Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 666 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (13)

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Chapter 666: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (13)

After the site survey, no conclusion was reached. The county magistrate asked people to send the corpse back to Yamen and then brought back a few villagers that were more suspicious.

Cheng Gui walked pa.s.sed the officers towards Ming Shu. He looked like a rich and useless lord as he said in a casual tone, “Can I bother you to guide me now?”

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Cheng Gui.]

Cheng Gui?

This useless and rich person in front of me?

[Yes, all the best!] The Harmony System cheered for Ming Shu. [If you can’t handle him, you can ask for my opinion. I will do my best to help you.]

Do your best to urge me to two-time and be a sc.u.mbug or do your best to persuade me to kill people, set fires and do immoral things?

I have seen through you!

[…] How can you think of me this way? I did it all for you!!

Ming Shu glanced at the county magistrate who was staring her her fiercely and smiled. “I am not going home. Find someone else.”

I need to go and find my chef to eat my food. Why will I have the time to guide you?

“Lord, do you want to go to the Liu residence? I can lead the way for you. I know all the places in this village. You can go anywhere you want.” A lady pushed Ming Shu away and patted her chest as she recommended herself.

“See, someone is here to guide you. Bye bye.” Ming Shu pulled Qin Ling who was still unaware of the situation and left. “I am so hungry. Let’s go back and wat.”

Cheng Gui: “…”

The lady with a freckled face looked at him shyly. She didn’t forget to wink at him.

He shivered and turned around calmly. “Mister Zhou, Mister Zhou!!”

“Yes, Lord Cheng, don’t be angry. A village lady doesn’t have much manners…” The county magistrate thought that Cheng Gui got angered by Ming Shu and quickly apologized to him. “I will ask people to catch her back and let her apologize to you.”

“Stop her.”

Cheng Gui pointed at the freckled lady.

Mister Zhou asked people to stop the lady. The lady didn’t give up and reached out her hand towards him. “Lord, lord, I can guide you! I can really guide you.”

Cheng Gui might have been frightened as he walked away really quickly. The roads in the village was not easy to walk on. Cheng Gui didn’t step properly and almost fell down. Mister Zhou quickly caught him.

“What kind of road is this?” Cheng Gui pushed Mister Zhou away.

“Yes yes yes, this small place can’t be compared to the Capital…” Mister Zhou wiped off his cold swears. “Mister Zhou, do you need me to guide you to the Liu residence?”

“No need.” Cheng Gui said, “I am not blind.”

There was only one building in this village which could be called a residence, There was really no need to look for it. It could be seen easily.

Lord Zhou: “…”

Who was the one that asked him to find a guide!!

Why are people from the Capital so hard to please?

Ming Shu came back from the Qin family and saw a stranger standing outside the Liu residence. He seemed to be patrolling. She walked towards the Liu residence but got stopped. “Who are you?”

Ming Shu looked up at the Liu residence’s sign. This was the Liu residence.

So why was she stopped when she was going back home? The person even asked for her ident.i.ty.

“Did the Liu family go bankrupt?” Ming Shu asked the person who stopped her.

The person got confused by her question.

“Do we need to mortgage the house?” Ming Shu asked again.

The person frowned and wanted to say something. The butler ran out. “This is our Second Young Lady.”

After hearing what the butler said, the person looked at Ming Shu and cupped his hand. “So it is the Second Young Lady. Please pardon me.”

Then, he moved away.

“Who si this? Bodyguard?” Ming Shu aske the butler.

“Second Young Lady, come in first.” The butler lowered his voice.

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Ming Shu rememebered the rich and useless person this afternoon. Did he bring this person here?!

“Second Young Lady Liu, how did provoke you?” Cheng Gui raised his eyebrows. He seemed really curious. “You don’t seem to like me?”

From the first time they met till now, her words to him were all harsh even when her tone was gentle.

“That is your illusion.” Ming Shu tilted her head. Warmth appeared in her eyes. “I don’t seem to not like you. I really don’t like you.”

Cheng Gui: “…”

“Liu Qing, how can you talk to Lord Cheng like this?” Father Liu was afraid that Ming Shu would anger Cheng Gui so he scolded her in a low voice. “No manners at all.”

Ming Shu pulled her mouth corners and scooped her bowl of porridge for herself. She started eating the porridge and ignored the two person beside her.

Why do I need to be polite to my target?

Cheng Gui: “…”

Father Liu: “…”

Liu Xinyue reached the latest. She didn’t see Cheng Gui yesterday but she heard from her maid that a handsome young lord came to their residence.

When she saw him today, she couldn’t help but feel shocked.

This lord was not just handsome.

Even the celebrities in her world were not as handsome as him.

“Liu Xinyue, this is my big daughter. Xinyue, pay your respect to Lord Cheng.” Father Liu interrupted the weird atmosphere and called Liu Xinyue.

Liu Xinyue walked slowly forward and bowed. “Lord Cheng.”

Cheng Gui nodded his head absent-mindedly. “You have a good blessing, Master Liu. Your two daughters are both really pretty.”

“It is my honour…” Father Liu was humble.

Liu Xinyue’s face turned red.

The only seat left at the table was the one beside Ming Shu. Liu Xinyue lowered her head and walked over.

Ming Shu hooked her chair with her leg. When she sat down, she pulled the chair lightly towards her. Liu Xinyue sat on nothing and fell to the ground.

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