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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 688 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (6)

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Chapter 688: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (6)

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Ming Shu was punished during the handsome teacher’s first lesson. All the students were really happy at her misfortune.

Bei Tang took over Teacher Qi’s math cla.s.s. Last time during math cla.s.s, the students were all dying but now, they were so attentive.

Under the intense gazes of the students, Bei Tang went through his lessons at a steady pace. He only talked about the main points. After finishing one point, he would continue to the next one without bothering about whether the students understood him or not.

Ming Shu lay on the table and stared at Bei Tang. What is this man’s relationship with the Host?

Ming Shu took out her phone. It was really clean and seemed to be newly bought. There was nothing on it. She felt Bei Tang’s eyes looking at her casually…


Bei Tang closed the teaching materials. “End of cla.s.s.”

Bei Tang left the cla.s.sroom. The moment he left, the quiet cla.s.sroom turned noisy. All the students, guys and girls, started talking about their new teacher in excitement.

“I can already see my math results getting better and better. Hahaha, for the sake of our teacher, I will study hard!”

“Teacher Bei Tang looked really young. Did he just graduate?”

“So handsome. I didn’t even dare to take a photo secretly just now. Did anyone take a photo?”


“I didn’t, either.”

“Teacher Bei Tang’s aura is too oppressive. When he stood there, I didn’t even dare to talk.”

Ming Shu could not be bothered by these idiots. She took her letters and left the cla.s.sroom after the lesson ended.

Everyone was still talking about the new teacher so they placed less attention on Ming Shu. However, they heard that Ming Shu pasted things on the notice-board soon after.

Ming Shu moved a chair over and stood on it. She sucked her lollipop and pasted the letters one by one on the notice-board.

The content of the letters was all about the same. They all wanted to challenge her. However, below the challenges, there were interesting replies.

— I won’t go.

— Not creative at all. Not going.

— Did you hire a dog to help you write this? Not going.

— Is your language teacher still okay? What kind of challenge letter is this? Not going.

She wrote “not going” on all the letters. Some of them had the reason written on them while others didn’t.

It seemed that she wrote very seriously.

Ming Shu pasted the last letter and jumped down from the chair. She clapped her hands and looked at the students crowding around her. “Come and take yourselves.”

Everyone: “…”

“What are you all doing over there!”

A loud and angry shout came from behind them. The students woke up from their stupor and ran away in a hurry.

Ming Shu stood in the office. Her gaze landed on one of the teacher’s desks casually. There was a pile of snacks on the desk.

Bei Tang sat in front of his desk and read a book. His sitting posture was really elegant and a lot of young female teachers sneaked a peek at him.

Ming Shu was only less than two meters away from him, but they ignored each other’s presence.


The lesson bell rang. The teachers in the office packed their things and headed for cla.s.s.

“Which cla.s.s are you going to now?”

“Cla.s.s nine.”

“I heard that Yu Yuan from this cla.s.s got an award again. So impressive…”

The office quickly turned silent. Ming Shu waited for everyone to leave before pulling the chair opposite Bei Tang out and sitting on it. Standing makes me hungry.

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She took out two bags of snacks from her pocket and said first, “Teacher, they provoked me first.”

After a while, he said, “You will be marked with a serious offense and the school will review it during our weekly meeting.”

“Oh, do what you want.” Ming Shu got up and tidied her clothes. She smiled. “Goodbye, teacher.”

Just as Ming Shu was preparing to leave, the door of the office was pushed open and the dean walked in from outside. He saw Ming Shu and shouted angrily at her as he pointed with his finger. “Nan Zhi, who asked you to paste those things on the notice-board?”

Ming Shu pointed at Bei Tang. “He is my homeroom teacher, he taught me.”

The dean: “…”

Bei Tang: “…”

The dean choked for a moment but regained his composure quickly. He slammed the table. “Have you not created enough trouble in the school already? Did you come here to learn or did you come here to fight. You even provoked so many students today! I think that you don’t want to study here anymore!”

“Dean, you need to be more reasonable. Those challenge letters were written by them. I replied to them seriously out of politeness. Is there anything wrong with that? They didn’t write their names down on the letters so how do I know who they belong to? That is why I could only paste them on the notice-board and let them take them back themselves.”


“Don’t worry, dean. I said that I will not accept their challenge on all the letters. I will eat well…” Ming Shu changed her words. “Study well and make progress every day.”


“If you want to talk about this matter, you have to look for them. They were the ones who wanted to challenge me. What can I do? Is it my fault that I am pretty and strong?”


“Jealousy turns people ugly. Dean, you must make sure that they study well. My beauty and talent are not things they can be jealous of. Dean, I will go and eat… study now. Goodbye.”

The dean watched on as Ming Shu walked away.

He only regained his sense when she disappeared. He slammed the table.

“Students nowadays are getting really bold! Do they have any respect for their teachers?”

The dean was so angry he panted heavily. He pointed at Bei Tang. “Teacher Bei Tang, you just took over this cla.s.s so this thing has nothing to do with you. However, I hope that you will settle this matter. I’m so angry. Why did we take in such a student? She fought on the first day of school… no way, I need to discuss this with the I can’t let her ruin Qingyun’s reputation.”

Bei Tang looked at the dean indifferently.

The dean felt cold suddenly as he was talking. He rubbed his elbow and looked around the office. “Teacher Bei Tang, you carry on. I will take my leave first.”

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