Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 652 - Player Unknown Battleground (Complete)

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Chapter 652: Player Unknown Battleground (Complete)

“This is not edible.”

“I think it is.”

“This looks not bad. Shall we try it?”

Players wearing different team costumes squatted on a wall and looked at at a monster that seemed like a kangaroo.

“Are we not here to do the mission?” A new person shivered in fear beside them.

Why are we squatting with out enemies?

“We will do it after we eat.” An old player consoled the newbie. “You will get better after you play for two more times. This place is not as dangerous as below. Everyone is really nice.”

Newbie: “…”

No, he feels that the people here are all crazy.

The kangaroo was finally caught by them. With its abilities, if a player took it on alone, they would not be able to win the kangaroo.

However, there were a lot of players.

If one person couldn’t fight with it, how about a bunch of people?

The newbie couldn’t bear to look at them. Did he come to the wrong place?!

“Yin Luo, come here!” The player that caught the kangaroo waved at Yin Luo.

The newbie turned and saw two people sitting on a higher ground. It was a man and a woman. The woman was carrying a black flag and the man’s hand was on the woman’s hsoulder. He was looking at them coldly.

Ming Shu jumped down. The flying flag flew at Fu Shen’s face and messed up his face.

Fu Shen looked calm but his heart was exploding.

He must say something: F**k!

The animals that they met in these cities could be eaten. This kangaroo was one of the edible animals.

Everyone gathered in a circle and distibuted the kangaroo evenly among them.

“What is the mission this time?” A player suddenly asked after finishing the kangaroo.

“It seemed to be taking the energy stone at the peak of the city.”

All the players suddenly spread out and took out their weapons. They eyed each other with vigilance. The newbie looked at them in a daze.

“Brother, I will not show mercy!”

“Hmph, I will definitely be the winner this time.”

“If I don’t die this time, we will date again!”

“Okay, see you again if fate allows it!”

The players left in various directions.

Newbie: “??”

He looked at the woman who was still eating. “Hey…”

Ming Shu wiped her hand and stood up holding a piece of barbecued meat. She patted the newbie’s shoulder. “All the best.”

Newbie: “??”

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

The team that left the newbie here came back and took the stunned newbie away.

Ming Shu jumped back to the place she was at. Fu Shen was still sitting there.

“Do you want to eat?” Ming Shu pa.s.sed him the meat.

Fu Shen lifted his hand and wanted to take it.

Ming Shu’s hand took a turn. She fed the meat to herself. “Sigh, it is better if you don’t eat it. Be hungry. It is good for you.”

Fu Shen: “…” Humans are not as important as food. Please look at me! I am quite delicious too!!

I am not going to argue with an idiot.

Love and care for an idiot.

Understand an idiot.

That’s right!

I must be big-hearted!

[Lord Nine, please be big-hearted and put down your knife.] The system shivered in fear. What kind of big heart is this!!

A murder due to a piece of meat.

Omg, I can’t bear to look at it.

Ming Shu tilted her head and looked over. “We can’t get out of this world. What are your plans?”

Fu Shen placed his hand behind his back. He looked serious. “I will follow you wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if we can’t get out. It is good enough with you by my side.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Take out the knife.”

Fu Shen: “…”

He hesitated for a few seconds before taking out his hand behind his back.

The knife was giving off a cold aura. Ming Shu grabbed his wrist and took a look at it. It was still the same knife…

“Stay by my side so that you can kill me?”

Fu Shen shook his head furiously. His eyes spun in his sockets. “I just want to cut the meat for you so that you can eat it easily.”

Yes! That’s right!

Fu Shen became confident.

Ming Shu was really suspicious. She took the meat and moved it to the side, guarding it as though she was a hamster that was protecting her food.

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Fu Shen: “…”

However, it was useless even if they knew about it now. They couldn’t go back and walked through it again. After resigning to fate, they dispersed and went to show off their food on the chat.

Clown and Ti Ya didn’t know what these people were doing. They saw that they only needed to play a game once every few days and were idle the rest of the time.

They even saw Ming Shu and Fu Shen. Ming Shu greeted them with a smile but Fu Shen didn’t even look at them. It was as if he didn’t see them.

When they entered the game, Clown and Ti Ya was even more stunned.

Are they partic.i.p.ating in a food reality show?

However, after the experience gained from being in the evil clan, Clown and Ti Ya got used to it quickly.

Half a year later.

Wu Gu managed to successfully pa.s.s the transmigration compet.i.tion.

However, when he came up, he only say Fu Shen. There was no sign of Ming Shu.

The entire team seemed depressed.

Fu Shen’s face was even worse. His aura prevented anyone from going near him.

Ming Shu didn’t come out of hte game… this meant that she was dead.

Wu Gu: “…” Is he too late? What the h.e.l.l! He worked hard below for so long but his target disappeared the minute he came up?

Are you playing with me?!

In the Cloud Room.

Ming Shu laid on the cloud.

How did she die this time?

Ming Shu just wanted to sneer. She was killed accidentally by her own teammate.

Doesn’t it feel so sifled!

If she was given another chance, she would definitely tell that teammate to be a good person and don’t anyhow shoot.

The white cloud screen changed its position. It was really humane.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 340000


Additional Task: Failed.

Hidden task: None.

P.s: Failure of the main mission would result in a deduction of 460000 Hatred Points. No complaints or questions will be accepted.

Ming Shu: “…” You deducted so many Hatred Points from me again!

I am one step further away from my million.

I need to have a good meal to heal my injured heart. Next, next!

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