Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 659 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (6)

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Chapter 659: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (6)

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Qin Ling made breakfast for Ming Shu. Although the ingredients were not really good, she cooked using modern day techniques so it tasted much better.

“Thanks for bringing me back yesterday.”

“You’re welcome.” There is good food when I save you. I am willing to save you.

Qin Ling sized up the lady in front of her. The people in Yunli Village said that the First Young Lady of the Liu family was the prettiest in this area but now, she felt that this lady was even more beautiful and had a better aura.

Especially when she smiled, the whole world seemed to be blooming.

But… didn’t the rumors say that the Second Young Lady stammers?

Of course, Qin Ling was a smart person. She didn’t ask.

The Liu family was a big family too. There might be despicable things in a big family.

“Second Young Lady Liu, where did you find me… yesterday night?” Qin Ling asked her carefully.

“At the place you fainted.” Ming Shu smiled. She leaned toward Qin Ling. Her voice was as light as a feather. “I saw who hit you. Do you want to know?”

Qin Ling’s face changed suddenly.

“You… you know?”

“I saw it.”

Qin Ling went silent.

She swallowed. Her head was filled with all kinds of thoughts but they disappeared the moment they popped up. She couldn’t catch them at all.

After a long while, Qin Ling said, “Who… who is it?”

“I will tell you if you make a nice meal for me.” Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin.

Qin Ling: ???

What nice food could she make?

There were no ingredients here. Even if a five-star chef came, he wouldn’t be able to make anything.

Also, why such a weird request?

“The ingredients here…” Qin Ling started timidly.


A bag with exquisite patterns on it was placed on the table. “I will provide the ingredients.”

Qin Ling went to town to buy the ingredients. When she came back, she made a whole table of food for Ming Shu. Her parents got a rude shock when they came back.

They didn’t know where Qin Ling got the money from.

When they heard that Ming Shu gave her the money, they were less worried.

The small kids looked at the food on the table greedily. For them, it was a blessing if they managed to have meat once a month.

The table in front of them was filled with meat…

Ming Shu pulled some dishes in front of her. “You all can have the rest.”

The little kids rushed to the table the minute they heard that they could eat the food, but were stopped by Mother Qin. “Second Young Lady Liu, there is no need for this. You can have it.”

Ming Shu smiled. “It is to thank you for hosting me for the night.”

Father Qin said, “You saved Lingzi first. We can’t let you waste your money again.”

Ming Shu looked over. Her tone was gentle. “I might have to trouble you two again. Please have the food.”

Father Qin: “…” Why does this sentence sound a little wrong?

Qin Ling: “…” I think so too.

The little kids ate very quickly since there was meat. After they finished, they started eyeing Ming Shu’s dishes greedily. Ming Shu was eating slowly but once the little kids stared at her, she finished her food quickly and showed them the empty plates.

Everyone: “…”

Qin Ling suddenly found Ming Shu a little cute.

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“Is Madam Qin at home?” A slightly plump lady entered their gate blatantly. Her voice was really loud. “Aiya, something big happened. Do you know?”

Liu Xinyue denied everything.

“You all are trying to anger me to death.” Father Liu looked up and saw Ming Shu standing outside the main hall. He grabbed the teacup on the table and threw it at her. “You unfilial child. You still dare to come back?”

“Your unfilial child might not dare to come back, but I dare.” Ming Shu stepped in. Her face was filled with smiles. “I am not the important one now, right?”

“Why did you come back? To laugh at us?” Father Liu was so angry he felt as though he was going to have a heart attack.

“Yes.” Ming Shu nodded her head seriously. “If I had some snacks with me now, that would be better.”

Father Liu: “…”

Father Liu’s gaze switched between Liu Xinyue who was crying ferverntly and Ming Shu who was smiling happily. Bad things come one after another.

“Be obedient. I will take care of you later.” He clutched his chest and decided to handle the more important things first.

Liu Xinyue’s reputation was really important.

“Xinyue, tell me, who is that person?”

“Father, I really didn’t meet anyone in private. It is all rumor.” Liu Xinyue felt really wronged.

This issue shouldn’t happen so soon. She already planned everything out, but she didn’t expect someone to spread the rumors first.

Father Liu took a deep breath. “Okay, even if this is a rumor, who wants to frame you?”

Liu Xinyue shook her head. “Father, I really don’t know. The people in the village don’t like us anyway. To our faces, they appear to respect us, but to our backs, they scold us just because we are richer than them. I don’t know who frame me. I… Father, you must help me.”

Ming Shu took out her little snack and started chewing it happily.

When Liu Xinyue wiped her tears, she glanced at Ming Shu. She felt weird.

Was this the person that stammered and looked down all the time?

This matter today…

Does it have something to do with her?

Once Liu Xinyue had this thought, she couldn’t control herself anymore.

No, she could not take this accusation. She needed to prove her innocence.

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