Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 658 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (5)

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Chapter 658: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (5)

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The female protagonist was called Qin Ling.

The Qin family was really poor and they had four children. Including Qin Ling, there were five.

Qin Ling was the oldest child in the family. Her parents treated their children really nicely.

Ming Shu sat at the side and looked at the physician examining Qin Ling.

“There is nothing serious. She just hit her head and was knocked unconscious.” The physician nodded and rolled his head as he spoke.

“I told you all that she was all right.” Would I lie to you all! Seriously! You don’t trust me at all! You didn’t even serve me a cup of water!

Mother Qin looked at Ming Shu vigilantly.

Father Qin didn’t say anything. The physician looked at Ming Shu weirdly. “Isn’t this the Second Young Lady of the Liu family? What are you doing here?”

“Uncle, let me send you back.” Father Qin showed him out.

The village physician looked at Ming Shu and wanted to say something. However, he didn’t speak. He swayed as he walked out.

Father Qin sent the person off and came back. He looked at Ming Shu first with a complicated gaze. Mother Qin sat beside Qin Ling. Her focus was entirely on Father Qin. She was waiting for him to take action.

Father Liu organized his thoughts. “Second Young Lady Liu, why are you… with Lingzi?”

“I saw her unconscious on the street so I picked her up,” Ming Shu replied casually. With Father Qin’s ability, he couldn’t see anything on her face.

Father Qin exchanged glances with Mother Qin.

The Liu family was a big family. They seldom interacted with the other people in the village.

“Do you have food?” Ming Shu said before Father Qin spoke again. “I wasted quite a lot of energy to carry your daughter back.”

Father Qin hinted at Mother Qin with his eyes.

Mother Qin wiped her hands on her clothes instinctively and got up. She was nervous. “There is nothing nice in the house. Hope that you won’t mind.”

How can their food be compared to the food of a big household like the Liu family?

“I won’t.” As long as there is something to it, I am happy.

Also, there is a master chef here too, right?!

I can bear with it.

Once she heard Ming Shu’s reply, Mother Qin felt at ease and went out.

There was really nothing nice in the Qin family. The bowl of porridge was so clear you could see the bottom of the bowl. Since it was still drinkable, Ming Shu didn’t mind it.

“That… I quarrelled with my family. Can I stay at your place for the night?” It was late at night now. If I go out now, I will have to sleep in the wilderness.

“This…” Mother Qin didn’t dare to answer her. She looked at her husband.

Father Qin considered for a while. If this lady really saved his daughter, it would be ungrateful for him to reject her.

“You can go and squeeze in with the kids. I will spend a night at the cowshed and we can let you have the room.”

“That will not be necessary. I can just sleep here.” Ming Shu pointed at Qin Ling.

Qin Ling had a room to herself. Her bed could fit two people easily.

Father Qin: “…”

Although Ming Shu expressed that she didn’t mind, Father Qin didn’t agree. Even Mother Qin disagreed. It was as if Ming Shu had some bad intentions toward their daughter.

In the end, Ming Shu stayed in Father Qin and Mother Qin’s room.

“Second Young Lady Liu… can I ask you something?” Father Liu frowned. He was carrying the oil lamp and stood at the door.


“Please do not get angry.”

“Oh, are you going to ask me about my stuttering?”

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Father Qin felt awkward instantly. He felt even more awkward than if he had asked the question personally.

“Yeah, I wonder how she found you in the middle of the night and brought you back.”

Qin Ling was really nervous and puzzled too. After a while, she said, “I really fainted. Since Second Young Lady Liu brought me back, I should thank her. Did she head back already?”

“Nope,” Mother Qin said. “She said that she quarrelled with her family. That could be the reason why she was outside in the middle of the night. If she really brought you back, you should thank her properly when she wakes up.”

Mother Qin was a kind person. When she heard Qin Ling confirming that she fainted herself, her suspicion toward Ming Shu diminished a little.

Qin Ling nodded her head.

Because she fainted, Father Qin and Mother Qin didn’t let her get out of bed. However, she felt that she was fine and insisted on getting up to help her mother.

She came here alone. The only people that made her feel warmth were Mother Qin and Father Qin.

Since she was fine now, she couldn’t let them take care of her.

Qin Ling finished all the things that she could do and started washing her siblings’ clothes in the courtyard.

It was already afternoon. She heard the door behind her opening. Qin Ling looked back and saw a lady walking out of the house.

With those clothes and aura, you could immediately see the difference between her and the rest of the villagers.

Even the ladies in town couldn’t be compared to her.

She stood in front of the old house and didn’t seem haggard at all. Instead, she looked as though she walked out of the past.

Someone might like a person because of their face, but a person’s aura could change the environment around her.

Qin Ling felt like a country b.u.mpkin who just entered the palace. She felt inferior.

“Good morning.”

A gentle voice broke Qin Ling’s inferiority.

The lady opposite her smiled brightly like a flower. Even her eyes were smiling.

“Morning… morning….” Qin Ling stammered. She didn’t know where to put her hands.

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