Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 645 - Player Unknown Battleground (27)

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Chapter 645: Player Unknown Battleground (27)

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Ming Shu kicked the gun in Wu Gu’s hand away and slammed him on the ground.

The unstable liquid was right below Wu Gu’s body. His body moved up and down along with the white bones. He was going to touch the liquid any moment now.

He raised his small head. “You cheated!”

“Really?” Ming Shu took over the gun from Clown. “Are we not playing a team game now? Why is it cheating when my teammate help me? This is called reasonable utilization of resources.”

Ming Shu stepped on the white bone platform out of malevolence. The platform that was already sinking vibrated as it went further down.

Wu Gu’s face changed. He wanted to grab onto something and to pull himself up but the force pushing him down was too great. There was no way he could get up.

Wu Gu saw Fu Shen from the corners of his eyes. He curved his fingers and aimed at Fu Shen’s calf. He shot…

Fu Shen’s body swayed and almost fell down.

Ming Shu let go of Wu Gu instinctively and held Fu Shen back. She pulled him forward. The liquid beside her leg moved with the white bones.

Fu Shen didn’t expect Ming Shu to pull him. He lost his energyand almost fell into her arms.


Fu Shen: “…” F**k, I don’t need you to save me. I can do just fine!!

Ming Shu released him with a look of disdain and turned to find Wu Gu. There was no one there. He had already broke through Clown’s interception and hid himself amogst the crowd.

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu stepped on the white bones and looked at Fu Shen. When she saw no reaction from him, she said, “Why, do you want to go for a swim?”

Fu Shen regained his thoughts and hurried forward. “thank you.”

Before Fu Shen said anything else, Ming Shu lowered her eyes and walked forward slowly. Fu Shen followed behind her for some reason. He didn’t know how he had provoked her.

It is difficult to understand a woman’s heart.

Little Beastie tossed and turned in her clothes as it hummed.

Trash picker, what are you thinking? Isn’t he the person you are looking for? Although I don’t see anything good about this two-legged monster.

Ming Shu reached out and grabbed Little Beastie into a ball. She sighed. I don’t know what I am thinking now too.

Little Beastie wanted to struggle its way out but Ming Shu was grabbing it too tightly.

Trash picker, you are very decisive last time! It is not like you to be so hesitant.


It is not like her.

Little Beastie kept quiet for a while before saying suddenly: Trash picker, are you afraid that he has a motive and you will lose more in the end?

Ming Shu stopped moving for a moment before proceeding ahead again at a steady pace.


After all, he appeared too strangely each time and he had too much secrets on him. This kind of person was dangerous to her.

She was not afraid of danger but this does not mean that she didn’t care about it.

Powerful people might not be defeated by violence.

Hence, her att.i.tude towards him was ambiguous. It was not too close but not too distant too. This caused the weird situation now.

The main thing was… he had no memory.

Does he know that she is her?

Little Beastie hummed: Either way, I don’t like this two-legged monster. Don’t care about him. You have me. That is enough.

It wants to gain all of her love!

It wants to be a beast with an aspiration!

Ming Shu returned to the team. She tilted her body and looked behind her. The white bone platform was shaking furiously. Red liquid flowed like waves. The man quietly stood at the edge as if he would fall in any moment.

Ming Shu took a deep breath.

Keep calm!

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There is nothing that snacks can’t solve! If one packet doesn’t solve it, have two!

Everyone’s face turned really bad.

No one saw a colorful riceball running back from the side, cursing as it was running.

It was saying how it was being mistreated and abuse, how it was immoral to ask a little animal to do such a thing and how it wanted to run away from home.

The distance between the team were not that big so they had gathered beside each other now.

Ming Shu was at the back. She carried the flag and smiled as she looked at the crowd. “Aiyah, we can’t go pa.s.s now.”

The people nearer to her look at her.

If they can’t go over now, no one would be able to reach the end of the pa.s.sageway. What is there to smile about?

“What are you looking at? I bombed it.” Ming Shu lifted her chin. “Do you want to hit me?”

The pa.s.sageway quietened down.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Ming Shu.

After a long while, someone broke the silence. “How… how can it be…”

She was the last, hoe can she run to the front and bombed the pa.s.sageway? Does she think that they are stupid?

“Why is it not possible?” The girl’s voice was clear and sweet. It seemed to by hypnotizing them. “As long as you believe it, there is nothing impossible in the world. You all must believe in miracles.”

Everyone: “…”

Ming Shu stabbed the flag into the ground. “And I am your miracle!”

Everyone: “…”

Which mental hospital released her?! Get her back!!

Someone didn’t believe her and asked, “How did you bomb it?”

“Using my heart.” Ming Shu patted her chest. “Did you all feel my malice towards… you?”

Everyone: “…”

Don’t pull us. We must beat her to death today.

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