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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 689 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (7)

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Chapter 689: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (7)

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The notice-board was cleared up really quickly. Ming Shu was slightly disappointed. She spent a long time pasting it and it just got cleared away like this.

Ming Shu went to the Demon Immortal Supermarket to replenish some snacks and console her broken heart. The boss was still playing with his phone behind the counter. The student collecting money had changed.

“I heard that you did an amazing thing today?” The boss seemed to be very close to Ming Shu now.

“Still okay.” Ming Shu was slightly humble. “I pasted for so long and it just got cleared away like this. Waste of my energy.”

The boss put down his phone and asked in a gossipy tone, “Will the dean just let you off like this? What benefits did you give him?”

Qingyun’s dean was really fierce and he was famous for it. He would not show mercy to those in the wrong. Even if you made a small mistake, he would broadcast it repeatedly and the whole school would know about it. To him, he was doing it to warn them.

However, a long time had pa.s.sed since the thing happened and there was no reaction from the broadcast system of the school.

Ming Shu thought for a while. “Maybe he wants to hara.s.s me because I am pretty?”

The boss: “…”

The boss rolled his eyes. He grabbed the newspaper and opened it noisily. “If you’re not buying anything, don’t block the way.”

Ming Shu was silent. Serves him right that he doesn’t have a partner.

Ming Shu hugged her snacks and left.

In the next few days, Bei Tang gave cla.s.s as per normal and didn’t do anything strange to Ming Shu again. He was like a normal teacher who came to teach.

What was amazing was, the dean didn’t look for Ming Shu for trouble.

This made the students very curious. There were all kinds of guesses. Some said that her background must be really impressive but this reason was quickly denied. Although Ming Shu didn’t stay in school, they never saw anyone picking her up.

If she was really someone from a rich family, how could there be no one picking her up?

Some other people guessed that she had a secret relationship with the dean.

No matter what the reason was, Ming Shu didn’t receive any punishment. Hence, everyone started to hate her more.

Also, An Keke’s relationship with the guys got more complicated. He Ye came to look for Ming Shu twice. One of those times, he looked for her in a crowded location and caused a small uproar.

From then onwards, Ming Shu realized that Bei Tang would look at her… murderously?

Maybe it was her imagination.

But whatever it was, she felt that Bei Tang was weird so she would always avoid him. If I can’t provoke this person, I can just avoid him.

It is more important to protect my snacks.

There were four people living in An Keke’s dorm. Pei Jin, He Ye, and Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan was a cultured guy, but this was the guy Ming Shu saw having intimate intercourse with An Keke in a cla.s.sroom used to keep equipment.

Of course, Ming Shu didn’t do it on purpose. She saw An Keke sneaking around suspiciously so she followed her and b.u.mped into this scene unexpectedly.

[Guest, do you want to get people to come and watch this scene?] The Harmony System thought about it carefully and felt that this idea was not stupid at all.

Ming Shu ignored the Harmony System. The Harmony System felt depressed and started showing Ming Shu scenes of little demons fighting.

Ming Shu: “…”

This idiotic system!

Who the h.e.l.l invented it!

Return the product! I want to return the product!

The sounds of the little demons fighting formed a duet with the sounds of the two people fighting. Ming Shu ate her snacks unhappily.

After half an hour, Yu Yuan left the equipment room. An Keke stayed inside for a while more before coming out.

Ming Shu quickly asked the Harmony System to turn off the images and tidied her clothes. She looked as though she was going to meet a date.

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An Keke b.u.mped into Ming Shu the moment she came out. Her heart started pounding furiously and her expression was awkward.

An Keke shivered. “There is nothing between me and Yu Yuan…”

“Nothing? Did you make all these marks yourself then?” Pei Jin pulled opened An Keke’s clothes forcefully. “An Keke, you are not obedient at all. How shall I punish you?”

Once Ming Shu entered the cla.s.sroom, she felt that the atmosphere was weird. The girls looked at her as though they wanted to peel and eat her alive. Their gazes were filled with jealousy and hatred.

She looked over and saw a rose on her table.

Did someone give me a rose?

What the h.e.l.l. Did they put something inside?

The rose was normal but there was an invitation under the rose. The sender was He Ye.

He Ye’s birthday party.

It was this weekend.

The students started whispering at each other.

“He Ye sent this to her. I saw him personally. What the f**k, when did Nan Zhi have such a good relationship with He Ye?”

“Is He Ye trying to chase Nan Zhi?”

“Look at her. Why would He Ye like her? I think that she is the one who is pestering He Ye shamelessly.”

The guys didn’t know how to continue the heated conversation.

He Ye was the one who sent the flower over, not the other way round…

The cla.s.sroom suddenly turned quiet. Ming Shu looked up. Bei Tang had entered the cla.s.sroom suddenly and was standing at the podium now. He looked at her with dark eyes.

Everyone felt an invisible sense of oppression.

“Cla.s.s is starting.”

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