Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 662 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (9)

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Chapter 662: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (9)

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“That’s enough, stop crying.” Father Liu waved his hand annoyedly.

“Father, you must help me.” Liu Xinyue held Father Liu’s arm.

Father Liu sighed. “Now the rumors outside have changed. As long as we make them believe it was that evil creature meeting the man in private, you’ll be fine.”


“But what, do you want to take the blame?” Father Liu scolded her with a black face. “That evil creature is originally not our Liu family’s daughter.”

Liu Xinyue was of course happy in her heart. But in order to make Father Liu completely follow her lead, she couldn’t reveal her real emotions.

Liu Xinyue nodded after a long time. “Father, Qingqing has changed so much. Was she just pretending before?”

Liu Xinyue had a worse guess in her heart.

That she came from another book like her… or crossed time and s.p.a.ce to this world. In this book, the female protagonist Qin Ling came here through time and s.p.a.ce.

She is more like the former than the latter.

If she was indeed a modern time-traveler, it would be much more difficult to deal with her than these ancient people.

She didn’t mean to target Liu Qing, though. She just wanted to live a good life. In this world, reputation was life, so one of them must sacrifice herself.

This one couldn’t be her.

“I know. You’re not going out for a few days, stay at home; and don’t go to find that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, either.”

“Father, I’m still a little worried.”

“Come on, don’t you trust your father? I’m not gonna hurt you. Leave this matter alone and I’ll see to it.”

“… Yes.”

Liu Xinyue left full of worry. Father Liu said he would help her deal with this matter, but she always felt something was not right.

The rumors in the village were divided into two sides.

One side believed it was Liu Xinyue who had a private meeting with man. Because she was beautiful, and it seemed normal for her to do so.

The other side thought it was the unimpressive Second Young Lady, namely Ming Shu, who had done it. As there’s a saying goes that mute dogs bite people.

Father Liu should take the credit for such a situation.

Ming Shu ate and drank all day. Because of what Ming Shu said at breakfast that morning, Father Liu didn’t dare to find her for trouble again, fearing that the lies might be exposed or something similar.

Three days later, at midnight…

Ming Shu was about to go to bed when a sound came from the window.

She stared at the window for nearly a minute, but no one came in. The noise kept sounding and even became faster and faster.

Ming Shu fell into bed, covered her head with the quilt and went to sleep.

But the noise continued.

Ming Shu was kept awake and even became a little hungry.

She turned over to get out of bed and walked to the window, pushing it open.

Outside was total blackness and Ming Shu didn’t see anyone or anything…WTH? Is there a ghost haunting here?

This world should be about the countryside, not ghost stories!


A slight noise came from below the window.

Ming Shu looked down and saw a black shadow huddling under the window, a strong smell of blood around it.

“Don’t die here. Ahead is Liu Xinyue’s room, just go there.” Ming Shu leaned over the window and talked to the panting person below.

“Second Young Lady Liu…” Li Shen sounded very weak. “Liu… Old Man Liu wants to kill me.”

Li Shen felt the person at the window leave. He growled in his heart but couldn’t gather any strength to vent his anger.

Soon the footsteps came back, and the kacha-kacha sounds sounded from overhead.

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Accompanied by that sound was the girl’s sweet voice. “Understandable. He couldn’t do anything to me, and he wouldn’t allow his daughter’s reputation to suffer, so he could only turn to you. Who let you be so easy to bully.”

What could he do with a girl who didn’t care about her reputation?

Li Shen gritted his teeth. He lifted his foot and drew several bank notes from the shoe sole. “This is all my savings. I’ll give them to you.”

Ming Shu: “…”


The window was slammed shut without any hesitation.

Li Shen, who was holding his bank notes high: “…”

There were only villagers with the surname of Liu living in Yunli Village before. Later some people with different surnames moved in, but the village’s heads were still the elders Liu.

Right now at the Liu Family Ancestral Hall, in the middle of the night, the lights were blazing and the crowd was moving.

The villagers who had fallen asleep were all gathered in the ancestral hall. They were sleepy and confused.

“What’s happening?”

“I don’t know. At this late, I feel so sleepy.”

“There shouldn’t be something wrong?”

“Who knows. The village head gathered us here, so there should be something important. Don’t guess randomly and just wait and see. Aren’t we almost here?”

“Only missing the Liu residence’s people in the east.”

“Every time something happens, they’ll be the last to come and make so many of us wait.”

“They’re rich people.” Someone picked up the topic with jealousy.

They discussed for a long time before Father Liu finally arrived.

The village head was an old man, who sat in the chair set by two sides of the ancestral hall. He looked at the villagers standing outside chattering with a gloomy face, and then at Father Liu who suddenly broke through the villagers and walked into the ancestral hall.

“Village head.” Father Liu made a symbolistic greeting. “It’s so late, what do you gather us here for?”

The village head stood up but didn’t answer Father Liu’s question. Instead, he raised his voice and said, “I called everybody here because there’s an important matter.”

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