Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 66 - Gorgeous Doctor (13)

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Chapter 66: Gorgeous Doctor (13)

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Ming Shu reached out to recapture the egg in the man’s hand. She found something was wrong as soon as she touched the egg.


Can a dead egg be eaten?

[…] Is this the time to think about whether a dead egg is edible or not? Don’t tell me, she raised the egg with her own warmth these past days just to eat it? the Harmony System wondered.

This idea was scary, but without knowing why, the Harmony System felt this was the truth.

What a suffocating truth.

Taking the opportunity whilst Ming Shu focused on the egg, that man turned into smoke again. With no body beneath her foot, Ming Shu’s frame wobbled a little and she almost fell to the ground.

“…” What the h.e.l.l is this little goblin?

He kills the egg, and now wants to leave soundly?

That! Is! Impossible!

However, the man did not intend to run away. He transformed into a human again in midair and patted his dust-free clothes with slender fingers. “Master of the Valley, do you know what that is in your hand?”


Just now it was still alive, but then it had been toyed with to death.

Ming Shu was very manic inside. She put away the egg and dragged a branch in her hand, a spark next to her. Swiftly and violently, she threw the branch at the man. The spark seemed to ignite the air, and countless flames swept toward him.

The man’s eyes narrowed slightly. He avoided the flames with a few easy dodges.

But soon, the flames fanned by Ming Shu surrounded him on all sides, as if they had felt, like sentient beings, Ming Shu’s intention. The flames continued to engulf the vegetation in an attempt to make themselves taller and stronger.

“d.a.m.n! You humans tricked me!” The serpent’s roar resounded through the sky, and a golden light erupted from the woods all of a sudden. Then the serpent halted its huge body in a rush, knocking down the surrounding trees. They collapsed with a thunderous noise.

The flames were reflected in the golden pupil of the serpent, and in the swaying lights, two figures occasionally met and then parted again. Each time they fought hand to hand, the flames around them seemed to grow higher and higher.

Standing on the other side of the fire were many “spectators,” who were paying close attention to that side.

The serpent was burning inside, as ferocious as the real fire before its eyes. It had only been a moment since it left here, why did this turn into a sea of flame? It was hard to find such a place to live!

The serpent raised high its head and rushed toward the fire angrily.

Its momentum was very fierce, such that the flames did not leave any mark on its moving gold-colored body. Meanwhile the two who were focused on their fight over there did not seem to notice. The serpent was filled with resentful hatred now. Deplorable human beings, who dared to trick it and even burn its nest. It was going to eat them.

The serpent was getting nearer, about to open its big mouth to swallow Ming Shu. However, as it rushed at them, the two standing before its nose stepped aside at the same time. The serpent didn’t hit anybody, only pa.s.sing by them.

Ming Shu turned over in the air and landed on the back of the serpent on her toes, then easily jumped opposite. She lifted the branch, which was like a sharp-edged sword in her hand, to rush to the man again.

The man had wanted to avoid her, but that stupid serpent slipped behind his back and blocked the path, so he was. .h.i.t in the shoulder.

Although the sharp stick looked scary, it only caused him some pain, and no other “side effect” was showing.

Just a bluff…

And he had been afraid of getting hit.

The girl seemed a little vexed, her smile almost gone. But in the next moment the corners of her mouth rose, and some weird ripples appeared in her eyes.

Somehow, the man’s body shivered. He dodged again to avoid the serpent’s sneak attack. The serpent was totally irritated now. It pressed on the flames with an angry roar and surrounded Ming Shu and the man with the coils of its body.

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But the two didn’t seem to care about the serpent. They didn’t stop fighting and changed positions constantly by stepping on the serpent. The serpent chased after them, looping around itself, and finally twisted itself into a knot, unable to move. It dropped down to the ground with a hiss, struggling.

When he reappeared, however, he seemed everything but embarra.s.sed, as if the person who was beat just now wasn’t him. His pale face revealed a bit of horrible bloodthirstiness. “I underestimated Death Valley’s Master.”

She wasn’t affected by his sorcery at all. Her smiling eyes never showed any captivation throughout the process. He had met such a kind of person before, but he had not met anyone who had such a strong resistance to him.

Ming Shu threw away the branch, got up, and squinted at the man in the distance. “To run away when you’re losing, are you human?” d.a.m.n, this idiot has a certain skill, I can’t pin him down. What should I do? Emergency, waiting online.

“…” Seems there’s something not right with that sentence?

Shouldn’t she have said “Are you a man” instead of “human”? How did she add more to it? She just upgraded the issue from a man’s ability to a racial problem!

The man retained the same look, and the tip of his pink tongue licked his pale lips. “The egg has died, but if you want, I can make it up to you with other objects. Of course, if you want, I’m also willing to offer you myself.”

“Who cares, I just want my egg.” This sentence seems a little strange somehow, was this her illusion?

” Hiss! ” You two evil people standing on my body, have you thought about my feelings?

The man still wanted to say something, but turning his eyes from her, he saw some people approaching from afar. His body slowly turned into smoke again. As a faint breeze blew, he disappeared before Ming Shu’s eyes.

Only his clear voice reached Ming Shu’s ears, floating upon the wind, alluring. “If you want, come to me at the Drunken Flower Pavilion.”

“…” I don’t go whoring.

Wait, don’t run, aren’t you powerful?

Ugh! I’m angry! Where’s my snacks? I need to calm down.

” Hiss! ” Stupid mortal, get off of me!

Taking a look at the stupid serpent twisted into a donut, Ming Shu touched the snake’s body and whispered, “This should be edible, but… would it affect my IQ if I eat such a stupid thing?”

“…” I am a dignified saint beast. This human, you dare think to eat me!

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