Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 683 - The Teacher Will Not Get Married (1)

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Chapter 683: The Teacher Will Not Get Married (1)

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#School Headlines: Nan Zhi is Disrespectful Whenever She Feels Like It#

“There is an exam tomorrow again. So irritating. Small exams every three days and big exams every five days.”

“If I knew that Qingyun would be so tiring, I will not have come here.”

“Stop talking nonsense. With your results, what do you have to worry about?”

Whispers came from outside the cubicle. There was the sound of water splashing and the unique smell of a toilet lingering in Ming Shu’s nose.

Ming Shu was sitting on a toilet bowl. Her body was wet and her school uniform stuck to her skin. It was so cold that she kept shivering. Her mind was heavy too and she couldn’t open her eyes properly.

What’s the situation?

“Sigh, luckily, there are still handsome guys to see. My heart gets some consolation because of them. If not, there’d be nothing to look forward to in Qingyun.”

“You are a hopeless romantic…”

“Are you not? Don’t you look at Pei Jin’s photo all day too? That face, aiyo, I don’t know how to describe it using words.”

“Go to h.e.l.l.”

The girls’ voices started fading away.

Ming Shu reached out and made to open the door of the cubicle. However, she realized that it couldn’t be opened. This kind of door could only be locked from the inside so what was the meaning of this?

The bathroom was really quiet. Ming Shu started downloading the storyline.

The fake female protagonist was called An Keke.

An Keke transferred to Qingyun High. Because she dressed like a guy, the teacher thought that she was a guy and put her in the male dormitory.

The male dormitory was filled with all the famous people of Qingyun High. However, they didn’t like each other and battles would always occur in the dormitory.

When An Keke went in, she became an ant trying to survive between the cracks and always got implicated.

However, these few famous people felt that An Keke was really easy to bully and found out about her real ident.i.ty after a while.

An Keke built a revolutionary relationship with these famous people.

In other words, this was an… indescribable story.

The Host was called Nan Zhi. She transferred into the school together with An Keke. She just came back from overseas and had a bad temper. She was filled with thorns and would pierce anyone she saw. On the first day of school, she provoked the female boss of the school.

The Host had a fight with the female boss. During the fight, An Keke popped out from somewhere and the female boss hurt An Keke accidentally.

An Keke’s roommates were unhappy and wanted her to apologize.

For someone who dared to fight with the female boss on the first day of school, would she care about these famous people?

Hence, a week after transferring over, she not only provoked the female boss, she even provoked the big brothers.

You could imagine how bad her school life was.

However, the Host was not afraid of hardships. She continued to do what she wanted and ignored everyone else. She continued to think that she was the best.

This caused one of An Keke’s roommates to take notice of her and he would always look for the Host behind An Keke’s back. The Host continued to ignore him.

But, when An Keke found out about it, she actually thought that the Host was seducing her man. She complained about her in front of her other roommates and asked them to punish the Host.

The life of the Host got even worse. As the roommate got more interested in her, An Keke started to take more cheap shots at her. At the start, it could still be taken as a joke, but toward the end, she wanted to torture the Host to death.

The Host had a character problem to begin with so after she was targeted, her Pandora’s Box opened.

In the end, the Host became the ultimate boss of the story.

Of course, in the end, An Keke won and the Host died in a car accident.

An Keke was not only like this to the Host, but she also treated all the girls who dared to come close to her men the same way. At the start, she just wanted to make them beat a retreat in the face of difficulties. If that did not work, she would force them using all kinds of methods.

The Host was just better than the rest of the girls and managed to survive till the end. The other girls just died halfway.

So, it was a fake female protagonist who turned bad.

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Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu tried kicking the door. This body was feverish so she had no energy at all. Nothing happened after she kicked the door.


Am I stupid?

The fever must have burned up my intelligence!

Ming Shu took out Little Beastie. She changed into a set of dry clothes and then searched through Little Beastie’s storage s.p.a.ce to find some equipment to open the door.

Just as Ming Shu took out an electric saw and went to saw open the door, a voice suddenly came from outside.

“There won’t be anyone here, right?” a girl said shyly.

“They are all having lessons, who will come here… come in.” The man was a little impatient.

The door beside her was closed. Then, Ming Shu heard all kinds of sounds. Clothes rubbing against each other, groaning sounds, panting sounds, and all other kinds of indescribable noises.

“Pei… Pei Jin… you… do it slowly…” The girl’s voice was really pitiful.

A violent thud replied to her. Ming Shu squatted on her toilet bowl and listened to the symphony. Her expression kept changing.

This kind of story was indeed different. This was just the start and it was already so exciting.

She glanced at the electric saw in her hand. Should I saw it or not? If he goes soft from fright, will he look for me for compensation?

Ming Shu felt that she was getting more uncomfortable. No, I need to leave this place.

She jumped down from the toilet bowl and pulled up her electric saw.


The sound of the electric saw covered the sounds coming from beside her.

The door was not really st.u.r.dy so she managed to saw it open easily.

She turned off the electric saw and walked out. The door beside her was still closed but no sounds were coming from it now.

Ming Shu knocked on the door. “An Keke, be careful of your kidney.”

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