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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 647 - Player Unknown Battleground (29)

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Chapter 647: Player Unknown Battleground (29)

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The captains were distributed evenly. There were eight directions, one for each captain.

However, Fu Shen was beside her…

Some captain had already made their move. Fu Shen was still crossing his hand and looking around. One of the players that was with him took a step forward.

The stone under Fu Shen started to shine. The color was the same as that person. It was orange.

Orange stones started shining. There were not connected to the middle in a linear manner. It twisted and turned among the different colored stomes and then linked itself to the middle.

The different colored stones showed the routes that each leader chose.

Stones started to lit up and formed a complete route. Some people were unlucky. Their routes overlapped.

“Hurry up and choose.” Fu Shen suddenly said.

Ming Shu glanced at him. “Which one do you think I should choose?”

Fu Shen didn’t know why Ming Shu suddenly asked him for his opinion but he thought about it carefully and pointed to the stone in front of her. “The one in the middle.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrow and stepped back slightly. She pushed the flagpole against the rock and used the force to land herself on the fifth stone in front of her.

Everyone: “…” You can do this?

Fu Shen: “…” Why did you ask me if you are not going to consider my suggestion!

Purple light shone from the stone below her. More purple stones started litting up, linking all the members of Food Empire together.

There was only one route for the purple stones. There was no overlapped.

After all, she jumped really far. If there was still an overlap, it would be unscientific.

[The game starts now-]

Transmigration area said that the game started but no one knew how to play this game. The teams were spreaded out. How are they supposed to move?

“Do you need my help?” Fu Shen asked.

“I trust myself.” Who knows where you would bring me? I can’t afford to waste my snacks.

Fu Shen didn’t say much. He was a little irritated now. His heart was storming.

Their conversation was short.

At this moment, Wu Gu and Fu Shen acted at the same time.

The transmigration area only asked the captains to choose the route but they didn’t ask the captain to lead the team. Hence, when Wu Gu and Fu Shen moved, their teammates started moving too.

Ming Shu didn’t move. The members of Food Empire didn’t dare to move too.

Ti Ya gave Ming Shu and signal. She would lead.

Ming Shu nodded.

Everyone noticed that the team would follow the one leading the team. They would take the same number of steps as the person leading. It was like jumping chess.

The game looked really simple at the start.

However, to the person leading the team, it was not easy. The leader needed to calculate and a.n.a.lyze to see if the stone they hopped onto was safe.

Ti Ya did some calculations and she took her first step. The members of Food Empire followed Ti Ya.

If they landed on the right stone, the light would dim.

If not…


The stone cracked. Someone fell into the laser light and got cut into many pieces.

The scream send chills doen people’s spine. The players on the stones stopped.

Ti Ya gave a cold face. She scanned her teammates and ensured that everyone was looking at her before taking her next step.

Why would they still make a mistake when they follow the path?

Because the closer one got to the middle, the interwining lights would a disturbance to their eyes and they might see wrongly.

This was not the main point. The main point was… when they walked to the middle and realized that their routes overlapped, the other team was standing at the stone you were supposed to go to, what would happen?

Give way?

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Sorry, there was no going back in this route. You could only move forward. All the stones that were not part of the route would become danger stones.

Another bullet came from the side. Ming Shu wanted to dodge it too but someone suddenly grabbed her waist and her entire body fell backwards. The gun in her hand was sntached and a shot was fired beside her ears.

Swoosh –

The bullet went into the body and Du Mian kneeled down.

She covered her mouth and panted heavily. Blood oozed out from her fingers and dripped onto the stone.

Ming Shu got hugged by Fu Shen. The gun in his hand was still pointing at Du Mian.

“Who ask you to shoot!!” Ming Shu was so angry she couldn’t maintain her smile. “Who ask you to shoot her!!”

Fu Shen stuffed the gun back in her hand with a cold face. He said blatantly, “I did it to save you.” And kill a BUG along the way. It is totally logical. There is nothing wrong with it. I am right!

“Save…” Me?

Who ask you to save me!!

Do I need you to save me?

I would thank the heaven if you didn’t create trouble for me!

Ming Shu wanted to hit him but she gritted her teeth and turned to look at Du Mian.

Du Mian raised her head. Her eyes were bloodshot and she stared at her. If hatred could materialized, Ming Shu would have been pierced many times by it.


Du Mian expression froze.

Her body started tilting…

She fell outside the stone.

Her body touched the laser lights and it disappeared.

Ming Shu: “…”

What the h.e.l.l. One shot is not enough and you still had to fire another shot!!

Ming Shu turned and glared at Fu Shen.

Fu Shen was innocent. “It wasn’t me.”

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