Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 673 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (20)

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Chapter 673: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (20)

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It was quite late already so Ming Shu didn’t go to visit the Qin family. She ate in her own room.

Cheng Gui stayed for a while before leaving. Ah Lu came to look for him.

Ah Lu came to her room to find him…

That crazy person was definitely faking it!

Ah Lu came back after a while. “Miss Qingqing, whatever happens later, do not be nervous. Lord will settle everything.”

Ming Shu only noticed that Ah Lu greeted her differently.

Last time, Ah Lu would call her Miss Liu. She would call Liu Xinyue Miss Liu too.

However, after Cheng Gui changed the way he called her, Ah Lu changed it too…

“What happened?” She had to stay in her room because of Cheng Gui and didn’t know what happened outside.

Could it be that someone from the imperial palace came?

“Someone died,” Ah Lu said softly. “Don’t worry, Miss Qingqing. With Lord around, you will be fine.”

“It has something to do with me?” Ming Shu understood what Ah Lu was trying to say.

Ah Lu nodded.

The victim was Father Liu.

Right, Father Liu was dead.

The suspect was Ming Shu.

However, Ming Shu spent the entire night with Cheng Gui. How could she run out and kill Father Liu?

In the main hall, the people from Yamen had arrived. Besides that, there was another group of people… a group of people wearing brightly colored but neat attire.

The person leading them was a eunuch. His face seemed really sarcastic and he was looking at the scene in front of him with arrogance.

Cheng Gui didn’t stand with them. He looked out of place.

The county magistrate was standing in between the two parties. He was in a difficult position. He didn’t know what to do.

What a coincidence.

Father Liu just died and the people from the imperial palace arrived?

Liu Xinyue was kneeling in front of Father Liu’s corpse and crying furiously.

“Eunuch Lu, this is the Second Young Lady Liu, Liu Qing…” The county magistrate introduced Ming Shu to the eunuch.

Eunuch Lu’s gaze landed on Ming Shu’s face. A hint of surprise flashed past his eyes. However, he suppressed it quickly. “She is the suspect?”

“Yes yes yes…” Mister Zhou nodded his head fervently. “The lady chef saw Liu Qing putting something inside Master Liu’s sober soup and some servants heard her quarreling with Master Liu too…”

Cheng Gui waved at Ming Shu when she walked over.

Ming Shu looked at the groups in front of her and felt that Cheng Gui’s team seemed more comfortable. She walked over to him.

Mister Zhou saw Ming Shu standing with Cheng Gui and felt slightly guilty. He only shouted after a moment, “Liu Qing, why did you kill Master Liu? He is your father.”

The lady just smiled when faced with this situation. “Yeah, why would I kill him? Give me a reason.”

“How would I know why you killed Master Liu!!” Mister Zhou seemed to be shocked.

“Then how would I know?” Ming Shu shrugged. “If you don’t give me a reason, how can I admit it?!”

“Liu Qing, how can you be so evil? Father raised you for so many years. How can you do this?” Liu Xinyue stood up with the help of someone. She pointed at Ming Shu with her bare hands. Despair and anger filled her face.

“I didn’t do it so I really don’t know if I can do it or not. Why don’t you wake him up and let me try?” I don’t believe that I can’t anger you to death.

“You… you…” Liu Xinyue’s eyes were filled with tears. She looked as if she would faint at any moment.

Cheng Gui held Ming Shu’s hand and signaled for her to stop talking.

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“Since there is a suspect, take her back and interrogate her. Don’t let a person die in vain.” Eunuch Lu opened his mouth at this moment. “Lord Cheng, do you have anything to add?”

“… I had it since I was young. I don’t know where it came from. I asked my father before but he didn’t tell me…” Liu Xinyue paused between her sentences.

Eunuch Lu nodded. “Since this belongs to you, it should be correct. I came here today to bring you back to the Capital.”

“To… the Capital?” Liu Xinyue seemed frightened.” What… what did I do wrong?”

“Do not be afraid, Miss. It is a good thing,” Eunuch Lu said.

Ming Shu yawned. She took out a bag of snacks from her sleeve and found a place to squat.

When this bunch of actors started acting, even the Oscars was not enough for them.

When Eunuch Lu saw her, he definitely realized something. However, he still tried to place this t.i.tle on Liu Xinyue.

How could there be no problem?

Now that she thought about it, when the Host went back to the palace, she still died. There must be something going on somewhere.

“Lord…” Ah Lu took the chance to come in while everyone was listening to Eunuch Lu telling his story. “It’s here.”

Cheng Gui looked back. He saw Ming Shu squatting on the ground. His mouth corners twitched. “Get her a chair.”


“Why are you squatting? What happens if your legs go numb?” Cheng Gui helped Ming Shu up.

“When you lay on me yesterday, why didn’t you think of this problem?” I was almost paralyzed due to the weight.

“Cough… that is a special circ.u.mstance.” Cheng Gui changed the topic. “If you want to sit, tell me. If not, you can order Ah Lu too.”

“That is your beauty. How could I dare to order her?”

“What are you saying!” Cheng Gui knocked her head. “Ah Lu is my escort. When we… she will take care of you in the future.”

Ah Lu brought a chair over and interrupted their conversation.

The other pretty servant girl even brought a small table and some snacks for her. She placed them in front of Ming Shu carefully.

Ah Lu smiled at Ming Shu and then stood behind Cheng Gui with a straight face. It was as though she was a robot.

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