Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 651 - Player Unknown Battleground (33)

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Chapter 651: Player Unknown Battleground (33)


“There is actually a new person. Amazing. In the last round, everyone died.”

“F**k, there are two people.”


“How can it be? Only one can come at one time, right?”

“There are two people, right? I didn’t count wrong, right?”

This place was similar to the five-star transmigration area. Many people were standing together and discussing. As compared to the five-star transmigration area, these people seemed more at ease and weren’t so alert.

They were shocked that two people pa.s.sed.

[Player Yin Luo, player Fu Shen, welcome to the China Team.]

Ming Shu: “…”

I am very calm. I even want to eat some snacks.

I knew that the transmigration area was a liar. How can they just let players leave like this?

After fighting the country server, there was still the national compet.i.tion. After the national compet.i.tion, there might even be a compet.i.tion with aliens. There would always be something ahead of them. There was no end to it.

“How did you two cross together?” The other players crowded around them with curious faces.

“Guess.” Ming Shu tidied her hair and asked the crucial question: “Do they provide food here?”

“Compressed biscuits.” Someone pointed to the table. It was piled with some boxes and water.

Ming Shu looked around. There was no question system… She looked at the only screen in the main hall.

The screen: …

No one knew why these dots suddenly appeared.

The transmigration area got food for Ming Shu and immediately changed the rules of the game. The players below suffered.

The players from the China Team looked at Ming Shu: !!!

So this place provided such sumptuous food too!

Why were they eating compressed biscuits for so long!

Fu Shen quickly understood their current situation. The transmigration compet.i.tion they partic.i.p.ated in was like a qualification round. People that pa.s.sed would be able to enter the China Team and compete with players from other countries.

As for the purpose of the game… no one knew.

In order to survive, they had to keep fighting.

After finishing the national compet.i.tion?

No such thing.

The transmigration area would keep choosing people from the bottom. Once someone died, another player would take his place. There was no way of finishing the game.

Compared to the bottom where they had to partic.i.p.ate in a game every 12 hours, things were more relaxed here. There was more than one country overseas so sometimes, they would not need to partic.i.p.ate in a game for a few days.

Everyone was on the same team so they didn’t guard against each other. They would survive longer if they worked together and united against the foreigners.

There were no captains here, either. To prevent a single person from becoming too powerful as well as to prevent people from looking down on someone, the captain for each game was chosen randomly.

Ming Shu: “…” Gurus are really different. Big-hearted.

The drumsticks are not bad. It seems to taste better than the ones below.

Have you changed your chef?!

Transmigration area: “…”

“There will be a game tomorrow. Since you are new, do you need us to bring you?” After getting a free meal, the players seemed more friendly to talk to. “Since you pa.s.sed the transmigration compet.i.tion, it means that your abilities are not bad. However, the players from overseas are really shameless. We can guide you for one round.”

The player beside her complained, “Those unscrupulous methods. Especially the R country. If you see them, do not be kind. Torture them to death!”

“Let me see how unscrupulous they are.”

Ming Shu smiled brightly. Yet, everyone shivered at her smile.

They exchanged glances and then looked at Fu Shen who was seriously peeling prawns for Ming Shu.

Five-star transmigration area…

Ti Ya and Clown sat in the main hall. They had injuries on them but they were alive.

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“We got out.” Clown was really excited. “Ti Ya, we made it out alive.”

The overseas compet.i.tion was more advanced. Every country could communicate with one another through a chat. In the past, this chat was used to scold people.

Ever since Ming Shu discovered this function, the chat became like this:

Breakfast was two eggs.

Lunch was braised meat.

Dinner was steak with red wine.

Supper was…

She not only wrote the names of the dishes, she even sent pictures. The players from other countries were so angry they questioned the transmigration area. Why does China have food while we only have compressed biscuits?

Transmigration area: “…”

In the end, the rest of the players realized that this was much more useful than scolding other teams and started to indulge in good food everyday.

All the players from the other countries would be tortured by the China players once they met them. They would scold them after they were tortured: You changed! We said that we will eat biscuits together! Why are you eating braised meat!

All the players tried to think of ways to get their transmigration area to make food for them, but none of them succeeded.

The China players laughed at them without mercy.

Our foodies could save the world.

Ming Shu was really angry at these players who always fought with her for food and didn’t complete missions properly. There was not enough for her and they still wanted to eat the food!

What happened to battles between gurus?

What happened to being enemies?

The transmigration area was really angry too. It could barely afford to raise these people.

It only felt lucky that the players in the neighboring servers hadn’t found a way yet.

After that, in order to make everyone more united, or rather, because Ming Shu found a player who could make nice food, she asked the person to cook the monsters in the game into delicious dishes.

Hence, Ming Shu selflessly taught the players from the neighboring servers how to bully the transmigration area. Although the transmigration area could change the rules, it couldn’t do anything to the players if their actions didn’t go against the rules.

In the end, this big battle became a war for food between the players and the transmigration area. Everyone gathered their wits and cut corners whenever they could.

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