Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 646 - Player Unknown Battleground (28)

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Chapter 646: Player Unknown Battleground (28)

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Just when everyone wanted to beat Ming Shu to death, the sound came from the sky again.

A few seconds later, a voice spoke.

[When there is only ten teams left on the white bones pa.s.sageway, you all would be able to proceed to the next round.]

While the priest climbed a step the devil took ten.

Ming Shu didn’t expect the transmigration area to stoop so low.

“Do you have any princ.i.p.als!” Ming Shu placed one hand on her hips and pointed her other hand at the sky. “How can you change the rules just like this? If were outside, companies like you will be scolded to death!”

[Rules can be change according to the circ.u.mstances. We reserve all the right for the final explanation.] The voice said.

[Countdown starts now-]

Everyone: “!!!”

What! You didn’t say that there will be a countdown just now!!

Very good, what could the players do when the company was so evil.

Everyone quickly distanced themselves from each other and eyed each other with hostility. They grabbed their weapons. Ten teams… they had to fight for it.

The atmosphere became weird.

No one moved first. Everyone was observing.

Di da di da…

They could hear the time moving. It was just beside their ear. Every single sound was clear and it hit on their eardrums, sending waves directly to the heart.

Some people swallowed their salive and kept grabbing their weapons.

Some people looked fearful and started shrinking back.

Some people gave an evil smile and waited for the show to start.

Some people… was eating.

The sound of chewing was especially obvious and it broke the silence on the white bones pa.s.sageway. Everyone turned to look at the source of the sound.

Why the h.e.l.l are you still eating!

How are you able to eat now!

“Hey, what are you all looking at? I will not share it with you.” Food-protector Shu got on her guard. “You all can fight first. If you all don’t start, the time will pa.s.s really quickly.”

Everyone: “…”


A clear sound rang out. The first person had shot the gun. A player standing at the edge of the white bones pa.s.sageway was. .h.i.t by the bullet. He fell back and his fearful got engulfed by the liquid.

After the first person acted, the scene turned messy.

Ming Shu asked the members of the Food Empire team to retreat to a safe distance.

“Boss? There are only ten slots. Are we not going to s.n.a.t.c.h it?” The members questioned her as per normal.

Ming Shu grinned from ear to ear. “Haven’t you learn how to profit at other’s expense?”

Food Empire: “…” This phrase is not suitable for this situation, right?

As expected, an evil clan is different.

They looked at the main party that was in a mess… should they play some chinese poker?

There were 16 teams. In order to get rid of 6 teams, only 12 teams needed to fight it out. The rest of the four teams could just be spectators.

This included Wu Gu and Fu Shen’s team.

The male protagonist, Song Ye, was more unlucky. He came from below and looked liked someone who could be bullied easily. Hence, he was always being chased by someone.

Ming Shu inched over slowly towards Du Mian. When one of the players wanted to attack her, she helped her and Du Mian became the one on the losing end.

Player: “???”

Du Mian glared at her angrily. This woman again!! Why is she haunting her like a ghost. She even managed to dodge the sneak attack just now…

Ming Shu flipped her non-existant fringe. “You are welcome.”

Player: “???”

Du Mian was so angry she attacked Ming Shu again.

“Idiots, they are here!” Ming Shu ran away.

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“F**k!” The players behind scolded and entered a new round of battle.

The rest of the player were distributed on different rocks at the edge of the circle. They were looking around with vigilance.

“You b.i.t.c.h Yin Luo.” The player standing beside Ming Shu scolded her.

“Still okay. I can’t be compared with the transmigration area.” Ming Shu smiled calmly.

The player pointed at Ming Shu and scolded her angrily. Ming Shu tilted her head and smiled at him. “Are you done? Scolding me will not allow you to win this game. Save your energy in case you die a terrible death later.”

The man choked. His face was green.

As you were filled with anger, she smiled at the other side.

How can there be someone so shameless!

The teams were separated. Food Empire didn’t lose anyone and was the team that had the most amount of people in this round. They were split between the seven other teams.

Fu Shen was standing beside Ming Shu. He crossed his arms and looked at the middle.

Wu Gu was directly opposite Ming Shu. They were too far apart so she couldn’t see the expression on his face.

Du Mian was quite far from her too.

I wonder how we will play this game…

The screen of transmigration area appeared suddenly and it started to show the remaining teams as well as the rules.

Rule: The captain would choose a route to avoid the danger stones. Once all the team members reached the center platform, the team will pa.s.s. The first four teams to pa.s.s this mission can proceed to the next round.

That’s it?

That’s it!

There was only this sentence.

The rule for the transmigration area was always short and sweet. They had to find out the details by themselves.

What are danger stones? How are they suppose to choose a route?

[The captains, please step forwad and choose a route. All the stones are safe stones now. You can choose any stones.] The sound of the transmigration area rang. [If the route chosen by the captain overlap with other team’s route, only one team can walk out.]

What it is trying to say is that they would have to kill the team that chose the same packet of sn… that chose the same route as them.

There were four stones laid out horizontally in front of her which she could reach. Vertically wise, she could reach three stones. She couldn’t reach the stones further that this distance.

If you couldn’t jump over, you would be cut into pieces by the laser lights and become part of the white bones community below.

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