Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 680 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (27)

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Chapter 680: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (27)

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Ming Shu’s wedding was the grandest wedding the people in town ever saw.

They saw a lot of things they hadn’t seen before.

The hype about the wedding lasted a really long time. During this period of time, Ming Shu would be surrounded no matter which restaurant she went to.

It was an Infanta!

Although this Infanta liked to bully people…

Qin Ling’s restaurant opened after a while. Liu Xinyue didn’t expect Qin Ling to open a restaurant. She had prepared a rogue shop but realized that Qin Ling didn’t open one.

It made Liu Xinyue really angry.

Can you imagine trying your best to win against your opponent with your height but in the end, the other party chose to compete with their beauty?

Liu Xinyue went to the restaurant. The restaurant was already filled with people. It was really lively.

The restaurant operated based on Ming Shu’s idea. Every dish was prepared in limited quant.i.ty on a first come, first served basis. However, the price was slightly high.

At the start, people with more money came in due to curiosity. However, they were won over quickly by Qin Ling’s cooking skills.

You couldn’t eat all of the dishes if you only went once. All the dishes could only be ordered once. This tempted the appet.i.tes of the customers and they couldn’t forget the taste of the food.

Although the rules were a bit strange, it was really delicious. The reputation of the restaurant went up and its business got better day by day.

Qin Ling was really tired, but since she could earn money and let Mother Qin and Father Qin led a better life, she gritted her teeth and persevered.

On the other hand, Ming Shu was more relaxed. But soon, she couldn’t relax anymore.

“Lady, something happened at the restaurant.” Ah Lu interrupted Ming Shu’s quality time with her snacks.

The latter looked up unwillingly. “What? Someone died?”

What is with her “if no one died, don’t bother me” tone?

Ah Lu choked before continuing. “Someone got rashes after eating the food from the restaurant and they are complaining that the food is not clean.”

There were many people gathered around the restaurant. They were pointing at it constantly. In the restaurant, Qin Ling was trying to explain to the person who came to find trouble with her.

However, the other party had a loud voice. He totally suppressed Qin Ling’s voice.

“Call the officer. I must call the officer. Who dares to come to a black shop like yours? Look at my husband. Look at how he is now.”

“You evil merchant. Has your conscience been eaten by dogs…”

“I must call the officers and get them to close down your restaurant. Don’t try to harm any other people!”

The other party said their speech excitedly. Every time Qin Ling wanted to speak, she would be interrupted by them. They had gained the upper hand.

“Take her to see Mister Zhou!”

The other party made to grab Qin Ling and drag her away.

Just as they grabbed Qin Ling, a hand appeared and twisted the hand that was on Qin Ling. A scream rang through the restaurant.

The person was lifted up like a bag and slammed down.


“Why are you bullying a lady?”

The man’s cold voice sounded.

Everyone looked over. A man in black held Qin Ling and looked at the people that were creating trouble with cold eyes.

By the time Ming Shu arrived, everything had ended. Those people were thrown out by the man and the restaurant was heavily damaged. The attendants cleared up the mess with depressed expressions.

Qin Ling sat on a stool. The man stood beside her and accompanied her.

Ming Shu sized up the man. The man looked at Ming Shu too. After that, his gaze landed on Cheng Gui and his eyes froze. The atmosphere became tense.

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Cheng Gui only came with Ming Shu. He was not interested in the man at all. He depicted how rich and useless he was and looked away after glancing arrogantly at the man.Read more chapter on our

It’s over?

Not going to solve it?

Cheng Gui looked at him happily. Are you stunned? Hahaha. Finally, I am not the only one that has to endure this torture.

“Ah Lu!” Cheng Gui shouted. “Go and find out who did this.”

“Yes, Lord.” Ah Lu went off with some other people. The restaurant suddenly became quiet.

The man hesitated before finally opening his mouth. “I have heard much about you.”

“You must have heard a lot of bad things, right?” The reputation of his Host was not especially good.

The man: “…” How should he continue this conversation?

Cheng Gui sat comfortably. “Say, if I capture you, what will the emperor reward me with?”

The man glanced at the door and seemed certain. “If Lord Cheng wanted to capture me, you would not send those people away.”

Cheng Gui pulled up the corners of his mouth. “I don’t need them to capture you.”

The two of them didn’t seem to be arguing but in reality, they were both on their guard, keeping the other party from taking any actions first.

“What do you want?” If he really wanted to catch him, why would he be talking to him?

Cheng Gui, rich and useless: “This is my territory. I hope that you will not come here anymore.”

“This…” How did this place become your territory?

“The emperor just gave this piece of land to Infanta Minghui.” Cheng Gui was not polite at all. “I am her husband so this is my territory too. I don’t care what grudges you have with the emperor. I just hope that you will not implicate her.”

The man’s voice was indifferent. “I am just pa.s.sing by. I will leave soon.”

“That would be best. I don’t want anyone to tattletale and say that the leader of the rebel army is here.” Cheng Gui smiled playfully. “Please leave now.”

The man was still worried about Qin Ling, but Cheng Gui asked him to leave really firmly. His tone was casual, but his words were hard. He thought about his ident.i.ty and knew that he should not interact too much with Qin Ling.

The man cupped his hands. “I will take my leave.”

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