Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 671 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (18)

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Chapter 671: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (18)

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“Qingqing, who do you think that person was? I only saw such a scene in mo… a story before. I was really scared. I thought that I would die. He just waved twice like this and then the person flew out. So impressive.”

Qin Ling got no reaction from Ming Shu. She paused. “Qingqing, you seemed powerful too. You learned martial arts before?”

Just now, her mind was still in a daze. Now that she thought about it carefully, when they rushed out, the person had already fallen down. She must have done it.

“I can fight someone.”

Qin Ling blinked. “Can you fly?”

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “I am not a bird.”

Qin Ling continued blinking. She was really curious. “Isn’t there such as thing as qinggong? The person just now could fly. He seemed really impressive.”

Ming Shu sneered. “If you want to experience it, I can send you back.”

Qin Ling quickly shook her head. “No no no, I was so frightened just now. I have not experienced anything like this before. It was too scary.”

Qin Ling only truly understood the life in ancient times at this moment.

There was no strict legal system. If you killed someone, as long as you manage to run away on the spot, Yamen might not be able to catch you even if they found out who did it.

She wanted to go home.

When she thought about this, Qin Ling’s mood dampened.

There was silence between them for a moment.

“Miss Liu, Miss Qin, shall I send you all back?” A low-key luxurious horse carriage suddenly stopped beside them. The curtain was lifted up and Cheng Gui’s face popped out.

Qin Ling still remembered how she was stopped and interrogated by Cheng Gui. Hence, when she saw Cheng Gui now, she stepped back in fear.

Cheng Gui saw Ming Shu continuing her way forward and added on to his sentence: “I bought some pastries from Dezhi Restaurant for you as supper.”

Ming Shu immediately turned around. The pretty servant girl helped her up the horse carriage.

Qin Ling: “…” Where is your dignity! Can you betray yourself for food?!

Qin Ling didn’t want to go back alone so she got onto the carriage too. The carriage moved slowly toward Yunli Village.

Cheng Gui placed the pastries in front of Ming Shu. “I asked Dezhi Restaurant to make these fresh. They are still hot. Have a taste.”

Ming Shu tried one. It was really good.

“I took a long time to find you just now.” He just turned around and she ran away.

F**k, so angry.

“You found me now, right?” Ming Shu muttered.

“This shows that we are fated.” Cheng Gui poured a cup of water for Miss Liu. “Drink some water, don’t choke.”

Qin Ling looked at the two of them interacting with each other. Cheng Gui took really good care of Ming Shu and his gaze was normal. He didn’t look at Ming Shu with any evil intentions.

Qin Ling shook her head and shrunk into a corner, pretending she was an ornament.


The horse carriage suddenly stopped. They swayed slightly in the carriage.

“Lord, it is Miss Liu Xinyue,” the pretty servant girl outside reported.Read latest chapters at

Cheng Gui lifted the curtains and looked out. Liu Xinyue was standing not far away. When she saw Cheng Gui’s face, she smiled immediately. “Lord Cheng, I have lost my servant and it is already so dark. Can I trouble you to send me back?”

Cheng Gui’s eyes darkened. He ordered the pretty servant girl beside him, “Ah Lu, send Miss Liu back.”

The pretty servant girl called Ah Lu bowed. “Yes.”

Ming Shu noticed that there was something wrong with the servant’s expression. She reached out her hand and placed it on Chen Gui’s. “What are you planning to do?”

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Are you trying to bully my snacks coupon again!

Liu Xinyue’s eyes widened. She looked at Ah Lu in shock.

She got dragged down the horse carriage by the driver. Ah Lu bowed at her again. She had her manners. Then, she jumped onto the horse carriage and left.

“Come back…” Liu Xinyue woke up from her daze. She chased after the carriage. “You can’t just leave me here! Come back!”

Ming Shu said that she couldn’t lose a single strand of hair so Cheng Gui threw her into the wilderness. With this temperature in the middle of the night, she might get a cold or something.

If she caught a cold and couldn’t be cured, that would be the best.

Ming Shu didn’t think that Cheng Gui would do such a thing.

Of course, even if she knew, she would only exclaim at his actions.

Ming Shu sent Qin Ling back first before returning to the Liu residence. Cheng Gui wanted to send Ming Shu to her room, but he was called away by the butler. The butler told him that Master Liu was looking for him.

The moment she entered her room, Ming Shu felt that something was wrong. Someone had searched her room.

There was nothing in this room. All her things were kept in Little Beastie’s secret s.p.a.ce. Hence, the thing they wanted to find must be the Host’s…

The only thing that was worth eyeing was the token that identified the status of the Host.

At the start, Father Liu wanted to take the token too. However, the Host would cry the moment the token was taken away. Father Liu saw that it wasn’t a worthy item and since he already had so much stuff, he gave the token back to the Host so that she would stop crying.

After that, the Host kept wearing the token. Not long ago, the string broke and the Host didn’t have the time to fix it. Ming Shu had then entered the body.

Ming Shu opened the wardrobe and took out a small chest from the bottom. This chest contained the things that belonged to the Host. After the string was broken, she kept the token here.

It was gone now.

Ming Shu touched her sleeve. Little Beastie tossed about inside and she suddenly closed the chest.

The show is starting!

How shall I get my Hatred Points?

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