Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 678 - : Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (25)

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Chapter 678

: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (25)

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“There is no justice! My poor daughter, wuwuwu… come and look at this, everyone…”

Cries and shouts woke Ming Shu up. It was as though there was a funeral ongoing.

She got up and walked out, taking a mantou along the way from the breakfast that Ah Xi sent her. She walked out of her residence slowly.

Cheng Gui was standing on the steps. His imperial bodyguards stood in front of him in a row and blocked the door.

Outside the door, Li Shen’s mother was shouting along with Li Hua.

There were already civilians gathering around them. They pointed at Li Shen’s mother and Li Hua.

Li Hua lay on a stretcher with a pale face. Her shoulder was fixed with a bandage. It seemed to be broken.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrow and walked out of the door. She stood beside Cheng Gui.

Cheng Gui saw her coming out. “Did it wake you up?”

Ming Shu bit her mantou and murmured, “What are you doing bright and early in the morning?”

“Mother, it’s her, it’s her…” Li Hua’s voice was shrill. “She broke my arm. Mother, I am in pain.”

“Don’t think that I will be afraid of you just because you are an Infanta. You hurt my daughter. You have to give me an explanation now. If not, I will not let you go.”

Cheng Gui was slightly surprised. He thought that these two people were here to create a fuss. Why was she brought into this matter too?

After a while, he felt elated.

She would not target anyone without a reason. She must have done this for him.

You still say that you don’t like me? You don’t mean what you say!

The latter bit her mantou slowly and said after a while, “How will you not let me go? Are you going to complain before the emperor?”

Li Shen’s mother sat on the floor and shouted, “Aiyo, please come and take a look. She hurt my daughter’s hand and still bullies us with her power. How can I live like this!”

The discussion among the civilians got louder.

“What is happening?”

“She seemed to have broken the lady’s arm…”

“Sigh, she is an Infanta now.”

“So what, everyone is equal in front of the law. Can she beat someone just because she is an Infanta?”

“She was the Second Young Lady of the Liu family before. How did she become an Infanta…”


Li Shen’s mother screamed louder as the commotion grew bigger. “The Infanta has killed a person. Come and take a look…”

Ming Shu continued smiling as she faced Li Shen’s mother’s screams. “So what if you complain to the emperor. I didn’t kill her. Can the emperor kill me?”

Li Shen’s mother shouted, “Look at what she is saying! She just bullies civilians like us. Is there still any law in this world!!”

Ming Shu walked down the steps. The imperial bodyguards cleared a path for her. She bent down and looked straight into Li Shen’s mother’s eyes.

The lady smiled brightly like a flower. Her eyes were gentle.

The lights around her turned gentle too and encased her body.

“Who asked her to touch someone she shouldn’t touch.” Ming Shu lowered her voice. She maintained her smile. “She deserved it.”

Touch someone she shouldn’t…

Li Shen’s mother looked at the handsome man on the stairs instinctively.

“You evil woman!” Li Shen’s mother reached out her hand and made to hit Ming Shu. “How can you be so evil? What will happen to my daughter in the future!”

No matter what the reason was, her daughter couldn’t be harmed just like this.

Ming Shu retreated behind the imperial bodyguards easily.Read more chapter on

Li Hua’s arms were both broken. However, Ming Shu remembered that she didn’t cause such a serious injury to her. So the situation now…

She saw Liu Xinyue from the corner of her eyes. She was standing among the crowd.

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Liu Xinyue’s body moved and she disappeared among the people.


“I have a relative that worked at the Liu residence. He heard it personally. Also, they are so close. If they are not engaged, could they do this?”

“Why didn’t she go back to the Capital then? She finally managed to get a good life but still chose to stay here…”

Who knows?

At that time, they thought this lost Infanta would return back to the Capital to enjoy her life. However, as time went by, she showed no sign of leaving.

The atmosphere was a bit weird. No one dared to talk.

“Why don’t you say that you want her to be the empress?” Ming Shu broke the weird atmosphere. She suddenly changed her speech. “Lord Cheng, do you want to marry her?”

“Qingqing, we will be executed if we resist the imperial decree,” Cheng Gui said. “I will not marry any person besides you.”

F**k this unexpected trouble.

“Mister Zhou, take them away.” Cheng Gui didn’t want to see these two people so he gave an order to Mister Zhou. “I will let you settle this matter. If you don’t manage to settle it, don’t come and look for me.”

Mister Zhou was covered with cold sweat. “Yes, yes, I will definitely resolve this issue.”

“Don’t be angry, let’s go in.” Cheng Gui grabbed Ming Shu’s shoulder and brought her into the residence.

“What are you all doing. Someone is being murdered… let me go, let me go, you all can’t do this. You all must be responsible. My poor daughter…”

The voice behind them faded away.

In the end, they couldn’t hear the voice anymore.

“Qingqing, why did you hurt her?” Cheng Gui suddenly opened his mouth.

“I don’t like her.”

“Is it because she touched me?” Cheng Gui asked. “You care about me, right?”

Ming Shu shook her head. “No such thing.”

“Actually, she didn’t touch me. She just brushed against me. Don’t be angry.” Cheng Gui seemed to have not heard what Ming Shu said. “I will protect myself next time and will not let other people touch me.”

Ming Shu: “…” Who is angry? What scenes are you adding in your head?!

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