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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 674 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (21)

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Chapter 674: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (21)

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“I am really…” Liu Xinyue was filled with happiness and sadness. Her hand shook. “How can I be… no way, I am the daughter of the Liu family. How can I… my father and my mother… they are my parents.”

Ming Shu was convinced by Liu Xinyue’s acting.

With such acting skills, the director would have to reward her with a drumstick.

“Miss Xinyue, you have the token in your hand. There is no mistake,” Eunuch Lu said. “You are the only descendant of the General Admiral.”

“But I…” Liu Xinyue looked at the corpse on the floor. “My father…”

“Although Master Liu was not your biological father, he raised you for so many years. The case will be closed soon. Mister Zhou will not let go of the culprit even if someone tries to cover for her. Miss Xinyue, take the imperial decree. Once you take it, you will be an infanta.”

Eunuch Lu didn’t say that the status of an infanta was the same as Lord Cheng’s. Even if the Cheng family was very powerful now, once the daughter of the General Admiral was found, could he still do what he wanted?

Liu Xinyue appeared to be fighting with her own thoughts. She kneeled down weakly after a long time.

Eunuch Lu nodded his head in satisfaction. He took the imperial decree that the eunuch behind him was holding and read it.

“By the grace of G.o.d, the late General Admiral was wronged…”

Ming Shu knew that Cheng Gui had no imperial decree on him. If he did, he would not just stay at the Liu residence without doing anything.

“…I feel very guilty and hence, I specially confer the daughter of the late General Admiral as Minghui Infanta.”

Eunuch Lu finished reading and looked at Liu Xinyue. “Miss Xinyue, please thank the emperor.”

Liu Xinyue’s hands were damp with sweat. She would become an Infanta soon…


Liu Xinyue’s heart jumped. She glanced over at the handsome man in white. “Eunuch Lu, we are not sure who this Infanta is.”

“Lord Cheng, what do you mean?” Eunuch Lu gave a cold smile. “The token is here, will there be a mistake?”

Cheng Gui clapped his hands. Organized footsteps sounded outside the main hall. A troop wearing armor came in from the outside.


Eunuch Lu was so angry his face turned hideous. “Lord Cheng, how dare you privately use the Weiwu Army.”

“What do you mean by privately using them? The Weiwu Army was formed by the General Admiral. They are here to welcome his daughter.” Cheng Gui gave a mysterious smile. “Don’t forget that there is still another half to the commander’s seal of the Weiwu Army.”

Eunuch Lu grabbed the token in his hand tightly.

This was the commander’s seal.

Cheng Gui reached out his hand. A general pa.s.sed him a yellow imperial decree. “I have an imperial decree with me too. Do you want to listen to it?”

Liu Xinyue felt that something bad was about to happen. However, there was nothing she could do in this situation.

These people were all too powerful… she was too small.

Eunuch Lu gritted his teeth and kneeled down.

The people that just got up kneeled down again.

Cheng Gui unrolled the imperial decree. He didn’t look at Ming Shu and just read the decree directly.

“By the grace of G.o.d, the late General Admiral was wronged…” Cheng Gui’s decree was similar to Eunuch Lu’s decree. The only difference was at the end. “…I feel very guilty and hence, I specially confer the daughter of the late General Admiral, Liu Qing, as Minghui Infanta.”

There was a name on it.

But the difference was huge.

“Lord Cheng, she doesn’t have the token!” Eunuch Lu shouted angrily.

“Who says I don’t?” Ming Shu lifted her leg and smiled as she looked at Eunuch Lu. “Are you sure the one in your hand is the real token?”

Eunuch Lu was stunned.

He looked at the token in his hand carefully. There didn’t seem to be any problem with it. Could it be fake?

“Coincidently, General Qian from the Weiwu Army is here. He will be able to tell if the commander’s seal is real or fake.” Cheng Gui took out a half-moon-shaped commander’s seal from his sleeve. He didn’t suspect Ming Shu’s words at all. “Eunuch Lu, shall we compare?”

Eunuch Lu started shivering. “His Majesty… actually gave you the commander’s seal for the Weiwu Army!”

“Thanks to the love from His Majesty.” Cheng Gui looked up slightly. “Eunuch Lu, please.”

Eunuch Lu thought of something and his face turned pale.

General Qian had already stepped forward. He took the commander’s seal from Cheng Gui’s hand and looked at Eunuch Lu.

Eunuch Lu contemplated for a long time before finally pa.s.sing the commander’s seal in his hand over.

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Ming Shu didn’t know that there could be new things happening due to the seal. It was really impressive.

What does this mean?

Why is it like this… She thought that she was special but in the end, this was the result. Why!

It shouldn’t be like this.

No, this is not right!

Mister Zhou wiped away his cold sweat secretly. With his level of intelligence, it was a bit hard for him to understand what happened today.

I should leave first.

Mister Zhou asked his men to carry Father Liu’s body away and took Liu Xinyue away too.

As for the suspect…

Don’t make him laugh. She is an infanta now. Cheng Gui and the Weiwu Army are here. Who dares to take her away?

“I will take my leave now.” Mister Zhou bowed unctuously and left.

Liu Xinyue was devastated. She didn’t speak again.

Ming Shu watched them leave.

“Qingqing, I have another imperial decree.” Cheng Gui took out an imperial decree again. “Do you want to look at it yourself or do you want me to read it out for you?”

Her sixth sense told her that there was nothing good written in this imperial decree.

Reality proved that Ming Shu’s sixth sense was accurate.

It was an imperial decree bestowing their marriage.

Cheng Gui stuffed the imperial decree in Ming Shu’s hand. “I asked people to rush to the Capital without rest to beg for this imperial decree. Qingqing, if you reject the imperial decree, you will have your head chopped off.”

These two imperial decrees were both acquired by Cheng Gui. It must be hard for him to get these two decrees. After all, proving that she was the daughter of the late General Admiral was already not an easy feat.

Ming Shu took the heavy imperial decree and sighed.

She would have her head chopped off if she rejected it!

I already don’t have a long life.

I don’t want to die so early.

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