Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 648 - Player Unknown Battleground (30)

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Chapter 648: Player Unknown Battleground (30)

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It was Wu Gu.

“Sister Yin Luo, your marksmanship is too lousy. Let me help you.” Wu Gu was still very proud of himself. His small face was filled with a strange pride. “I am very accurate. I will not miss my shot.”

Ming Shu: “…”


Wu Gu walloped around due to the bullets shooting at him. Fu Shen’s gun didn’t seem to be able to run out bullets. Even after Ming Shu shot at him more than tentimes, there were still bullets left.

“Catch him for me.” Ming Shu ordered her teammates.

The members of Food Empire shouted and rushed towards Wu Gu.

“Sister Yin Luo, it is not good to bully people with your numbers.” Wu Gu ran and shouted at the same time.

“I like to use number to bully people. If you are able to, you can bully me too. I don’t mind.” Ming Shu looked really normal. She was smiling brightly.

Wu Gu: “…”

Wu Gu’s teammates didn’t help him. They stood outside the battle circle and gave them the spotlight.

They didn’t form the team at their own will. They were allocated by the transmigration area so there was no need to risk their lives for Wu Gu.

No matter how powerful Wu Gu was, under the influence of his past injury and Ming Shu’s bullets, he was still caught by Clown.

Ming Shu grabbed him and hit him again. She took out all the weapons he had on him.

“Even if you kill me now, she will not come back alive.” Wu Gu’s face was stained with blood. He widened his lips and smiled. “You should thank me for killing her since you hated her so much.”

Thank your head!

That is my snacks coupon! Do you know what a snacks coupon is?

Forget it, a stupid little kid like you would never understand it.

Ming Shu pointed at the stupid little kid. “Undress him.”

Wu Gu: “???”

Did he hear wrongly?


Fu Shen’s gaze landed on Wu Gu for a monent. He suddenly asked the system: In this world, are they any other task holders besides me?

Wu Gu gave him a familiar feeling.

He was like someone.

Someone he hated.

[Lord Nine, I have no rights to tell you this.] The system gave an official answer.

Why are there other task holders in this world? What is so special about this world?

[Lord Nine…] Did you hear what I said?

So you have already confirmed your guess. Why did you still ask me then?

Fu Shen looked at Ming Shu.



She was indeed very special. She gave him a familiar feeling.

However, he didn’t know who she was.

This feeling was not good. He was starting to suspect that he was schemed by someone.

However, the hints were placed by him. How could it be wrong?

Yeah, how could it be wrong…

Fu Shen’s expression changed slightly. He seemed to have realized something.

Ming Shu glanced sideways at him. Before this, the distant aura and weird emotions on Fu Shen made him seemed cold. As compared to the other worlds, he became even more unpredictable.

She didn’t know what he was thinking so she was too lazy to bother about him too.

She was just like this. If other people didn’t approac her, she would not move at all.

Unless… there are snacks.

However, now, Ming Shu could almost see the door that he opened for her. The clear wind and sunlight dispersed the haze.

Ming Shu’s heart palpitated quickly.

“Sister Yin Luo, it is not suitable for you to undress me now. Our relationship is not till that stage yet…”

Fu Shen’s gaze came over and Wu Gu suddenly stopped talking. His eyes twirled and he seemed to be thinking about something evil.

“Let me talk to him.” Fu Shen suddenly asked for Ming Shu’s opinion.

“Are you going to kill him?” This little demon had lareayd killed one of my snacks coupon. Is he trying to kill the second one?

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It is okay if you don’t want to give me Hatred Points. However, you still wanted to kill my snacks coupon! What intentions do you have!

Ming Shu wasn’t planning to get Wu Gu’s Hatred Points anyway. This kind of crazy person should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

[… next round.]

Darkness appeared in front of Ming Shu. At the last moment, she felt someone grabbing her wrist.

Warmth spreaded from her hand.

The lights came back really quickly.

Fu Shen was standing beside her, holding her hand. His hand was quite big and it totally covered her hand.

“Why?” Fu Shen saw Ming Shu staring at him and asked.

Ming Shu lifted their hand. “What is the meaning of this?”

Fu Shen said with a serious face. “I wanted to hild you. Is there a problem?”

“Did you ask for my permission?”

“Why must I ask for your permission? What does my actions have to do with you?” Fu Shen suddenly got good at speaking.

“This my hand.”

Fu Shen suddenly bent down. Hot air spurted on her ears. It was a little itchy. “Yes, I am holding your hand.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Do you not have to ask for my permission before holding my hand?”

Fu Shen blinked. His eyelashed brushed against Ming Shu’s soft skin. He said, “Nope, I don’t have to.”

If you don’t let me hold your hand, I will chop it off.

So, don’t provoke me.

Ming Shu: “…” F**k! Has he became another person?

Give me back that awkward Fu Shen!

“Follow me and your luck will be really good.” Fu Shen reached out and tidied Ming Shu’s hair. “I will be your Mascot. Only for you.”

Ming Shu: “…” No! Please give me back that weird and awkward little demon! I am not used to this style!

Do you not need to maintain your character profile?

The audience beside them: “…”

h.e.l.lo h.e.l.lo h.e.l.lo! Is this the right time to date? Can you be more serious? We are dying!

The evil clan audience: “…”

Showcasing their love before they die. It fits the concept of an evil clan.

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