaurant.

“She is the new master of Death Valley. A few days ago, after getting out of the Windy Mountain Range of Demons, she went to the Xiao family to send Xiao Rufeng home, then she went straight to the Drunken Flower Pavilion.”

The man looked up slightly to the restaurant. He just went out for a trip, but when he returned, his Drunken Flower Pavilion was totally destroyed. Although the Pavilion was only an empty sh.e.l.l, as the master of it, he should be angry about it being destroyed.

“Master, we have to seek help from Death Valley, but the Valley’s master seems to have taken us as enemies. Is there any misunderstanding?”

The man stood with his hands behind him, pondering. He would never reveal that he had robbed her of the divine beast egg earlier at the Mountain of Dragon Bones, which directly earned her vengeance.

She’s so narrow-minded!

But he ordered calmly, “Follow her first, report to me when you find something abnormal.”

“Yes, Master.”

Xiao Rufeng was returned to the Xiao family by Ming Shu in perfect condition.

She really was merely sent to her home.

And on the way home, Ming Shu beat her.

But it was tough for Xiao Rufeng to stay with the Xiao family.

Xiao Rufei, the favored real protagonist, and others from the school hadn’t returned; even Lord Seven hadn’t come back. She actually returned first, all by herself. For one thing, the Xiao family wouldn’t leave her alone, and for another, other families also came to question her.

“I told you, I don’t know! I don’t know!” Xiao Rufeng shouted to these people irritatedly.

This was why that woman sent her back?

To make her the target of criticism?

Xiao Rufeng quickly calmed down. She couldn’t jump into the trap that woman set for her.

“How could you not know. You went in there together, so why did you come back alone, safe and sound? You piece of trash!” The person speaking was Bai Yanran’s father.

“Well, you’re right. I’m trash, so what could I do to your little daughter?” Xiao Rufeng agreed and asked

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