Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 686 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (4)

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Chapter 686: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (4)

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Pei Jin wanted to meet Ming Shu during lunchtime, but Ming Shu didn’t have time to bother with him. She went to the canteen to have her lunch and then changed her location to the supermarket.

Ming Shu had a deep impression of this supermarket.

It had a very interesting name.

Demon Immortal Supermarket.

Is this a name someone with a right mind would think of?

Have you watched too many demon and immortal cartoons!

When Ming Shu went in, many students were inside buying some snacks. The boss stood behind the gla.s.s cabinet and played with his phone. A student was helping him collect the money.

There was a broad and empty area outside the supermarket where students could sit down and eat their food.

“Nan Zhi…”

“She actually buys snacks…”

“F**k, I must be blind. I actually saw Nan Zhi buying snacks at the supermarket.”

“Shouldn’t someone like her buy a pack of cigarettes?”

“There are no cigarettes here…”

Ming Shu carried her snacks to the counter. The students glanced at her and seemed to recognize her as one of the most famous students in the school. The student started to shiver.

“253 in total.”

Ming Shu took out her phone and paid.

“Are you not buying a pack of cigarettes?” The boss shifted his gaze away from the phone suddenly and looked at Ming Shu.

“Boss, are you trying to persuade a student to buy a pack of cigarettes? Do you not want to work here anymore?” Ming Shu lifted her bag and walked two steps to the side so that the person behind her could pay.

The boss moved with her. The gla.s.s cabinet separated the two of them. “Even if you smoke, the teachers can’t do anything to you. Are you really not getting a pack? I don’t sell it to other students.”

The boss made it sound as though selling her cigarettes was an honor to her.

So I should thank you?!

This boss is really interesting too.

The Host doesn’t smoke… at least not normally.

When she was in a really bad mood, she would smoke.

The boss threw his phone below the table and asked Ming Shu, “Have you recovered? I thought that you were going to die that day.”

“I will have to disappoint you, then. I’m not dead.” Ming Shu pulled a chair over from the side and started opening her snacks.

The boss choked for a moment. “Teacher Qi went to find you after you left. Did he bring you to the medical office?”

The doctor said that Teacher Qi sent her over, but…

The person that she saw at the sports field was definitely not Teacher Qi.

Ming Shu sat at the supermarket and ate her food. Many people started crowding around her. The boss seemed to be in quite a good mood today and kept talking to Ming Shu.

“Boss, delivery.”

The boss ended the conversation and went to check the delivery.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it’s time for cla.s.s.” The boss slammed the cabinet. “Didn’t you hear the bell ringing?”

“Not going.” Ming Shu bit her candy. “There is nothing interesting.”

“What is interesting? Fighting?” The boss snickered. “If young people like you don’t study properly now, you will regret it in the future.”

“So you didn’t study properly in the past and that’s why you can only run a supermarket now?”

The boss felt an arrow striking his heart again.

“…” Get out of my Demon Immortal Supermarket!

Ming Shu skipped cla.s.s and muddled along in the supermarket. The boss scolded her angrily for a while and then ignored her after that. He went to do his own things.


The automatic voice of the supermarket sounded.

The boss didn’t raise his head but Ming Shu knew that there was a monitor below him and he could see everything.

“Boss, do you have sketchbooks?”

The body that Ming Shu was in shivered when she heard this voice. She quickly took two bites of her biscuit.

“It’s over there. Look for it yourself.” The boss pointed in a direction. He still didn’t look up and seemed really irritated. MIng Shu wondered how he managed to stay in this school and didn’t get beaten to death by the students.

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Is it because he looks handsome?

Ming Shu: “…” Why does she feel that the Harmony System seemed really excited just now?

That robotic voice shouldn’t have any emotions, right?

It must be her imagination!

Harmony System, you have changed!

That guy just now…

“Boss, do you recognize the person just now?”

“Nope.” The boss let out a deep breath and muttered, “Weird…”

Ming Shu felt that there was a need for her to properly organize the Host’s memory.

The memories of the Host before she came back from overseas…

Ming Shu thought about it carefully for a while, but she realized that those memories were really vague. The Host was in a hospital before she came back. When she woke up, something was wrong with her memory. However, her desire to come back was strong.

She chose to come back the moment she came out from the hospital. After pa.s.sing by a few cities, she chose to stay here.

Ming Shu carefully recalled and confirmed that there was no useful information. She had no choice but to give up.

Just take on whatever that comes my way when it comes!

I have snacks!

Ming Shu knocked on the gla.s.s in front of the boss. “Boss, do you know what the biggest secret of the school is?”

[…] Guest, this is not how you complete the mission!

The boss said immediately, “The dean accepting bribes?”

Ming Shu: “…”

The boss said again, “The illegitimate daughter of the”

Ming Shu “You seem to know quite a lot of things.”

“What do you want to know?” The boss took out a cigarette from somewhere and lit it after a few tries. “Can you be more detailed?”

If I knew the details, why would I ask you?

“What don’t you tell me everything that you know?” Ming Shu suggested.

The boss rolled his eyes and lowered his head to continue playing his game. “The door is over there. I will not send you out.”

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