Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 663 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (10)

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Chapter 663: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (10)

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The villagers exchanged glances with each other. Hot news… there was only the news about the two ladies from the Liu family.

Were they going to talk about this today?

“I didn’t expect such a thing to happen in Yunli Village,” the villagers continued in a serious tone. “Everyone here is a member of Yunli Village. Hence, you all will be witnesses today.”

Qin Ling hid herself among the crowd and tiptoed to look inside. There were many people inside but she only saw the village head as well as Father Liu.

“Sister, what are you looking for?” Her younger sister pulled Qin Ling’s hand and asked her innocently.

“The sister last time,” Qin Ling whispered.

“The sister that gave us meat to eat?” Her younger sister’s eyes turned bright.

Qin Ling signalled for her to talk softly and her sister immediately covered her mouth.

“Master Liu, there is something I want to ask you.” The village head had finished talking about the history of the village and he diverted the conversation to Father Liu.

Father Liu had already guessed that the issue they would be talking tonight. He calmed himself down. “What questions do you have?”

“It is about the two ladies from the Liu family. You should know about the issue too so I will not elaborate on it. Is there anything you want to say?”

“What do you mean?” Father Liu was really nervous. “This thing is just a rumor. There is no evidence at all. How can you believe it?”

The village head seemed to have expected Father Liu’s reply. “Come out.”

He spoke towards the direction of the ancestral hall.

A few figures came out from the side of the ancestral hall. Li Shen was held up by someone and he seemed a little pitiful.

Father Liu’s face turned white. Why is Li Shen here… and that unfilial child of his! What are they doing here together?

That useless bunch of people, they couldn’t even watch someone carefully. They let Li Shen run away and even let him appear in front of the village head.

No, I have to think of a solution…

That’s right, Ming Shu was behind Li Shen. At ths moment, she was slowly looking for a place to sit down. She held onto a bag of snacks as though she was part of the audience.

The village head saw how disrespectful she was and appeared a little unhappy.

However, Ming Shu ignored the village head’s gaze and even lifted her legs up.

“Who is that?” Someone didn’t recognized Ming Shu and asked the villagers beside him curiously. “Do we have such a pretty lady in our village? Whose family is she from?

“Second Young Lady Liu,” Someone replied.


That is Second Young Lady Liu?

What joke is this… she is so pretty? Are they dreaming?

Whether they believe it or not, Ming Shu was the Second Young Lady Liu. It was the truth.

“Why is she with Li Shen?”


The atmosphere turned silent. Who knew why she was with Li Shen? Looking at the stance of the village head, it didn’t seem as though the Second Young Lady Liu created any troubles.

The village head coughed. “Li Shen said that Master Liu locked him up. Master Liu, do you admit to this?”

Father Liu clenched his fist and quickly think of a solution. “Li Shen framed my daughter. I wanted to send him to the officials once the day lights up.”

“Bulls.h.i.t, you wanted to kill me.” Liu Xinyue shouted at Father Liu. His eyes were filled with hatred. “Xinyue and I loved each other. However, because of you, we were forced to be in this situation.”

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Everyone started talking.

Evidence? What evidence?

Liu Xinyue looked at Li Shen. Li Shen took out a hairpin. “This hairpin belongs to Xinyue. She gave it to me as our token of love.”

In this feudal society, a lady’s personal belongings were very important. Some ladies had to marry a man because they lost their personal belongings and that man picked it up.

The hairpin that Li Shen took out was one that Liu Xinyue always wore. Many people in the village saw her wearing it before.

Liu Xinyue remembered this too. Her face was pale. “I lost this hairpin… Li Shen must have picked it up. I never gave his any token of love.”

Li Shen took out another pair of earrings.

Then, he took out many little items. Liu Xinyue didn’t know that Li Shen had so many things on him.

If one was a coincidence, two might be Li Shen’s scheme.

But what about three and four items?

Can you lose all of these items?

Father Liu and Liu Xinyue’s expression was really bad now.

“Village head, Master Liu, Xinyue and I really loved each other. Please do not separate us.” Li Shen break away from the person that held him. “Xinyue, they know about it now. I am sorry that I am unable to protect you. We can beg Master Liu together. He will definitely agree to our relationship.”

Li Shen was giving Father Liu a way out. If Father Liu sisn’t want Liu Xinyue reputation as well as his own reputation to become worse, he would follow what Li Shen said.

“Who is in love with you!” Liu Xinyue was so angry her face turned green. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d threatened her at first and now, he was saying that they were in love.

“Xinyue, don’t be afraid. Look, I kept all the things you gave me.” Li Shen kneeled and moved forward on his knees. He grabbed Liu Xinyue’s hand. “Xinyue, we will definitely be together.”

“Let me go. I have nothing to do with you.” Liu Xinyue tried to break free from Li Shen. “Father, father, pull him away. I have no relationship with him.”

Father Liu went forward and tried to pull Li Shen away. However, Li Shen’s strength was really big and the few of them started arguing in the ancestral hall.

“Enough, where do you think this is!” The village head shouted in anger. “Stop!”

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