Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 687 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (5)

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Chapter 687: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (5)

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Ming Shu was chased out by the boss. He said that he needed to rest and was not going to operate anymore.

After that, he really closed the supermarket and left in his cute little QQ car. He drove past the row of expensive cars.

Ming Shu: “…” This boss is really weird!

Ming Shu didn’t go to meet Pei Jin. From then onwards, she realized that the people targeting her grew more numerous.

However, this didn’t affect Ming Shu much.

If her cla.s.smates were not friendly, she could just beat them.

If they were still not friendly? Beat them to death!

Pei Jin seemed to know that Ming Shu would not care about him so after he noticed that she didn’t say anything, he stopped targeting her.

That day, Ming Shu didn’t go to cla.s.s for the entire afternoon. No teachers came to look for her. She must have escaped many times.

The bell signaling the end of the school rang. Ming Shu slowly walked out of the school.

“Nan Zhi.”

A guy stopped her.

The guy was bright and handsome. He hooked his hand into his uniform coat and placed it on his shoulder.

Ming Shu hugged two packs of potato chips and raised her eyebrows at the guy who was walking toward her. She pulled the corners of her mouth up. Her entire body was filled with a young and vibrant aura.

“Are you free?” The guy walked nearer. “You rejected me last time. Are you going to reject me again?”

What do you want? Are you trying to s.n.a.t.c.h my snacks?

Ming Shu hugged her snacks tightly. “I’m not free.”

This is the person.

He Ye, An Keke’s dormmate, the only one that didn’t have an indescribable relationship with An Keke.

An Keke forced the Host to become the villain because he had some interest in the Host.

“Sigh.” He Ye reached out and blocked Ming Shu. “Can I eat with you? Why don’t I bring you out to play?”

Ming Shu smiled. He Ye was enchanted by the smile. He felt that Nan Zhi was really powerful and had a vibrant personality. She was more interesting than the other girls.

“Guard, someone is disturbing me!”

He Ye: “…”

The bodyguard patrolling the school heard Ming Shu’s shout and immediately scolded, “What are you doing? Hurry up and go home. Don’t stay in school.”

The guard saw that He Ye was still blocking Ming Shu’s way so he walked over.

He Ye had no choice but to walk over. He placed two of his fingers on his temple and then raised it up. “Nan Zhi, see you next time.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Most male protagonists are crazy.

Scare me to death, why don’t you!

Ming Shu quickly left the school. She didn’t see a person standing in the building nearby and looking at her obscurely.

An Keke didn’t know what He Ye and Ming Shu were talking about, but this was not the first time she saw He Ye looking for Ming Shu on his own.


An Keke looked at her cellphone screen and hesitated a while before picking it up. “h.e.l.lo?”

“Where are you?”

“In the teaching building…”

“Come back to the dormitory.”

“I am busy…”

“Hurry up.”

The other party didn’t give An Keke any chance to reject him and hung up directly.

An Keke grabbed her school bag and walked toward the dormitory.

However, she didn’t know that there was a person standing on the floor above her crossing his arms on the balcony. There was a sketchbook beside him with a sketch on it.

It was a sketch of Ming Shu holding her snacks and standing in the sports field.

Under the sunset, an orange light shone on the guy’s side profile. He had a natural aura of elegance about him. It made people keep their distance.

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“Mister Bei, the formalities for the job are settled.” A man in a suit appeared suddenly and bowed as he spoke.

Teacher Qi coughed and said, “Because of personal reasons, I will need to leave for some time. In this period of time, Teacher Bei Tang will be your homeroom teacher.”

The moment Teacher Qi finished speaking, excited screams and the sound of tables being slapped filled the cla.s.sroom.


“Is this real?”

“OMG, I am dying of happiness.”

“I could admire the teacher’s face for one whole year.”

Teacher Qi signaled for everyone to remain silent. He said a few more words and then pa.s.sed the cla.s.s to Bei Tang. He shook his head and left the cla.s.sroom.

The students realized that Bei Tang was holding the lesson plan in his hands. Is he going to start the lesson right away?

Everyone was really excited. Bei Tang stood on the podium and looked at them indifferently. His aura might have affected the students, but everyone turned quiet.

Bei Tang put down his lesson plan and turned to write his name on the blackboard.

“Bei Tang.” Bei Tang put down the chalk. “When I am teaching cla.s.s, please remain quiet.”

The cla.s.sroom was really silent. No one dared to break this silence. Bei Tang scanned everyone before focusing his gaze on the last desk.

The girl in the corner seemed to not have noticed the change in the cla.s.sroom. She was still tearing open her things. There were many envelopes and papers on her table.

Bei Tang raised his leg and walked down. Everyone suddenly held their breaths. When Bei Tang walked past them, some girls were so excited they were dying to scream at the sky.

A sense of oppression suddenly appeared beside Ming Shu. She looked up from her pile of envelopes and met Bei Tang’s black eyes.

The feeling is back again.

Ming Shu took two deep breaths before she managed to suppress the discomfort in this body. She gave a standard smile.

Bei Tang lowered his gaze and looked at the pink envelope at the edge of the table. Waves appeared in his eyes. “Please repeat what I said just now.”

“When I am teaching cla.s.s, please remain quiet.’” Ming Shu smiled.

Bei Tang reached out and took the letter at the top. After a while, he put it down and returned to the podium. “Let me add on. When I am having my cla.s.s, I do not allow you all to do anything unrelated to the lesson.”

Ming Shu glanced at that letter. Crazy!

“This student, please copy all the letters on your table thrice for me. It is lesson time now.”

Ming Shu: ???

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