Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 660 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (7)

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Chapter 660: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (7)

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Ming Shu was driven out by Father Liu. Liu Xinyue and Father Liu talked in the room for a long time. After she walked out, Father Liu began to curse Ming Shu very fiercely.

“Liu Qing, I didn’t know you’ve become like this. Xinyue is your elder sister. How can you treat her in this way? I have raised you for so many years, is that how you repay me?”

“What did I do?” Ming Shu was confused, but realized something after a moment. “Don’t you think I was framing her?”

For protecting herself, it was possible that Liu Xinyue would say something like that.

Liu Xinyue wiped her tears. “Qingqing, I know you’re angry at me for telling Father you sneaked into the room, but I can’t lie to our father.”

“Oh, I did it, so what?” Ming Shu smiled and took the blame. “Didn’t you meet a man in private? I saw you. What’s his name, ah… right, it’s Li Shen.”

Liu Xinyue was shocked.

Even Father Liu was also shocked. She just admitted it?

“Qingqing, you… nonsense!” Liu Xinyue’s small face was filled with rage. “Don’t slander me anymore, are you forcing me to death?”

Ming Shu shook her head. “No no no, how would I dare.”

If you die, my Hatred Points would be gone.

“If you don’t believe me, you could call Li Shen here and ask him.” Ming Shu smiled at Father Liu. “You’ll know if I’m telling the truth.”

Father Liu looked at Liu Xinyue and the latter’s face paled, like a poor girl who couldn’t defend herself after being slandered.

“Father, don’t listen to her nonsense, I didn’t…” Liu Xinyue shook her head constantly toward Father Liu.

“Go back to your rooms, both of you.” Father Liu’s face darkened. “Butler, watch them. They’re not coming out without my permission.”

The butler wiped his cold sweat. “Yes.”

Father Liu shook his sleeves and left. He must figure this thing out.

Ming Shu shrugged and didn’t care. Regardless, I’m ready to be the scapegoat.

The professional scapegoat Ming Shu was ready all the time.

“Liu… Qing…”

Liu Xinyue called Ming Shu to a stop.

She ran to Ming Shu. “Why can you speak fluently now?”

“I met an old man who told me that I’m gifted and he wanted me to be his disciple. Then I suddenly could speak.” Ming Shu began to make up nonsense. “What do you think of this reason? I can make up another one for you if you don’t like it.”

Liu Xinyue: “…”

Liu Xinyue didn’t want to argue with Ming Shu on this. There were many kinds of possibilities as to why she could speak fluently now, but what Liu Xinyue cared about…

“Liu Qing, why did you talk nonsense outside?”

“Did I talk nonsense? Don’t you know whether it’s truth or not in your heart?” Ming Shu formed a pretty smile.


“What, what’s wrong with me?” Ming Shu waved away Liu Xinyue’s hand which pointed at her. “Sister, do you miss my beatings? I don’t mind… Well, I’m okay with it if you want to frame me, but you frame me once, I’ll beat you once.”

Liu Xinyue’s eyes widened, and the scene of her being beaten flashed past her brain. Her body was still aching. She jerked back, watching Ming Shu warily.

Ming Shu chuckled and left briskly.

Liu Xinyue stood in place and realized something slowly. She was deterred by this Liu Qing. But Liu Qing was an ancient person, how could she frighten her?

It must be that everything happened so suddenly today and she was unprepared.

But that woman… was really strange.

Why could she speak fluently all of a sudden? Why was the news of her meeting a man in private exposed ahead of time?

“First Young Lady, you should also go back to your room.” After sending Ming Shu to her room, the butler came back to see Liu Xinyue standing in place, so he reminded her carefully.

“Butler.” Liu Xinyue caught his wrist. “Do you think Qingqing is a little strange? Why can she suddenly speak like a normal person?”

More than that, her temperament also changed, and the smile on her face didn’t seem to disappear.

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“This… Second Young Lady should be healed?” The butler didn’t dare to talk wildly.

The teacup broke at Ming Shu’s feet. But Ming Shu went in and found a place to sit down as if nothing had happened. “What did you call me for?”

“Liu Qing, you…” Seeing her behave so willfully, Father Liu scolded aloud, “You evil creature, who let you sit! Kneel down!”

“If you’re dead, I might well consider that.” Ming Shu rested her chin on her palm. “You want me to kneel down, maybe you can die first?”

Father Liu patted the table very fiercely, and the noise echoed through the entire room.

“Are you trying to rebel?!”


Father Liu breathed heavily and his hands shook while pointing at Ming Shu. “Liu Qing, I know everything about you and Li Shen. You dared to push the thing onto Xinyue. How have I raised such a white eye like you!”

“A white eye doesn’t look as pretty as me.” Ming Shu picked up the topic slowly.

Father Liu: “…”

How could he continue this sentence?

She seemed quite proud, of what? Being a white eye?

“Don’t behave at random here, and don’t think you can cover it up like this. Li Shen has told me everything.” Father Liu looked at Li Shen.

Li Shen subconsciously looked at Ming Shu. The latter still supported her chin with her hand and was looking at him with a smile.

Li Shen was a little scared for no reason. Cold sweat soaked his back. “I… She…”

“What did you tell me just now, say it again!” Father Liu shouted.

“Think twice and then speak.” Compared to Father Liu’s angry appearance, Ming Shu was much gentler. Her tone was neither urgent nor slow, much like the wind and rain that could refresh your mind.

Li Shen’s hands trembled uncontrollably and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He moved his lips but remained silent for a long time.

“Speak!” Father Liu stared at him with a threatening expression. “You dared to meet her in private, but now you don’t dare to admit it?”

“I…” Li Shen couldn’t wait to find a place to hide. He didn’t want to face these two people, but he had to. “I… She and I…”

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