Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 672 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (19)

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Chapter 672: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (19)

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The rumors that Ming Shu was Master Liu’s illegitimate daughter spread after the light festival. It was said that Master Liu provoked some woman outside and because he was afraid that his wife would find him for trouble, he didn’t dare to bring the woman home.

After that, the woman gave birth to a daughter and Master Liu brought her to the Liu residence with the story that he picked her up.

Ming Shu knew what they were trying to do.

However, she heard that Liu Xinyue got sick after she came back from the light festival. She hadn’t recovered yet and her wedding date was getting nearer.

But, the imperial decree from the palace hadn’t come yet.

Liu Xinyue could only control the rumors now. After a while, everyone would know that Ming Shu was an illegitimate daughter.

Coincidently, when Liu Xinyue was born, Lady Liu went back to her parents’ home to rest because she was not in good health. Liu Xinyue was brought back after she was born.

Father Liu only needed to find someone from that time to give fake evidence that his child had died and Lady Liu found another child to replace her in order to keep her status and to not disappoint Father Liu.

Liu Xinyue was similar in age to the Host so there was a lot of s.p.a.ce to create stories.

The storyline spent much effort to make sure that Liu Xinyue could pretend to be the Host.

What Liu Xinyue needed to do now was to draw the line between her and Li Shen. However, Li Shen was not someone easy to deal with. If he married Liu Xinyue, he would not have to worry about his life and he would gain a pretty wife too. Why would he let go of such a good opportunity?

Liu Xinyue talked to Li Shen a few times, but no results were achieved. She almost got bullied by Li Shen too.

Liu Xinyue was really angry. The only thing that made her feel relieved was the fact that that matter was going smoothly.

Now, the whole village believed that Liu Qing was an illegitimate daughter and the token was with her. Once the people from the palace came, she would be able to rise to the top.

“What is Liu Qing doing recently?”

“Nothing much. She is always with Qin Ling. She will go out in the morning and come back at night,” the servant girl replied to her.

Liu Xinyue frowned. Qin Ling was the female protagonist… there better not be any accidents.

“Where is Lord Cheng?”

“Lord Cheng…” The servant girl hesitated for a while. “He will go out in the morning and come back at night too. Most of the time, he will follow… Second Young Lady. Sometimes, he will go to town.”


Liu Xinyue flung the teacup off the table.

The porcelain smashed and shattered on the floor.

“What happened?” Father Liu came in from outside. “Who made my baby daughter angry?”

The servant girl didn’t dare to say anything. She bowed and left the room.

“Father, Lord Cheng doesn’t even bother with me. Last time, he even…” Left her in the wilderness. Liu Xinyue gritted her teeth and showed disappointment on her face. “Lord Cheng seems to like Qingqing. I heard the servants saying that they are always together.”

“That unfilial Liu Qing…” Father Liu was really irritated by her. She even dared to s.n.a.t.c.h his daughter’s man.

Father Liu said after a while, “I will think of a way.”

Liu Xinyue nodded her head obediently as though she would listen to everything Father Liu said.

Knock knock—

Ming Shu stared at the window. I will find someone to nail this window shut tomorrow!

Ming Shu didn’t want to open the window. She lay on the bed with her eyes opened.

However, very quickly, she heard someone breaking her window and a white figure jumped in. The heavy breathing could be heard from far away.

Ming Shu wanted to sit up but a force pushed her down.

A hot body pressed against her and the faint smell of alcohol gushed over her.

“Cheng Gui!” Ming Shu didn’t have the time to react. “Why are you sneaking into a lady’s bedroom in the middle of the night? Is this what a lord like you should be doing?”

The person that was on her buried his head in her neck. His warm lips pressed against her artery. “Don’t move.”

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Ming Shu felt a part of his body turning hot. However, Cheng Gui didn’t move. He just lay on her and breathed beside her ear. His breathing was irregular.

What torture is this!

I’m too hungry!

The sun rose.

Ming Shu slowly moved Cheng Gui to the side. However, Cheng Gui was hugging her really tightly. When she tried to get up, the latter just frowned and forced her into his arms.

Ming Shu: “…” Help! I am going to starve to death!

She seemed to have placed some snacks on her bed yesterday night…

Ming Shu felt around for a long time before finally finding the snacks that she’d hidden. She pushed the person beside her slightly away and sat up with some difficulty. She let Cheng Gui hugged her while she half-hugged him. She leaned against the bed frame.

Cheng Gui slept all the way till late morning. The sun was already shining brightly outside by the time he woke up.

Ming Shu leaned against the bed frame. Her head was nodding slowly. She seemed to be asleep.

Sunlight shone in from outside the window. Dust danced in the air and the trees made a swooshing sound outside.

Cheng Gui opened his eyes. He looked up slightly. When Ming Shu’s head came down, he lifted his head up to meet her lips.

Ming Shu opened her eyes wide and stared right into Cheng Gui’s half-awake eyes.

Cheng Gui decided to just close his eyes and hooked an arm around Ming Shu’s neck. He pulled her down.

After a few minutes, Cheng Gui picked himself up from the floor. His clothes were a mess. “If you spoil it from kicking, what will you do in the future?”

Ming Shu’s lips were red. The mist in her eyes subsided. She half-leaned against the bed and pulled at her clothes forcefully. “What will I do? With my beauty, I can have anyone that I want.”

Cheng Gui’s face turned dark. However, he resumed his idle air very quickly. “Try it then. Let’s see if I destroy them or if you manage to spend a night with them first.

Ming Shu narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.

This personality does not belong to Cheng Gui.

It is him.

It is Qi Yu.

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