Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 657 - Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (4)

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Chapter 657: Liu Qing and Cheng Gui (4)

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A few months ago, a group of army men rebelled; these food supplies were for the rebel troops.

Ming Shu climbed mountains and crossed rivers in the middle of the night and finally saw the troops that were delivering the food supplies.

The Harmony System said that the troops were not far away from Yunli Village but she walked for a full two hours.

[… Guest, did you walk properly?] Who was the one who went to pick fruits halfway through the journey!

How am I not serious? If I don’t fill up my stomach, how will I have the energy to walk or gain Hatred Points!

[…] It couldn’t find a way to refute this logic.

[Hurry up and do the task. There is only one hour left.] Time-limit tasks, as the name suggested, were only available for a limited period of time.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue and looked at the direction of the camp. The food supplies were protected in the middle of the camp. How was she supposed to sneak in and burn them?

Ming Shu took out Little Beastie.

Little Beastie was in a daze. It shrunk into a ball and tried to lean closer to Ming Shu’s body.

“Time to work.” Ming Shu pushed it.

Little Beastie hummed. No, it was on a strike today!

“Complete Manchu-Han banquet.”

Little Beastie struggled with its short limbs and sat up. It widened its eyes.

Trash-picker, you are trying to trick me again. No way! I will not be tempted!

Little Beastie pouted as it ran toward the camp. It wanted to change owners. Whoever wants this owner can take her. I don’t want her.

Sob, all she does is bully me. I want to run away…

What am I supposed to burn?

It was too angry just now, it didn’t hear what Ming Shu said clearly.

Little Beastie stopped. It scratched its fur with its paws.

Should I ask the trash-picker?

Nonono… she will laugh at me.

Little Beastie looked up at the mountain of food supplies. This thing should be useless. It looked at the chests on the side. These should be more worthy.

Little Beastie rolled toward the chests in the middle of the food supplies. The people patrolling didn’t notice it.

Little Beastie hummed. It was a professional.


Ming Shu looked at the mushroom cloud with a complicated expression. Why would you bomb the place when you just need to burn the food supplies?!

Little Beastie rolled back. It was totally black. It rolled among the at the side and its fur regained its colorful radiance again.

“I asked you to burn the food supplies. Why did you set off a bomb?” Ming Shu grabbed it. “Why don’t you go to heaven?”

Burn food supplies?

Little Beastie struggled with its paws. Even if it knew that it made a mistake, it didn’t admit it.

I am burning food supplies. Who knew that it would explode. It has nothing to do with me!

Little Beastie was not totally lying when it said that. However, it didn’t burn the food supplies. It burned the chests.

It didn’t know that the chests would explode too.

If it knew that it would explode, it wouldn’t have been bombed too and turned black!


Little Beastie hummed unhappily. Why will I lie to you. There is no food to gain if I lie to you.

Ming Shu glanced at the camp that was burning due to the explosion. She put Little Beastie back into her pocket. She was still suspicious of it. She asked the Harmony System, “Did I complete the task?”


Trash-picker, trash-picker, look over there, someone is coming.

Little Beastie popped its head out and asked Ming Shu to look to the left.

Since Ming Shu was on a higher ground, she instantly saw the figure that appeared on a small path not far away from her.

The person looked at the burning camp and seemed shocked. The person stood there for a while without moving.

The figure only ran over when they heard people crying for help.

Right after the figure ran off, someone appeared behind her.

Ming Shu recognized this person. It was none other than Liu Xinyue.

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Liu Xinyue followed that person here. That meant that the figure might be… the female protagonist?

Other people were afraid that people would find them. She was afraid that people would not find her.

All this was done for dreams, for justice, for love!

Once everything was settled, Ming Shu carried the unconscious female protagonist back.

She couldn’t bring her back to the Liu family. Where should she take her then?

Ming Shu pondered as she walked toward the village. It was midnight now so the village was pitch black. The entire village seemed like an evil monster hibernating in the dark.

It was easy finding the Liu family’s house. It was the biggest and wealthiest-looking building.

But where did the female protagonist stay?

Ming Shu carefully recollected her memories and finally found the female protagonist’s house in the dark.

Compared to the nice house of the Liu family, the female protagonist’s house was like gra.s.s. A strong gust of wind could just blow it away.

The female protagonist was pitiful too.

Ming Shu walked up and knocked on the door.

She knocked for a long time before someone opened it. It was a middle-aged woman. She was on her guard since someone was knocking on her door in the middle of the night.

The moonlight was blocked by the clouds. It was really dark. The middle-aged woman couldn’t see the person outside the door clearly. “You… who are you? It is so late, who are you looking for?”

Ming Shu pointed at the person she threw down next to the door. “Your daughter.”

The middle-aged woman got a shock. She looked out.

However, all she saw was a black shadow. She couldn’t see if it was her daughter. At this moment, someone carried an oil lamp over. “Who is it in the middle of the night?”

With the light, the woman saw the person outside. She released a soft gasp and opened the door. She pounced on the female protagonist. “Lingling, what happened to you? Husband, come over and take a look quickly.”

The man carrying the lamp heard the voice and hastened his pace. “What happened?”

“Take a look at Lingling. What happened to her?” The woman’s tone was anxious.



The man called the female protagonist a few times but there was no response. He got anxious.

“What should we do now? What happened to Lingzi?” The woman didn’t know what to do, either.

“Hurry up and carry her in. I will find Old Li to take a look at her.” The man calmed down a little.

The two people were both concerned about the female protagonist and forgot all about Ming Shu. Ming Shu could only make a presence for herself. “She is just unconscious, don’t worry.”

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