Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 676 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (23)

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Chapter 676: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (23)

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“So I’m not going to have a good time even back to the capital,” Ming Shu summarized.

The court situation changed rapidly, but this time she had chosen the easy countryside route, relaxed and happy. Why would she make things difficult for herself and turn to a serious and tricky route?

I’m not a fool. I don’t have to change from simple mode to difficult mode.

Ming Shu suddenly approached Cheng Gui with a beaming smile. “If you want to marry me, there’s only one choice for you: stay.”

Life in the capital city was rich, powerful, and prosperous.

But here was only peace and tranquility.

Anyone would choose to go.

“If I stay, will you marry me?” Cheng Gui didn’t hesitate, though.

High position and great wealth were just pa.s.sing clouds. Only the person in front of him was what he wanted.


“Okay.” Cheng Gui called Ah Lu over in front of Ming Shu. “Ah Lu, go back to the capital and tell them to send the betrothal presents here.”

As for how to tell the Cheng family, Cheng Gui didn’t speak before Ming Shu.

“You’re the only son of the Cheng family, how will they agree?”

“The wife is more important,” Cheng Gui answered.

Ming Shu chutted. “If I had a son like you, I’d definitely kill you.”

Cheng Gui slightly raised the tips of his brows. “Thankfully, I’m your husband.”

“We’re not married yet, Lord Cheng, pay attention to your language.”

“It’ll be true sooner or later.” Cheng Gui chuckled. “Besides, in the Liu residence before, a lot of people knew you spent the night with me.”

Ming Shu answered calmly, “Now I am the Infanta, so what’s wrong with my keeping a boy toy?”

“Right right right, Lord Infanta, it’s normal for you to have a boy toy,” Cheng Gui echoed. He bent over to stare at Ming Shu, coldness leaking from his eyes. “But if you dare have other people, Lord Infanta, don’t blame me.”


Cheng Gui: “…” Why do you laugh! What is so funny! I’m serious! My knife is ready here!

“Where are you going? I must tell you, you shouldn’t go to the Qin family too often if you don’t have anything to do, what’s so good about the Qin family…”

Cheng Gui chased Ming Shu out.

Ming Shu didn’t live in the Liu residence now, but in the town. So when she arrived at the Qin family house, it was already past lunch time.

Several servants squatted at the door and were spiritless like eggplants covered in frost.

“What are you sitting here?” Ming Shu looked at them from above.

An older girl among them looked up and her eyes lit up. “Big sister, you’re here.”

“Where’s your sister?”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t been back for three days. Father and Mother have gone out to search, and they told us not to leave the house.”

“…” The female cook is gone!

What should I eat then?!

“Have you had your lunch?”

The several radishes shook their heads simultaneously, looking at Ming Shu with pitiful eyes.

Ming Shu echoed, “Me neither.”

I’m specially here for food.

Little radishes: “…”

Ming Shu and them looked at each other for a while.

Finally, she took the several little radishes in. Ah Lu had gone back to the capital, but Ah Xi stayed, so she could cook for them.

Cheng Gui stood in the courtyard and wasn’t willing to take a seat. After all, everything in the Qin family looked so unmatched to such a foppish young lord like him.

Later the guards moved a chair over for him, and he sat down finally.

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After finishing the meal, Father and Mother Qin came back in time. Seeing so many people in the courtyard, they thought something bad happened.

“Just asking.”

Liu Xinyue moved aside and went into the shop behind her.

Qin Ling felt a little strange. This Liu Xinyue… has become more and more odd recently.

“Qin Ling.”

Qin Ling looked up at the building nearby. She patted her face and then walked over there.


“You’re absentminded recently, what, are you missing someone? Who is he?” Ming Shu poured a cup of tea for her.

Qin Ling almost spat out the water in her mouth. Her face blushed.

“Qingqing, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“I’m talking nonsense? Why did you react so fiercely?”

“There’s no such thing.” Qin Ling lowered her head and changed the topic. “How have you been with Lord Cheng?”

“How else, the imperial decree has been announced,” Ming Shu answered casually. But if you listened carefully, you could hear the happiness in her smiling voice.

“Lord Cheng treats you very well, and before he asked me about you…” Probably Qin Ling felt she shouldn’t say something like this, so she added immediately, “He is different from those foppish lords. You’re very well-matched, Qingqing.”

“What did he ask about me?”

Qin Ling covered it up with a smile. “Nothing.”

“Have you been bought off by him?”

Qin Ling waved her hands and shook her head. “No, no…”

Ming Shu looked at her with firm eyes, and Qin Ling couldn’t continue. Each time under the gaze of Ming Shu, Qin Ling always had a feeling of oppression.

“Do you remember the day of the light festival?” Qin Ling had to continue to talk. “The day before the light festival, in the middle of the night, he came to knock on our door and insisted I should tell him what you like. If I wouldn’t tell him, he would stand outside our gate and not leave… so…”

“So you sold me out?” No wonder the little demon suddenly became smart, it turned out there was a traitor here!

Qin Ling scratched her head. “I think Lord Cheng is serious about you. Otherwise, if he just wanted to please you, he could send others to ask me, and it wouldn’t be necessary for him to come in person and stand outside our gate for such a long time.”

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