Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 664 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (11)

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Chapter 664: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (11)

“Since they love each other, it is not good for you all to break them up.” Ming Shu, who was watching the show, said in a soft voice, “The saying goes that it is better to destroy a temple than destroy a marriage.”

Father Liu and Liu Xinyue got pulled to one side. Li Shen kneeled on the ground pitifully. He seemed really depressed. This really look like a scene where they were breaking up a couple.

“Liu Qing, you frame me!” Liu Xinyue suddenly pointed at Ming Shu. “The person that is together with Li Shen is her. Village head, do not be fool by them.”

Ming Shu changed into a more comfortable position. “Do you have the evidence? If you don’t, don’t anyhow say this. It is not good to destroy my reputation.”

Liu Xinyue: “…”

All the evidences now pointed to her.

“Since…” Father Liu pulled Liu Xinyue back and swallowed a few mouths of saliva before saying, “Xinyue and Li Shen love each other, we can let them…”

“Father!” Liu Xinyue’s voice was shrill. “I have no relationship with Li Shen at all. Do not be fooled by them. They are the ones that have a problem. I am innocent.”

“Liu Xinyue, stop pretending. I saw you meeting Li Shen secretly last time.” An aunty suddenly stepped out from the crowd and pointed at Liu Xinyue bitterly. “So unexpected of you. You are so young but you have so many patterns.”

Liu Xinyue didn’t expect a villager to identify her.

Even Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. She didn’t expect a villager to step out to. This was not planned by her…

Father Liu didn’t want to make the issue even worse so the issue between Liu Xinyue and Li Shen was settled under the witness of the village head. Liu Xinyue kicked up a fuss but Father Liu had made his decision. He asked people to watch over Liu Xinyue. Once the date was decided, he would hold their wedding.

After tonight, here was no way of denying that Liu Xinyue had a secret relationship with Li Shen. Hence, the best way to settle this issue was to let the two of them get married.

Liu Xinyue couldn’t accept this. She found a way to run away from the Liu family and went to the place where she hid the chest last time.

There were signs of fire everywhere. Someone had came here and looked for something inside.

Liu Xinyue found the place where she hid the chests. She pry opened the layer of dried branches but there was nothing inside.

It disappeared?

How did it disappeared?

Did someone find it?

She didn’t hide it very far away and it was at night. Hence, she might have left some hints… if someone searched the area, they would have found traces of her doings.

With so much money, she was able to live a good life in this world. However, it all turned into ashes.

Just as Liu Xinyue was getting up, she suddenly saw the words written on the soil.

Because a few days had pa.s.sed, the words were a little blurred.

However, the two words ‘Liu Qing’ was especially clear. This was because the person who wrote these words put more force when writing these two words.

Liu Qing… she took away the money?

Liu Xinyue went back to the Liu residence angrily. She walked to Ming Shu’s room but suddenly stopped when she reached her room.

Even if she confront her now and knew that she took the money, what could she do?


She couldn’t be so rash. If not, she would be led by the nose.

Liu Xinyue returned to her own room and suddenly calmed down. She stopped making a fuss too.

Father Liu found someone to look at the dates and decided that the wedding would be held next month. Li Shen had no a.s.sets but marrying Liu Xinyue was like having something fall into his lap. In the future, this big Liu family would belong to him.

However, Li Shen had no intentions towards Ming Shu. He even planned to keep the distance between them as far as possible.

She was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

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At this moment, Li Shen was watching the b.a.s.t.a.r.d walking towards him with Qin Ling, carrying many bags of items on their hands.

Once the little kid had something to eat, he stopped crying and started smiling like a small Maitreya.

LIttle kids were just so heartless. They could be crying like a dog one moment and the next, they would be smiling like an idiot.

Ming Shu looked at their interaction and finished her food silently.

After she finished eating, Ming Shu sat in the courtyard and watched the little kids having fun.

Qin Ling only came back when at dusk.

Qin Ling held onto Father Qin and walked at the front. Mother Qin walked behind them. Her brows were frowning and she seemed slightly depressed.

“Father, don’t be anxious. I will think of a way.” Qin Ling seemed to be consoling Father Qin.

“Sigh.” Father sighed. He raised his head and saw the person in the courtyard. He got a shock. “Second Young Lady Liu, you have not gone back?”

Ming Shu got up from the squeaking chair and stretched. “I slept for a while. I will leave after dinner.”

“I will go make…” Qin Ling said. “Mother, you can take a rest with father first.”

Ming Shu would always buy back a lot of food. Even if Qin Ling cooked for her, there would still be a lot left. Hence, their meals got better because of her too.

That was why Father Qin and Mother Qin allowed their daughter to become Ming Shu’s chef.

In this world, it was a blessing to have food.

When they were eating, Father Qin kept sighing and couldn’t eat anything.

“Father, don’t be anxious. There will be a way.” Qin Ling couldn’t hold back anymore and scooped some food into Father Qin’s bowl. “You worked hard for the day. Eat something.”

“How can I not be worried. If this goes on, the crops would all die. What will we do during the autumn harvest? Father Qin’s face was full of worry. “The harvest last year was already not good. After we pay the tax, there was not much left. I am too useless.”

Qin Ling didn’t agree. “What are you saying father? When I went to the market to sell my herbs, I earned quite a bit of money. Don’t worry too much.”

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