Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 684 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (2)

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Chapter 684: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (2)

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An Keke was currently being embraced by a guy. The clothes on her were in disarray.

She frowned. The footsteps outside started to fade away. “Pei Jin, did that voice belong to Nan Zhi?”

The guy frowned. He pushed An Keke away and cleaned up the mess on his body.

The voice just now scared him and made him soft. There was no reaction at all anymore.

Luckily, An Keke’s attention was not on that.

He looked at An Keke and said sarcastically, “Are you scared?”

“Will she…”

“Hoh.” The man sneered and grabbed An Keke’s chin. “Someone saw you with Yu Yuan last time too. Why weren’t you scared then?”

“Pei Jin, that is Nan Zhi.” That transfer student was not afraid of anything.

The guy smiled coldly and slid his arm around An Keke’s body. “Don’t worry, I still want to play. I will not let her say anything.”

Ming Shu swayed and walked down the laboratory building. She found her direction and walked to the supermarket in the school.

So hungry!

So hungry!


“Boss!” Ming Shu finally managed to walk to the supermarket. She slapped her hand on the gla.s.s cabinet. The boss dozing off behind the gla.s.s got a shock. He knocked his head on the table.

“What are you doing? Who are you trying to scare to death?” The boss raised his head unhappily. “What do you want?”

“Food.” Ming Shu leaned against the gla.s.s cabinet weakly. “Anything is okay.”

The boss looked at Ming Shu curiously. “Where is the money?”


She only found a card on the Host. There was no cash.

“Can I use a card?”

“You can use WeChat or Alipay.” The boss said, “Hey, are you all right?”

“I am starving to death!” Ming Shu said. “Can you give me something to fill my stomach first? I am from this school. I can’t run away.”

The boss saw that there was really something wrong with Ming Shu and pa.s.sed her an exquisite-looking bread from the back.

The bread was tasty but it was too small. When Ming Shu finished it, she felt as though she didn’t eat anything at all. “Give me a few more.”

“Do you have money?” Why does she look like she is trying to dine and dash?

“If I can come to Qingyun, will I not have the money to pay you?”

The school fee for Qingyun was counted in ten thousands. People who came to Qingyun either had really good results, or they had a lot of money.

No matter what kind of students they were, they would not lack money.

Those students with really good results would get a student grant every term. The grant was enough to cover their expenses in Qingyun.

The boss took out a few more bread from behind him and said, “You are so hungry. How will I know whether you have the money or not?”

Ming Shu didn’t answer him and focused on eating her bread.

The boss looked really fierce, but he was actually quite a nice person. He pa.s.sed a gla.s.s of milk to Ming Shu and even brought out a chair for her.

Ming Shu felt that she was alive again. She let out a long gasp of air. However, her headache was still there and this body of hers was still having a fever.

“Do you have a charger? My handphone ran out of battery.”

“Why are you so troublesome!” The boss was really irritated. He found a charger from beneath the table and threw it at her.

Ming Shu charged her phone on it. She didn’t find WeChat in her apps. There were no social media apps on the phone at all. Luckily, Alipay was there.

Ming Shu paid the boss. After deducting her money, a message was sent to remind her of her balance. Ming Shu got a shock.

“Hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million… ten million…”

Did the Host rob a bank and come back to take refuge?

Ming Shu took out the card that she found and looked at it carefully… It was a black card!

If you suddenly found 10 million one day, what would be your first thought?

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Ming Shu smiled mysteriously. My mother won’t have to worry that I have no snacks to eat anymore!

“Why are you lying here then? Why don’t you go to the medical office?”

Ming Shu was really dizzy. She murmured, “The medical office is too far away. I don’t have the energy. I will just bathe in the sunlight. I will feel better after this.”

Feel better after bathing in the sunlight?

Can the sunlight cure sickness?

The person was obviously stunned by Ming Shu’s logic.

After a while, Ming Shu’s body was lifted up.

She detected a faint scent. It was really cool and refreshing.

Her view blurred even more. She could only see a shining earring.

So being sick can really make you weak…

I will not get sick ever again!

I don’t even have the energy to pamper my snacks!

When Ming Shu woke up, she was getting an IV drip in the medical office. A doctor wearing a doctor’s coat sat beside her, deeply engrossed in a novel.

Ming Shu sat up. The doctor turned at looked at her. He put down his book. “You are awake? Do you know how high your fever was?”


The doctor: “…” If it was 50, you would be cooked by now.

The doctor examined the IV drip with a serious face. “Where is your family? You need to go home and rest.”

“Dead?” Ming Shu was not sure, either. After all, the Host came back alone and stayed alone too. There were no contacts in her phone. She only had a huge amount of money.

As for the ident.i.ty of the Host, Ming Shu never went to understand it.

However, based on the Host’s character, they must be dead. Even if they were not dead, they probably didn’t treat the Host well. It was the same as them being dead.

“Hey, how can you say this!” The doctor must have thought that her parents were both dead. He coughed. “Rest here for now then. If you feel unwell, tell me.”

“Who was the person that sent me here?”

The doctor said, “Teacher Qi.”

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